How to Keep a Guy Thinking About You? (Here’s What to Do!)

There are tons of things that your man can be thinking about, but if you want his mind to always wander back to you, then there’s something you can do. You want to be confident that he’s ever thinking about you even when a pretty colleague drops by for a chat or when he’s catching drinks with some friends at the bar. here you will learn how to keep a guy thinking about you all day.

There’s a heightened sense of comfort and security when you’re sure that your man keeps thinking about you. Are you ready to find out how to make that happen? Let’s get started.

Here is how to keep a guy thinking about you

1. Start in the morning

Start in the morning

When he opens his eyes, you want him to think about you. Even though his first thought is how he has a busy day ahead, there’s what you can do to get his attention.

If you’re not leaving together, a morning text with a “hey handsome” or something to boost his self-esteem or ego is an excellent place to start.

Let him know that you’re there to support him no matter what comes his way. Leave it open that when he needs someone to talk to, he can reach out to you to hear him out or cheer him up.

When you’re leaving together, stay in your underwear for a bit longer. If your guy loves your legs, bum, or cleavage, let those be in view for a while. Lightly brush against his body when walking by, plant a quick kiss on his cheek without lingering.

Move slowly and with purpose, as though you’re trying to mesmerize him with your movement. You don’t have to be a morning person to pull this off, but it would motivate you to do things slightly differently if you know he’s watching.

2. Give him a long kiss before he walks about the door

 long kiss before he walks about the door

As he’s walking out, give him a long, meaningful kiss. Not a peck, not for a few seconds, but one where you both feel the butterflies in your stomach, your soul is intertwined, and you’re feeling flush.

You don’t want to lead him back to the bedroom, but you want him to consider playing with the idea. When you do it right, he might consider getting to work late or calling in sick.

Once he’s thinking about it, send him on his way. You want to reassure him that you’re going to finish what you started, but he’ll have to be patient about it. If you’ve traveled or you don’t leave together, you can send something suggestive.

It shouldn’t be enough to get sexting, but enough to plant the idea in his head. Let him think about how attractive you are, how much he loves you, and just how lucky he is to have you.



3. Get Him Blushing

Don’t call or text him for a while after he’s gone about his day. Just when he’s gotten into the groove of things, send him a text that will have him blushing.

Remind him that you find him attractive, that you desire him, and if you have one, send him an inside joke birthed from pillow talk.

That will bring everything grinding to a halt as he takes in the surprise. If he’s around people, he might blush, cough, smile- something- to mask how he might feel. Other people might pick up on it and make the connection, which is right for you.

In case someone is eyeing a guy you’re with, they’ll be sure to know that he has something that he’s seeing.  Again, keep it subtle. Something is enticing about having to fill in the blanks for yourself.

4. Tell him about his techniques and your fantasies

techniques and your fantasies

If he did something last night that blew your mind, let him know. If it’s been a while since he did, reminisce on the time he did that thing, and don’t leave out any details of what he did and how you felt. Men want to be told what they are doing right in bed.

It boosts both his ego and motivates him to find more ways to please you. Want to take

it a notch higher? Let him know what your fantasy is. Otherwise, you can show him.

Show up at his office with sexy lingerie and a wrap dress or a trench coat. Tell him what bar you’ll be at and tell him to treat you like a stranger that he gets to go home with after.

Whether playful or outright BDSM, make sure he knows what he’s coming to. If anything, it’s likely to boost his output as he rushes to get back home to you.

Has the bedroom been dull for a while? Here are a few ways to spice things up. 


5. Make it Playful

You know your partner best, so you’re best placed to know what type of text, call, idea, and the like will work for him. That said, you want to keep things light and playful because it might end up feeling overwhelming.

Even when you’re being sexy, incorporate some humor where you can so that he can appreciate what you’re doing. It won’t be one more thing to check off his list but playtime with you when he gets home.

Make sex fun for the two of you. If you’re not into sending suggestive photos, then there are tons of memes online, jokes, and a one-liner that you can turn to and get your guy laughing.

Overall, you want to maintain your personality through it all. Let it be a learning experience for him to know another side of you that he didn’t expect. Keep him thinking about what you’ll do next.

Do make sure it is natural as you don’t want him thinking that he’s dating two different women.

6. Be interested in him and listen

Be interested in him and listen

This is life, and not everything is fun and games. He could genuinely be having a bad day, and sending a subtle and suggestive text is not what he needs.

When you notice that he’s not responsive, reach out to him and ask what’s going on. When he tells you, listen attentively to what he has to say.

It’s not about having the right words to say, but it’s letting him know that you’re present, and you hear him. The guy will know that for you, it’s not merely about the physical but also his emotional and mental wellbeing.

He might not always be in the mood after you’ve put in the effort, and that’s okay. There will likely be times where you, after building up the anticipation, you’ll have to put off what you started for another day.

When that happens on his side, don’t get upset but choose to be understanding. There are many other days that you can keep him thinking about you.

7. Maintain a busy life that you love

Thus far, we’ve talked about things you could do for him to get him thinking about you. However, that only works best when you have a full life going on too.

Let him wonder what your day is going like, what updates you’ll have in store for him, and what you’ve achieved. When you have a busy life doing things that you love, and your life is exciting, he’ll be inclined to know what’s changed since you talked in the morning.

Sure, it’s essential to make time for him and drop a text or call letting him know that you’re thinking about him, but don’t overcrowd him. Let him have space to live his life as you do the same thing.

When that’s the case, making an effort to reach out to him is all the more appreciated because there are a thousand different things you could be doing.

That way, he’s assured that you always have time for him, and he’ll do the same for you.

8. Add a personal touch

So far, we’ve talked about general things that you can pick up and practice to have a guy thinking about you. However, not everything here is copy and paste. Relationships are unique and you know what works best for you.

You could be okay with sending the occasional nude. For another, a meme that has him in tears with laughter is practical. Don’t feel the need to do things that you’re uncomfortable with to have him thinking about you.

That said, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Ask yourself what fantasies you’d like to bring to life, and what you’d do differently to spice things up.

When you’re in a relationship with someone for a long time, things can plateau and end up losing the initial spark. Getting there demands change so that you don’t lose sight of the love you have for each other.

Wrap up

The good thing is that if a man loves you, then he will keep thinking about you without any funfair on your part. Therefore, don’t feel pressured to do anything you’re not comfortable with.

If you can, have a conversation with him about how you can bring back fun times into your relationship.

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