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L. Mencken once said, “love is like war; easy to start but very difficult to end,” and he couldn’t have said it any better, especially when you consider the modern dating world. Navigating today’s’ dating scene is a lot like walking through a minefield where each misstep could blow up in your face.

Trust, compromise, and acceptance are the main pillars of every successful, healthy, and long-lasting relationship. If you’re able to build upon these three things in your relationships, then there’s no reason why you and your loved one can’t set off into the sunset and get your happy ending.

Hello, and welcome to MeetFusion, my name is Alicia, and I’m the owner of this piece of web real estate, where I help people build stronger lasting relationships.

Having kissed a couple of frogs in my journey to find my prince charming, I’ve learned quite a lot, and I’m here to help you avoid making some of the mistakes I’ve made.


Dating in the millennial era is a lot different from how it used to be back in the boomer heydays. The rules of engagement are different, and there are more hoops that you need to jump over to separate the wheat from the chaff.

We’ve dedicated this section to help you navigate these rough waters and cover everything from how to attract a man you like to how to get a guy back that you scared away to how to make him jealous and even what to text a girl to start a conversation.

text a girl to start a conversation


Things a Woman Can Do To Spice up The Bedroom

Most relationships start by being fun and adventurous as each person gets to know the other deeply enough to find out if they’re compatible. It’s a lot like going on a honeymoon where you spend your time engulfed in each other’s company.

However, that raging fire of passion and love quickly dies down once you’ve known each other, and that’s when things start getting boring. Signs of a marriage breaking up or symptoms of a spouse losing attraction slowly begin to loom over; fortunately, there are things a woman can do to spice things up in the bedroom.


To help you navigate these rough waters, we’ve reviewed some of the best resources to help you level up your dating 

game. From our text chemistry review, which helps you learn how to communicate better with that person, you’re crushing on to his secret obsession a book designed to help you find out what mistakes you’re making with men, all of which are designed to make you the apple of their eyes.

The Devotion System Review

We’ve also covered the language of desire, designed to help you spruce up the bedroom and The Devotion system a definitive guide on the dos and don’ts of any relationship.

“Watch this how-to video and learn the secret ‘Desire’ text message that men are powerless to resist”

If you want to learn how to make any guy obsess over you with the push of a button, then this might be the most important video you’ll ever watch.

I am going to reveal to you a secret kind of text message that every man is dying to hear… this text message will send chills up his spine and make him want to see you as quickly as he can.


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