His Secret Obsession Review

We’ve all been there: one day, you decide to finally to go on that one cocktail with your friend because you know all too well that she’ll never stop pestering you as long as you a beautiful, busy, got-her-sh*t together, but somehow lonely single lady whose definition of the perfect pass time activity is staying at home reading, sleeping or catching up on your favorite TV show or get His Secret Obsession Review.

So, with the hope of an end to her pestering, you put your best foot forward, dress up, and show up.

And true to her words, you find a guy you cannot stop looking at, admiring, and as if the gods are on this too, this gentleman looks like they feel the same way as you do.

It’s surreal! You feel that it’s all unreal and even pinch yourself just to remind yourself that you are awake.

But it doesn’t end on this night. Things move along really well; you get to talk just about every day, you have a connection, everything is great, and he treats you like the queen you (and him) know you are.

A few dinners and lunches here and there, out of town fun adventures, and movie dates later, something shifts.

Something happens overnight, you begin to notice some red flags – having been hurt before by men, you can tell those flags when you see and feel them, and things spiral out of control and you are out of sync faster than you ever thought possible.

Somehow, you seem to be saying all the wrong things, the vibe fades, the communique goes from 10 to 1, and deep in your gut, you know that they’re slipping from you, and being the woman you are, there’s not much you can do but give up.

The heartache is terrible and having seen even your friend get jealous from your luck, you shut yourself out of love, completely, wishing you never went on that date.

As the days drag, you resolve not to fall in love again, but you always are aware of the part of you that wishes for the roses, rainbows, and real love. You go through your past texts at times, just to see what you did or said wrong, and one morning, you wake up ready to move on and never to fall in love.

You even develop a certain level of dislike towards men.

Does this all sound familiar? Have you put in all you had, but gotten nothing you expect? Do you feel that something is wrong with you and that you will never get a man to commit to you?

Are you tired of the drama, the pain, and hot-and-cold relationships that strip you apart each time? Well, this review is ideally designed for you.

Even after all the pain and hurt you have been through, you have a chance to get back on the love train, to experience love and to be adored for the rest of your life, to be in a relationship that makes you forget all the past hurt, tears, and disgraced feelings you’ve carried in your heart and on your shoulders all these years.


It all has to do with His Secret Obsession. His Secret Obsession might sound like a corny movie title, but close. This is a book that’s been written by someone who knows what he’s talking about where the finicky matters of the heart are concerned.

And the best bit is that this book will give you an actual revelation about what you have been doing wrong with men, and how to be the apple of your man’s eyes.

You see all those women who seen to get lucky in love, women who’ve had their men propose to them in weeks, and the women whom the world knows that they are loved and adored by their men, yes, that could be you too.

Essentially, this book lives up to its title, and it will teach you ways of becoming a man’s obsession. So, whether you just met this man, had one for some time and things are changing, or are ready to meet someone new.

This book is exactly what you need.

What is His Secret Obsession All About?

His Secret Obsession

This book is about knowing what makes men tick, what makes them commit and love their women deeply, and what makes men great! However, before we delve into how a book could teach you how to make a man obsessed with you, let’s look at obsession – what it is, and where to draw the line between healthy and unhealthy obsessions.

We say that we are obsessed with food, TV shows, shoes, makeup, etc., but should we really term these feelings and attachments as obsessions? 

An obsession refers to a psychological condition – it is the domination of your thoughts and feelings with information about something, an idea, a desire, an image, a compelling motivation, or persistent and disturbing preoccupation with a feeling or an idea. It is a state of being and more than that thing you want too badly.

Now, being obsessed is not all bad because an obsession would be the one thing that fuels your goals and makes you feel good about your life. Yes, not all obsessions are bad.

And in romantic relationships, obsessions can be super powerful forced, especially when it goes both ways – true love is magnificent, and a powerful obsession that motivates two people to actively pursue the happiness of each other as their number one goal.

Now, if you are still reading, it’s very likely that you have had your moments, moments you laugh and sometimes cry about, intense moments that force you to reevaluate things and wonder if you will ever find a man who will feel so deeply about you as you feel about them.

Well, the good news is that you could make your man obsessed with you. Think of ‘Making Your Man Obsessed With You (In A Healthy Way)’ as the alternative title of this book.


Well, the author of this book, James Bauer, a relationship coach with over 12 years of experience tells you about the secret to making your man fall in love deeply with you, keeping the flame burning years after you start dating, and have a relationship that always feels fresh has everything to do with your ability to tap into and activate your man’s Hero Instinct.

Essentially, you need to understand how male psychology works, and how you can use your man’s Hero Instincts drive to turn things around for your relationship.

What is the Hero Instinct?

Hero Instinct?

The Hero Instinct, essentially, is the thing that would make your man fall head over heels in love with you.

If you are able to activate it, you will never have to worry about your man taking too long to text you back or him not being too excited about coming back home after a day at work and telling you all about his day and the drama he had to deal with at the office.

Yes, tapping into and activating his Hero Instinct is all that you need to make your man your best friend and his best friends, wondering why they are the last to hear about the things they used to hear about first.

The Hero Instinct is the primal masculine urge that makes men want to feel needed. It’s that superior and masculine feeling that makes a man feel like a man because his woman makes him feel like the superhero in the story.

While most women aren’t aware of this relationship superpower, the few who understand and have mastered it are in happy and loving relationships. Naturally, the rest of us would want to obtain this superpower too.

But why are only a few of us aware of the Hero Instinct? How is it possible that only a few women have been able to turn on their men’s Hero Instincts?

Unfortunately, the answer to these questions has everything to do with the fact that most of us (women) are fixers, we are caretakers naturally, and we want to sweep in and help. We are mostly drawn to the men in need because this is an intuitive ability that’s somehow ingrained in our DNA.

Think about it – how we are able to somehow read men’s minds or even tell when they have something bugging them – we have superpowers too. But the problem is that our men want to feel that power too.

While we get to be so selfless and very giving of our efforts and love, the same fails to happen in men, and when that primal urge to be needed is not activated, or when a man feels that there is nothing much he can do for his woman, he shuts down.

So, for a moment, forget your independence for a moment, and in as much as you think ‘I’ve got this,’ let your man. Let your man say, ‘I’ve Got This.’ Allow your man to prove to you just how worthy and capable he is.

Now, before you call this total BS and stop reading, allow us to make a case for ourselves.

For centuries, men have been taught to not only idolize but also to take on superhero roles. They will dress up as their favorite superheroes when younger, and they will have t-shirts and other knick-knacks to remind them of their superheroes.

Over the years, these men worship their superheroes, and they put themselves in the superheroes’ big pants and even imagine the superheroes they’d like to be.

In real life, their experiences and super-hero MOJO make them want to be the superheroes in the story, they want to save the girl (even when they are fully aware that the girl can take care of things on their own).

So, when this deep-seated feeling to be The Man is overlooked and ignored, or made to feel unimportant, men seek that attention elsewhere. And you can’t blame them.

But it’s time to change things. Time to allow these men to spur into action and fulfill their childhood fantasies. In as much as you don’t need a hero to rescue you, let your man be that hero for you.




James Bauer’s His Secret Obsession comes to you as a relationship program that will teach you how to win your man’s undying love, total devotion, and attention for life.

The techniques, tricks, and the tactics shared in this book/ program will help trigger a buzz, a strong burning desire in your man’s heart, a strong desire that will make your man want to go to the ends of the world to do anything for you, a desire that makes your man think about you all the time, and simply, never stop.

How to Unravel the Hero Instinct

To make it look like you have your man wrapped around your little finger, you need to master a certain art of communication.

You need to use specific words that would spur your man’s Hero Instinct, and in most cases, you also need to be careful about the tone you are using when you talk to your man.

Words that belittle will only make things worse; you need to use words that will wake their inner superhero into action. Here’s what we are talking about:

Hero Instinct Activation Signals

Below, we look at some of the most effective emotional triggers, andhis secret obsession phrases that will activate/ trigger the emotional center of any man.

Your man may look all macho, but they have emotions that need a special skill to be activated.

To activate these emotional centers, you need to use specific words, words that will instantly stimulate strong desires, leaving you man needing, wanting, and showing genuine affection towards you.

His Secret Obsession outlines

His Secret Obsession outlines some of the most effective strategies for getting your man to love and desire you more.

The Glimpse Phrase – I Want You

i want you

If your man has been acting a little differently or even indifferent, you might want to think about how you’ve been communicating, and the words you have been using.

Some of the words we use to bring about insecurities, albeit unintentionally. So, check your texts and change how you’ve been communicating.

The ‘I Want You’ Glimpse signal is one of the most powerful ways you could employ to help your man get through their insecurities. 

Since men are inclined to feel as though they are pestering you, you need to counteract that feeling, by being direct.

Bringing up the subject or trying to touch you when they are not invited might be uncomfortable, and the best way for you to overcome this challenge is to come out and bluntly tell him that you desire him.

Tell your man ‘I Want You’ and watch his desire for you grow each day.

The Fascinating Signal – “Babe, Have You Been Working Out?”

fascinating signal

Is your man looking so fine, today that you just want to have him all by yourself? Are you ready to be a few minutes late to work today? Here’s the trick – ask, ‘Have you been working out?’

One of the things that men don’t want to admit is that sometimes, they as self-conscious about their bodies as women are. And you really don’t want your man to feel worse about himself.

So, since you cannot use the same compliments on men as you would women, the ‘Have you been working out’ trick will work magic. It might not sound like much, but it tells your man that you acknowledge them, you looked at him, and are impressed with all you see.

The Silent Action Signals – ‘Have You Grown’

Forget the silence and the verbal or nonverbal appreciation of how good that love-making session was. You want to boost your ego, stroke it well.

‘Have you Grown’ is quite powerful for many reasons, and when your man knows that you felt and saw the difference in the performance and the size of his p****, you are sure to enjoy even better love-making from a very happy man.

Like weight, men are very self-conscious about the size of their p***** and performance, and anything you say to stroke their ego will make your lives more interesting and happier.

Secret Obsession Phrase – ‘I Love It When You Do That’

His Secret Obsession Review

When was the last time you whispered in his ear ‘I Love It When You Do That?’

Does he know what you like/ love? The painful truth about men is that they are quite clumsy and unsure about what to do with a woman’s body, which means that if he does something so well and you tell him about it, you not only boost his confidence, you also encourage him to keep at it, meaning more orgasms.

Ladies, we are often closed off, but it’s time to be a little open. Try hard and use the right phrases, and you will be shocked at how fast your man’s game will be back at the top or even better than it was.

The I Owe You Signal – You Make Me Feel Safe

You can send this signal in the simplest, most honest way – just tell him ‘You Make Me Feel Safe.’

Wondering why this works? Well, every man has a big alpha dog inside him, and it will always reach out when there is a danger. And if you are a strong, independent woman, you may forget about this side and your man’s innate desire and urge to protect you.

That is how you will start falling out of love, or rather, he will. Change the game by telling and allowing your man to be there to protect you. The best bit is that using this phrase will make your man feel committed to protecting you, always and forever.

The Damsel in Distress Signal – ‘I’m Your Woman’

i am your woman

According to His Secret Obsession, you need to learn how to get in touch with your man’s deepest desires, and if he’s insecure, you need to reassure him that he will not lose you. Telling you man that you are His and only his is not only reassuring, but it also helps deepen your connection.

While men are not too good at deep talks, especially talks that are all about feelings and emotions, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have a feeling or that they are not emotional because they are.

All you need to do is to find ways of encouraging such communication lines while reassuring your man that he is the one for you.

The Private Island Signal – I Love You

These three words have been thrown around carelessly by most of us, sometimes, for the wrong reasons.

But don’t you think that it’s time for you to mean it and say it. Even though your man may not say this all the time, you need to make use of the ultimate love phrase and be genuine about it.

Know what? Your voice communicates whether your I love you is genuine or not, and when it is, your man will know and feel it. So, in as much as these words are better said when they are backed up by the right words, say it often. Say it every day, and you’ll be surprised to hear it said back to you each day.

Heck, you may get more I Love You in a day than you ever thought possible. Is His Secret Obsession all about the right words? Well, not quite. There’s a lot more offered by this relationship program.

The Relationship Material

the relationship material

You will also get a comprehensive checklist of the things that you’d want to do, alone or together, to keep that flame burning. This book also shares insights into some of the tricks you should consider for you (and your man/ significant other) to make the relationship work.


  • This program was created by an expert, a man who understands all about men and what their convoluted minds need
  • The content is easy to understand, and the humor in the program makes it even easier for you to understand the content and what you should do
  • It comes with a 60-days moneyback guarantee
  • The tips shared work on different men
  • It saves you a lot of time and money


  • The results will not be constant for all, and you may not be the lucky woman after all.

Conclusion – Should You Get the Book His Secret Obsession?

While some people will regard this book/ program a scam, a lot about what is shared is genuinely true, and if you asked any man, they’d agree with you. In as much as you have everything going for you, a man needs to feel needed and appreciated. Unlock his Hero Instinct, and you will be on your way to happier days.

So, ask for his help with everyday things, however random they are, genuinely enjoy and always appreciate his company, and challenge him for that man to earn your respect.

Your man craves your time and your love, but make a challenge and let him work for it, earn your admiration, and appreciate you. These things will make you man emotionally fulfilled, unlocking a higher level of commitment.

If you are a woman curious about a man’s convoluted mind, this book would make an excellent read for you.

Even if you are not in a relationship, this book will give you the chance to step back and reflect on the kind of woman you are, what you can live with, and what you cannot.

Understandably and naturally, this book is not for everyone, but it offers great insights into the mind of a man. The best part is that you can apply some of the techniques shared in other areas of your life besides your relationship.

It’s still a man’s world, and this book gives you the secret formula to making men respect and appreciates you.

If you are done feeling like a placeholder, tired of being ignored, tired of wondering why he won’t commit, tired of worrying that he might not love you anymore, or why he’s suddenly too quiet, this is a good book for you.

You might learn a lot about how to get him back once you read the book.

Lastly, this book gives you 12 of the most effective Hero Instinct Words that you can text your man to change how he feels about you and to make his fully enamored. These texts are simply life-changing, and they could be exactly what you have been missing in your attempts to find a lover who loves you and stays.


It's Something He CRAVES... More than love, more than money, even more than sex.

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