Text Chemistry Review

Text Chemistry Review : an Online relationship program that shares all you need to know when it comes to communicating with your man effectively via text.

How many times have you worried or cried you yourself to sleep over a man because they don’t seem invested in you as you’d hoped?

How often do you self-guess yourself when the man you really like is nearby,

But you really can’t tell him exactly what you feel because you are afraid of rejection or that you cannot be beautiful enough to be his type?

Do you text often, but your guy or the man you are interested in takes forever to text you back, or his replies are rather curt, making you want to throw your phone out for even texting him in the first place?

Are you tired of being the one who gets the raw deal out of relationships, and you can never figure out what you did wrong to deserve not to be loved by them?

Do you regret how things ended with your ex, but you really aren’t ready to let him go, and would give anything to have them back in your life, or at the very least, talk to them at least once?

And most importantly, do you ever wonder if there are secret words you could use to make that person you are interested in obsessed with you and show you love in all the ways you deserve?

Well, here’s the best piece of news you will hear today – you can have all the things you dream about with only ONE text to that man Sounds unbelievable, huh?

It isn’t. The right text is the most powerful tool you could ever have in your arsenal, it is the most powerful communication tool, and it could be the secret key to a long, happy life.

Wouldn’t you be the happiest woman in the universe if you sent a text to your man, then man you thought was slipping away from your fingers, but in only one text, they come back to you, ask for forgiveness, and show your love in ways you never imagined?

Well, all these things are possible, thanks to Text Chemistry.


send him this sneaky 'Attention Message
“When a man is ignoring your texts, send him this sneaky ‘Attention Message’ before it’s too late”


What is Text Chemistry?

Text Chemistry

Text Chemistry is an online relationship program that shares tidbits about all you need to know when it comes to communicating with your man effectively.

This book tells all about the importance and the power of the right text message in keeping relationships fresh and in taking your flirting game to the next level.

Thanks to the insights shared, you will learn more about How to establish deep love connections.

While frequent texting is not always an assurance of the development of a lasting positive relationship, it is convenient, reliable, and also the fastest way to stay in touch.

With texting leaving you on the right or the wrong side of things, you need to know how to make the most out of your texts to ensure that your texts do not cause more damage to your relationship.

You don’t want your text to be misrepresented, a joke is taken as an insult, and frustration taken lightly or ignored.

With these in mind, it means that you have to find the right set of words to use when texting; words that not only keep men interested but also make your man more interested in you and in keeping the relationship going. The right text messages will fan the fire that’s almost burning out, revive things, and turn your relationship completely around.

And this is where Text Chemistry comes in?

Text Chemistry is one of the most comprehensive relationship programs that focuses on the use of text messages as a way for you to make your way into a man’s heart, revive a broken relationship, or to keep things interesting.

Developed by Amy North, Text Chemistry is based on some of her experiences with couples and friends, and how these couples communicate with each other.

In this program, Amy North, a best-selling author and a professional relationship counselor from Vancouver, Canada, teaches women about the power of simple texts/ words in making men obsessed with them.

Amy North specializes in helping out women from different parts of the world using the knowledge and the experiences she’s gained over the years as she researched the nature of relationships and the scientific effects of certain words on the actions of men.

Text Chemistry will, as a result, work by capturing the attention of men, making them literally obsessed over you. So, if you have been looking for a secret to making a man very obsessed with you so that they think about your all day and night, this program could be exactly what you need.


The Foundation of the Text Chemistry Program

Text Chemistry Program

It all sounds unbelievable, no? Think about it, how does one text make a man ran back to you and pay a great deal of attention to you when you’d gotten to a point where you felt like a placeholder in the relationship?

Essentially, the logic behind this program (because it sounds very illogical to us) is focused on the use of powerful psychological triggers, for example, the Attention Hook, to capture a man’s attention 100%, make them think about only you all the time, and treat you in ways only queen should be treated.

These attention hooks tap into a man’s focus, directing all that focus on you, creating a great deal of excitement, a deep and desperate desire for love, and caring feelings. Since these are the things that most women struggle with within relationships, this program seems to hold answers to some of the problems in your life.

This online program has been designed for use by women/ couples who are in the early dating phases, and even the ones who have been dating for some time. The program also focuses on the initial stages of communication between two people and how communication changes over time.

Using the data gathered, and armed with the right text, you’d be able to change the fate of your relationship.

The best part is that the texts shared on this program guarantee immediate responses since the texts are situation-appropriate, and you won’t have to text him ‘I’ll die if you leave me’ or any other nonsensical words that will push that man further away.

What the Text Chemistry Program Teaches You

This program is made of 13 videos and the main ebook. You could use either the ebook or the video content since they offer similar content.

Using either the ebook or the video content, you will learn all you need to know about the different kinds of texts that you could use in different circumstances to win over your man.

This program shares a number of magic texts which have the capacity of psychologically triggering men into getting addicted to you, texting you back immediately, picking up the conversion where you left it.

Text Chemistry comes as a three-part program designed to give you important insights into communication and the steps you should consider to win over the love of your life again and again.

The three parts are as follows:

  • 1 – The Rule for Texting
  • 2 – What to Text a Man to attract and win them over
  • 3 – What to tell men when…

As mentioned above, this program comes in two formats, the ebook, and the video format. The ebook comes as a written manual. Now, while both formats offer the necessary content, the video content seems better, especially if you don’t have the time to sit down and read the ebook.

But we also like the video series because it’s not only convenient, but it’s broken down well for you. The video series comes with the following sections:

The introduction

  • Women’s speak
  • How to use Jealousy properly
  • Everything you need to know about visual language
  • The pros and cons of Emojis in texts

Part 2

  • Intro
  • Success stories from early texting
  • The power of humor
  • Supernova texts

Part 3

  • Intro
  • 101 into Real-life interactions
  • How to cheer up your man
  • Closing

The program also offers 4 bonus parts.

To access the content, pay up, sign for the program, then download it, and learn how to steer your relationship in the right direction. Since the content could be downloaded into your smartphone, desktop, and/or laptop, you will access this content at any time, wherever you will be.

Also, you get to enjoy the 60-day moneyback guarantee offered by the author.

Thanks to the comprehensiveness of this content, you will learn everything you need to know about taking your relationship out of the rut and how to stop feeling like your man could leave or break up with you at any time.

Text Chemistry Program

To prevent miscommunication or the misrepresentation of your texts, you need to use the right words at all times.

You don’t have any chances for blurry lines, and this means that whether you can feel the strong chemistry between you and your man or not, the texts you send should have some chemistry, be on the same wavelength as the sender’s intention, or even be curated in a manner that elicits a powerful, and desired reaction from the recipient.

Part 1 – The Rules for Texting

Foundation of the Text Chemistry

In part one of this program, you will learn all about all the texting mistakes that you have and will make in the future. For example, angry, passive-aggressive, and long messages.

Like most of us, you’ve probably made some of these mistakes, especially sending angry, boring, predictable, jealous, confusing, or inappropriate texts, and you know what?

It’s time to stop! We all know that these texts are only going to push your man farther away, which means that if you are going to start texting, you better use the right words. The right words automatically mean good responses.

And you know how we (women) can decipher texts into happy, excited, sad, disinterested, or angry?

Well, it’s time for us to deploy a different strategy to texting, especially if we want the feedback we receive to reflect that they feel exactly the same way that we feel. So, which are the biggest texting mistakes we are (almost all of us are) guilty of?

  • Sending confusing texts, expecting him to accurately decipher exactly what we meant. 
  • Employing passive-aggressiveness as an expression of our dissatisfaction instead of addressing the problem head-on.
  • Using texts to communicate our jealousy

To ensure that you have you don’t have these rules backward, use the acronym RULES to make the smartest texting decisions:

  • R – Review and Revise
  • U – Use Visual Language
  • L – Leave him wanting
  • E – Excite your man
  • S – Stay (position)

The other mistakes you need to be aware of include

  • Essays ad over-texting
  • Ambiguous texts

You will also learn how to send the initial text, how to text back when he texts you first, how long you should wait before you text them – if they are too quiet, and how to use emojis while avoiding their misuse.

Learning how long you should wait before texting him back is an important skill, especially when it comes to sending the first text or when he makes the first move, and you are clearly smitten, but wish to act cool,

When it comes to emojis, remember that the fewer the number of emojis, the higher your chances of safe and effective communication. Here’s an important clue when it comes to the use of emojis – does your text look like it was drafted by an adult or a teenager?

While some of us play too much, there is a limit to the number of emojis you can use in an adult conversion, flirty or not. Also, you need to work on keeping your emojis close together, and don’t forget that you don’t have to use emojis all the time.

Part 2 – What Do You Need to Text Men to Attract/ Win Them Over?

 Text Men to Attract/ Win Them Over?

The second part of this program is just as important as the first part, and it is here that you learn and get the best answers to the million-dollar question – what to text him to win him over or attract him?

If you are head over heels smitten by this guy you met at the gym or the office networking event, exchanged numbers, and have been chatting for some time, but are unsure about how to attract that man and win him over, this part is for you.

Here, you will find effective tips, recommendations, and tricks that you need to communicate effectively with that man in different stages of your relationship.

Whether you are looking for help with the kind of texts you should be sending on the initial days when things are just hitting off, ideal texts for your texting days, and also the texts you should be sending as things get serious, especially when you are no longer dating casually, this section is for you.

You could, therefore, think of this section as the ultimate guide to texting a man and how to make him feel about you as deeply as you feel about him. The subsections in this part include;



Ready for Takeoff Texts – Texts for the Early Days

These texts include:

  • Fuel his engine texts
  • Prepare for blast-off texts
  • Crystal ball texts
  • Comical texts
  • Stir the pot texts
  • Satellite texts

Shooting for the Stars texts – For the Dating Days

The texts you could use in this stage of your relationship include:

  • Shining star texts
  • Constellation texts
  • Game on texts
  • Supernova texts
  • Tantalizing texts
  • Mercy texts

Keeping Your Chemistry Ablaze – For the Long-Run

  • Radical recognition texts
  • Flight texts
  • Big Bang texts
  • Across the universe texts
  • E-glow texts
  • Seduction texts

Basically, this online program will give you important and comprehensive insights into the best texts for your win over that man, depending on the level your relationship is at.

So, you won’t have to worry about sending the wrong texts, misinterpretation of your texts, or misleading texts.

Part 3 – Situational Texts – What to Text When…

What to Text When

When it comes to texting, timing is a critical factor for you to consider, and this is why this is an important section in this entire Text Chemistry program.

So, if in the past you’ve had a hard time texting men the right message when you are forced to cancel plans when he cancels when he is seriously interested in someone else when receiving or sending nude, or when you’ve waited for a very long time to get his reply, these guided situational texts will help you out.

The part is that whether they are ghosting you or you are having a bad day, there is text, just for you. Here’s a breakdown of what you should expect from this section:

What to do when men ignore your messages

In this section, Amy North shares techniques on how to make your man text you back easily, and consistently, especially if you cannot shake that feeling that’s convinced you that he’s been ignoring you or that he’s not interested in you.

The E-Glow text

Here, you will learn how to easily hardwire your man’s brain so that he loves you fully and makes you feel that you matter, regardless of how hard things might be when he texts.

These texts will trigger him to act on immediately, and the interesting part is that he will not stop thinking about you.

Get your Ex Back

If your ex has made it clear that it’s over between you, but you still have feelings for him, and you feel that you could get him back in your life, the examples of texts that are shared by Amy in this section will help you get him back. Don’t be surprised if he texts you back instantly.

An example of this text is the one-worded text ‘Wait.’ If he texts letting you know that he’s breaking up with you, this single text could change his mind temporarily, and once you get to him, you could have him calling you back immediately and apologizing. These texts are called the satellite texts.

What to text him when your relationship turns boring and stale

If this happens, this program will come in handy for you because it shares tips into what you should say/ text to get him into that nervous but excited state.

Texts to send when you want him to be passionate about you

With the texts shared in this section, you will learn all you need to know to fill up your man’s mind with thoughts about you, all the damn time.

These texts will make him crave for your touch, and he will be literally hung up on each of your words.

The simple cheat sheet

Now, this is a really big deal, because it is the ultimate guide to decoding and analyzing your man’s texts in a bid to ensure that you correctly figure out his feelings, as well as the exact meaning of his words. Thanks to this cheat sheet, you won’t have to worry about misinterpreting his texts.

Texts to get him to propose

Here, you will learn about the subliminal messages that will guide and make your partner consider settling down into a serious, committed relationship with you. For this strategy to fall through, you have to be ready to capitalize on the texts given/ recommended.

Texts to make him miss you

Can we all agree that most of the time, we wish to know that the man we are interested in or dating really misses us as much as we miss them, even when we only saw each other a few hours before?

Amy shares great texts and texting skills that will make him yearn for you so much that they count the days/ hours until your next meeting/ rendezvous.

Guide to taking the right pictures

Want to learn how to be more expressive, albeit with cute little pictures? This section is for you. The other situational texts cover everything you need to know about:

  1. How to talk to him appropriately on the phone,
  2. How to bang his head – making him think about you every second of the day/ night
  3. Shooting for the stars – this covers the things you should and the texts you should send for him to give you his unwavering/ undivided attention at all times.

What Else Will You Learn?

  • Well, even if things don’t work despite all your attempts, one of the biggest, most important things you will learn is how to communicate in the digital era. The information shared will make you more comfortable in your future interactions.
  • You will get a glimpse into the mind of men

  • It also teaches you how to navigate other communication challenges with men

Bonus Content

  1. Phone Game
  2. Quality men on Tinder
  3. Why men leave.


  • It’s more like a Tinder playbook
  • This program works for most people
  • Increased chances of finding a great love
  • It eliminates insecurities
  • It comes with a 60-days moneyback guarantee


  • The content/ texts recommended might be perceived as if you are toying with men
  • The program isn’t ideal for everyone, and it doesn’t work for everyone
  • It’s available in digital format only

Conclusion – Is this Program for you?

Text Chemistry is one of the online programs that offer a lot of insights into the things you do to get the man of your dreams, and it also teaches you how to be better at communicating, how to avoid common mistakes, how to be well-understood, and most importantly earn the love and attention you need.

So, if you want to do something about your chronic singlehood, if you cannot figure out why men never stick around long enough, want back an ex, are dating a man who can’t seem to commit or is growing cold, or if you’d like that man to propose, these texting tips shared here could be all you need for a different future.

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