The Devotion System Review by Amy North: (Works or Scam?)

The devotion system review: Before we give you the low-down about what The Devotion System is, indulge us for a moment and tell us whether the text below sounds any familiar.

It’s been years of trying to love and be loved, years of heartaches, and a few more years where your friends have dubbed you the hot friend struggling with chronic singlehood. You’ve had your fair share of heartbreaks and casual escapades, and you are not really looking anymore.

While you have days where you yearn for a cuddle and someone to have stupid conversations and arguments with, a part of you knows that your fate may as well be sealed and that you need to grow up and stop expecting love.

So, on this day that you decide to stay at a friend’s party longer than usual, you cannot believe what happens to you in a matter of minutes. You see and immediately know that this is Him.

You’ve finally met the man of your dreams; you know it because the moment your eyes fell on him and your eyes locked, your feet almost buckled over the surreal human that was standing across the room; his smile as warm as it was seductive, and for the first time in your life stammered inaudible utterances.

He kissed your arm, and his piercing eyes sent butterflies all over your stomach. Somehow, you managed to keep yourself together, introduced yourself, exchanged numbers after some pleasantries, and a few weeks into endless chats; you know that this is it. He is the man of your life, and you will do anything to keep him in your life.

Even so, you exercise caution. You know that things could change in a second, one wrong text, or your busy work schedule, and you could lose him. He may even find someone else in his office or from your circle of friends.

But even with these uncertainties, you are strongly convinced that you need to do all it takes to have this man wrapped around your little finger. Does this sound exactly or vaguely familiar to what you have been through?

Are you at that point in your life where you wish to be ready for love and to avoid past mistakes that cost you your relationships? Well, even if you’ve come to believe that you were the one in the wrong or that they wouldn’t be changed, you still have the chance, and you too could find love that lasts.

But how? Enter The Devotion System review

Simple, Little Words Will Work On ANY Man
These Simple, Little Words Will Work On ANY Man, EVEN The One That Despises You…


What is The Devotion System?

Devotion System

The Devotion System refers to a comprehensive online guide that offers important insights and advice on dating (Expert dating coach) – the Dos, Don’t, etc. Should you text him first? What should you text back if he texts you first too soon? Should you text him if the takes too long to get back to you?

Regardless of the stage, your relationship is at; this guide will teach you everything you need to know to keep that man in your life, have him wrapped around your finger, get your ex crawling back to you, and how keep the fire in your new relationship burning months or years after you start dating.

This program might also work for you if you are currently or constantly facing difficulties in your relationship.

It’s also safe to say that this relationship couldn’t come to you at a better time, especially if you are almost giving up on love because you somehow keep failing at love, and it breaks your heart that regardless of the efforts you put in nothing seems to ever work.

Well, you can finally stop that from happening thanks to the professional advice offered in this guide. and it also offers (a 60-day money-back guarantee)

About the Author

The author of this online relationship program is relationship expert, Amy North, who is also a dating coach based in Vancouver, Canada.

Amy north created this program from her painful past experience after the man she was head over heels in love with started being distant only for her to find out that he was sleeping with her best friend.

But her experiences aren’t the only factors that fueled her decision to create the program.

As an expert who’s worked with local and global clients for more than 5 years, she has had clients who’ve had their share of tumultuous marriages, divorce, dating issues, and shattering breakups.

Through research and patience, trying to understand what men want, she came up with this guidebook to help you navigate marriage and dating wild waters with ease.

While she believes that love is quite dynamic, a lifelong process that calls for hard work long-term commitment, and dedication for survival, she also believes that part of that commitment and hard work is knowing what to say to keep things going or to keep an eye on the prize.

So, what’s her program all about, and how exactly does it work? Get an Expert dating coach Advice

About The Devotion System

About The Devotion System

This program comes in three parts: Letting Go and Moving On, Men 101, and Stages of Love.

Obviously, you can find some of this content online, but this program has been curated in great detail, and it offers all the answers to the questions that have been bugging you in one place.

You might also like that this program starts off with some invaluable self-development content as it warms you over to the more important details on how to reel that man into your life without drama.

You will also learn about the secret words that you should be used to not just make you man’s eyes and face light up, but also to make him tethered to you, so to speak.

On top of all that, this program shares incredible insights into men and why they do what they do (or don’t)

The Psychology of Men

psychology of men

We’ve heard and read about this countless times – that men and women are wired differently. But do you know what these differences mean to your relationship, and how you could use your understanding of men to make things work for you or to your advantage?

Going by Amy North research, men do not spend hours thinking about themselves, and even when they do, their thoughts are more along the lines of self-reflection. And this means that when faced with a relationship problem, they won’t react the same way as we would, and that leaves us (women) feeling confused.

As all that happens to men, women find themselves self-reflecting all the time, evaluating their past choices along with everything else that comes with their decisions. With these differences in mind, men and women will never be on the same wavelength.

So, with women all over the world arguing that their men don’t get them, the truth is that we are all wired differently, which is why Amy north Worth explores the idea in the direction of men – understanding what makes men tick, what makes men happy, and how women can understand their men and men in general better.

Understanding why men tend to exude a masculine temperament even when we really think they shouldn’t, the idea that real men do not cry, or that there are things that real men don’t do would, therefore, make a monumental difference when it comes to understanding men and forging happy, lasting relationships.

This program helps us understand the underlying features that make men act the way they do.


Words that melt a man’s heart? (Like ice cream!)


Breaking Down The Devotion System

The Devotion System by a professional relationship coach is designed to help women figure en out, but it takes an unexpected direction, and instead of encouraging women to be persistently in pursuit of the men they are interested in, saying special words that will send chills down their spine, the first thing this program teaches you is how to be the kind of woman you know you can be if you focus your attention on the right things – aka, you.

Amy north offers a new approach to being the irresistible woman you know you want to be by reminding all women that they do not need to have a man in their lives to be fulfilled.

She redefines self-love and self-care in new and enlightening ways, which means that at the end of the day, you get to be the woman of your dreams too. 

This book also offers valuable insights into the functioning of a man’s brain.

We are all reminded that to understand how men think and act, we need to be aware of the limbic system of men, which is the emotional processing center of men. Unlike women, men’s limbic system is smaller, and this is the primary reason why women are better at handling and processing emotions overall.

Men, on the other hand, have a smaller limbic system, and since they don’t make use of their emotional side all the time, most men have difficulties processing their feelings.

Therefore, you cannot communicate with a man in the same way that you would your female friends.

Part 1 – Letting Go

woman, face, head

This is interesting and also the most important topic covered in this relationship guide. In as much as you’d like to meet a man that loves you for who you are, pays attention, is the man in your wildest dreams, we’ve got to admit that sometimes you are not ready to meet such a man.

For the most part, we are the cause of the problem, the reason why the previous relationships failed to work. Although this doesn’t mean that we live in regret, you need to acknowledge that sometimes, the problem lies in you, and you have to do all it takes to be the best version of yourself.

How does Amy North Help with Self-Development?

Throughout this chapter, Amy’s focus is on self-development and how you need to move on from the past hurt.

To help you move forward in a healthy way, she teaches about her P.A.S.S. System, and also how you should be focusing on your personality rather than how you look.

She emphasizes the importance of inner beauty, reiterating the importance of inner beauty over your outer beauty and how inner beauty impacts your self-esteem, confidence, and love.

You know what they say about good looks fading and a good, beautiful heart remaining beautiful forever!

The reason why she insists on this is that in as much as men look at the outer sphere when it comes to the women they pick, the gentlemen in your class will always look for something more than good looks. You need more to be a long-lasting partner.

So, which traits do you need to develop first?

Think S.P.A.R.K, an acronym for:

  • Sex and Sassy
  • Playful and positive
  • Attractive and Admirable
  • Radiant and Real
  • Keen and Kind

Amy north goes into the details of these traits to help you get what she means by being attractive and beautiful on the inside and out.

Tips for Becoming Attractive

Along the lines of self-development, this guide will also cover important aspects of being attractive in a topic she calls the Six Steps to Embrace Your Inner Marilyn.

You will learn everything you need to know about boosting the confidence that you are hiding inside and how it all starts with your mindset. She also delves into ways you could treat yourself better and how to develop a powerful mental image of your best/ higher self.

She also addresses grooming and how you should start doing all the things that you actually enjoy. Therefore, you should look forward to simple, realistic, and practical ways you could boost your confidence, thanks to Amy’s guide.

Try this system and you will not regret. it offers 60 day money back guarantee
Try this system and you will not regret it (it offers 60 day money-back guarantee)

Part 2 – Men 101

men 101

What makes a man tick? What makes a man who he is?

In this chapter, Amy takes us through a comprehensive guide on the landscape of men, what we’ll call man-scape. She helps break down some of the biggest and the most common misunderstandings there are about men while defining the main differences between men and women.

To bring out these differences so succinctly and to help you understand your man’s psychology, this section covers the following:

  • Myths about men
  • How men work
  • What pushes men away
  • What Makes men chase you
  • How to hook and seduce him, etc.

While this program doesn’t go into the great depths about the complex and the intricate psychology of men, it is the guiding light towards who men are and why they do the things they do.

Something interesting you will learn is about men’s hotspots, also called their hero instinct.

Think of the hero instinct as the primal urge in men to be protectors, to save the damsel in distress, and to help you out with your needs. In as much as you’ve got everything going for you, saying the right words will not be enough all the time, and that means that you need to work on letting your man be the man his DNA tells him he’s supposed to be.

Part 2 delves into great details about communication and how you can or try to communicate with your man.

As mentioned above, men are complicated creatures, and this ebook shifts gears in Part 2 to teach you more about communication and how the use of the right words would make all the difference when it comes to men and having a man stick around and be fully devoted to you.

So, if you have been struggling to communicate how you feel or if you have trouble articulating your thoughts and emotions, this part of Amy’s The Devotion System review will help you out.

Remember that good communication skills are important when it comes to having a healthy relationship and for the avoidance of conflict. Get an Expert relationship coach’s advice

Part 3 – The Stages of Love


In this last part of The Devotion System review, this program takes a deep dive into a whole lot of important topics all on relationships, dating, making him devoted and obsessed with you, and everything else you may need to know about dating.

Below, we look at some of the primary topics covered here it’s all about the devotion system:

1. The Monogamy Message

This section offers guiding techniques on how to let your man know how much you care for them and that you truly love him. Besides professing your love to your man, you also need to make and let him know that you’ve chosen to be his woman all through. 

Make sure that your man is interested in a monogamous relationship, too – you need to start everything on the same page if you want things to work out. At the end of the day, men would choose to be monogamous if they feel wanted and safe. But first, ask and be sure that that is exactly what your man needs too.

2. The Phone Phrenzy Technique

This section offers simple and practical tips on phone etiquette. While we all think of this as a basic and an unnecessary topic, there is a lot that is misunderstood and miscommunicated in the world of phone etiquette, and this section will help you out.

In addition to phone tips, you will also get insights into what kinds of texts you should be sending him to make sure that your man is in your mind all day and night.

3. Sexual Guide

This guide would be incomplete without tips on how to sexually satisfy your man – for men, a devotion system means good sex, and this means knowing what your man needs and offering it to them. But good sex should not be the only thing on the table for you.

As mentioned above, men are not too good at communicating, or rather, we don’t communicate in the same way. Therefore, you must watch his verbal and non-verbal communication to know what he likes, where he’d like to be touched, and you also get imagery of how that’s to go down. Nothing explicit, though.

The other topics covered in part 2 include:

  • The chemistry of commitment
  • The date
  • Making him addicted/ obsessed with you
  • When to sleep with him
  • Tips for turning him
  • Learning his hotspots
  • Signs that he is The One
  • Warning signs
  • What to make him a man who is happily monogamous
  • Tips for Preventing infidelity
  • Gently letting him down
  • What to do and not to do to stop your attempts at sabotaging this relationship

Bonus Content

  • Finding Love Online
  • Cheat proofing
  • Textual Chemistry

You could, however, buy Amy’s other book, Text Chemistry, to obtain more details on the bonus content above.

Her other book delves into textual chemistry at length, and you will also learn more about finding love online and the guy cheat proofing (cheat-sheet) to help you keep things on track. At the end of Part 3, you will be able to figure out what goes on inside a man’s heart by observing and analyzing his body language. 

What Else Will You Learn From The Devotion System review?

How to make a man know that you really don’t need him – here, the book offers tidbits about how you could use your independence to drive him crazy at the very thought of you.

With these tricks, he will go to great lengths just to be by your side.

The Devotion Sequence – the Devotion Sequence is the other important area covered in the book. You will learn how to plant the seed of devotion deep in your man’s mind and heart, all through the use of simple, but powerful words that will change his thoughts and his mind in incredible ways, as his emotional attachment to you grows stronger.

The Devotion Sequence also introduces you to the important concept called the Cat String Concept, which teaches you about what you need to do to make that man chase after you and to always come back for more.


  • Good structuring of the content and everything is easy to understand
  • This program is quite versatile
  • You learn quite a bit on self-improvement


  • Most of the content can be found online
  • You need so much patience to see results


P.S. The Devotion system offers a 60 day money back guarantee

Conclusion – Is The Devotion Sequence Worth It?

Going by the content shared in this book, every woman looking to make things work with their man will appreciate everything Amy North teaches in her book. From our perspective, the book works, and the content offered is all you need for a man to fall deeply in love with you. And it offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

It will, however, not work for everyone, but every woman who buys it will learn something about men, while also learning all they need to know to be the best versions of themselves. The self-improvement section is something every woman needs.

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