Language of Desire Review – A Definitive Relationship (Guide)

You’ve been through the motions, you’ve tried all our forefathers ever recommended about making men happy, and your culinary prowess has gone unnoticed for too long, somehow, you don’t really get what men want, no matter what you do, and you’ve resigned yourself to the loveless life, often putting all the blame on yourself.

You feel that you are doing everything wrong, but a part of you knows that you’ve done and said or the right things.

You seem to be the glue that holds your relationships together, you are tired of being the one that always calls and texts, and you are exhausted from the high (and the crashing lows) that you both experienced in the beginning, only for the love taps to run dry after a few weeks or months.

Basically, you are at the end of your rope, but you are making one last attempt at this relationship thing, but before you fall in too deep with the next guy, you wish to learn about men and what makes them tick – what to do to keep that man and for their love not to fade.

attempt at this relationship

Well, if any of that sounds relatable, then you are in great luck because we will be looking at everything you need to know about men, what makes them tick, and some of the things you should do or say to make your man fall deeply in love with you.

If you don’t get why your man is not satisfied with your good looks and the mindblowing sex you seem to enjoy since you’ve caught him watching porn innumerable times, then this review is for you.

If you are the sexiest lady in the room, but your man doesn’t seem ever interested in touching, holding, or even cuddling with you, keep reading. And if you lost tens of pounds and are a crossfitter, but your man doesn’t see, this is also for you.

We are talking about the Language of Desire, an intensive relationship guide created by Felicity Keith to help all of you beautiful women understand men, and to be able to elevate your connection with your man into a whole new and a higher level of intimacy.

This guide is revelatory of the subtle non-verbal techniques for flattery, some secret dirty words that you can throw in, and basically everything else you need to know to make that man fall in love deeply with you.

In Language of Desire, you get to learn and unlock the simplest and the best secrets of attraction, and generally, the tidbits you have been missing or overlooking when it comes to understanding men well.

The details shared in this guide could also help you unlock the secrets for repairing broken or crumbling relationships. Think of the Language of Desire as the key that will unlock the passion of your relationship, and help you grow a relationship that is more fulfilling.

What does She Know?

What does She Know

If you are talking about Felicity, first, know that we completely understand where you are coming from – how does a woman know so much about men and the keys to a successful relationship? Well, Felicity has been where most of us (women) are or have been.

She’s experienced the worst in relationships, and if you think that you are the only one who has been cheated on with porn, you are not. Felicity Keith has had her fair share of heartbreaks, and she caught her man’s pants down watching porn.

And the worst bit is that when she caught her man, there was another woman smiling back at him. Can you imagine the humiliation, and this memory is buried deep in her memory forever?



Well, we don’t know much about you, but we know that something like this happening to you forces you to reevaluate everything you know about yourself, love, and men. You will be driven to the greatest depths of gloom, self-pity, and the worst heartbreak, but you will also want to know why men do what they do.

Following her experience, Felicity made it her life’s mission to understand the psychology of men, specifically, the things that make a man want a woman – what drives men sexually?

She documents her results in this comprehensive guide that will give you the important answers to your biggest questions.

So, what is the Language of Desire?


Language of Desire is an all-inclusive relationship program focusing on reigniting the fire within your relationship.

This program is more than a dirty talk program for your bedroom, as it appears at first glance, but a look at its membership area offers a lot more than you’d expect from a relationship advice program. Once in the members’ area, you will access even more content from the program.

Generally, however, this program’s primary focus is revealing the greatest secrets to sensual relationships and the things that make a man feel like the king of the world.

You will receive insights on how to unlock the secrets to your man’s deepest fantasies. This program also features a section that teaches important techniques, including how to massage your man’s G-Spot.

About the Author

About the Author

The creator of this program is Felicity Keith, a 42-year-old mother.

A woman who took important lessons from the embarrassing moment where she found her man watching porn and getting entertained by another woman, came to the shocking understanding that her sex life was not only lacking, but that she’d need to learn what men want, and also how they want it.

She used this experience as a moment in her life, a moment, and the opportunity to learn what she needed to do to make her man interested in her again.

So, if you are wondering why you haven’t heard about Felicity Keith before, you know it’s not because she’s a little town sex guru or a psychologist, and neither is she a scientist who can back her claims with science and fancy words.

You haven’t heard about her because she is not a famous relationship expert – she is a mother who learned that she needed to up her sexual game in the hardest and also the most humiliating way.

But Felicity doesn’t share senseless information in this program. What she does is that she shares well-researched and tried methods to help you reignite the fire in your relationship.

Felicity’s learning processes have allowed her to write down the things that worked for her and the ones that haven’t. Part of her research involved journaling, and after learning what works for her man, reading about men and sex, and asking men what they want, she came about great content that she decided to share with the rest of the world.

What’s in the Language of Desire?

Dirty Words To Make Him Yours

The content shared in this program is unlike most of the other kinds of content you will come across. 

And the content in Felicity’s program is the reason why this is the most popular program on the market. Felicity’s trial and error approach has been received with an immense amount of positivity that even she is surprised.

The best part is that the popularity of the program has little to do with instant access to the program immediately after purchase. In fact, the biggest selling point of this program comes from what is shared and taught there.

The content/ information shared is the reason why this program is popular in forums and also why it has received a good number of positive reviews.

Wondering what we are talking about?

Well, this program shares some of the most insightful and practical techniques and programs on the things that make men excited – literally. Some of these techniques include:

1. Erotic Telepathy

Erotic Telepathy

If you have been struggling to communicate with your man and to know exactly what he needs, then this technique is exactly what you need. Erotic telepathy teaches and allows you to get into your man’s head, to go past your man’s natural defenses, and to learn/ discover all his deepest passionate fantasies, and the best part is that he might be unaware of these fantasies.

2. Pavlov’s Erection

Don’t you wish that you’d make your man respond to you positively with just one phrase or action, just like Pavlov’s dog? Well, Pavlov’s Erection is a technique that teaches you some of the words/ phrases that your man needs to hear. These phrases will instantly bring your man to attention. no matter what he was doing or where he is.

3. Desire Seed

Desire Seed

If you wish that you’d be able to tap into your man’s desires, then plant your own deep desires in his, meaning that he gets to fulfill those desires because he thinks he initiated those thoughts, then this trick might work well for you.

4. Tease Intensifier

How do you fancy the subtlest of ways to turn up the heat on your relationship to the extent that he cannot take any more of it, and just has to have you. The Tease Intensifier is exactly what you need.

5. Verbal Viagra

As the words explain, these are the words along with the verbal techniques that you need to master to make your man hard. These techniques are so easy to master, that you will be surprised.

6. Lust Mirror

Though more complicated than you’d expect, this technique involves the creation of a feedback loop, specifically for desire, a loop that will always keep the two of you going.

7. Oral Intensifier

Besides the Verbal Intensifier, you get to work magic on your man with only your mouth. Felicity promises that this will drive your man nuts! So, is this all that you get from this program?

Well, not quite. There is so much more offered in the program, which is why this program is the recommended relationship guide for all women.


What’s in The Program?

As mentioned above, this program guides you, in the most practical of ways, to be your man’s deepest and only desire. To do that, it offers a lot of important information that you’ll like.

But first, it’s worth noting that this program comes as an eBook and also as an audio file.

The program is broken down into 10 great modules in PDF and audio formats. There also are two samples, basically an introduction to what you should expect.

The two samples include:

  • You’ll have to try much harder if you want me with you in your bed tonight
  • You’re the wildest, best, strongest, dirtiest, fiercest lover I’ve ever had.

Now, if you have never been very explorative or adventurers in the bedroom, you will agree that these two statements will make any man come running to you. On top of the samples, the PDF, and audio formats of the program, the program also offers 3 bonus content.


Members’ Area

Then there is the Members’ Area where you will gain in-depth insights into making your sexual lives active once again.

The Members Area is categorized into 10 modules, and each module comes with 4 or 5 subsections, as well as worksheets to help you take in all the information you have read, and from that, be able to make actionable and relevant conclusions. All the pages in these modules and subsections guide you to unlock the secrets to your sexual psyche, along with your man’s.

Module 1 – Introduction

Here, you will learn all you need to know about the author of this program, as well as the reasons why she is very much devoted to her Language of Desire program. You will learn that both good and bad girls are allowed and supposed to think in a certain sexual way, contrary to what society has made you believe.

Module 2 – Become the Sexual Superwoman

Sexual Superwoman

This module breaks it all down for you, and you will learn how to be a superwoman in bed. Some of the subsections covered are dubbed The Fear of the Slut Label, Being Dirty with Dignity, The Madonna Moan, and the last bit has Worksheets where you will take the sexploration quiz and learn how to be superwoman of your dreams.

Module 3 – Loving Man’s Best Friend

The first thing that stands out from this subsection is that the best friend Felicity talks about is not his dog. Here, you learn about Rethinking Pornography, Loving The Penis, Understanding His Sex Drive, and The Porn Destroyer, and the last section has worksheets to help you learn more about your man and yourself.

Module 4 – Brain Chemistry and Sex

By now, you know that men and women think very differently. We have different psychological makeup, and we are driven by different things.

With this understanding in mind, Felicity addresses Brain Chemistry and Sex in 4 subsections that she calls – Desire, Sex, and Our Primitive Brains; The Cuddle Hormone; Pavlov’s Erection; and Sexual Singularity. In the last section, there is a worksheet that comes with a recap of the entire module and a memory journal.

Module 5 – Erotic Action Movie Technique

This section goes deeper into reaching and appealing to your and your man’s erotic side. The subsections include The Erotic Action Movie, Writing Your Movie, Delivery, and then there is the WorkSheet.

Module 6 – Desire Intensifiers

What are some of the things that you could do or say to make things spicier and hotter? Which are of the things that will intensify your desires?

Felicity helps you out by covering several elements of desire intensification in five subsections.

  • Crank up the heat – all about making your sexual relationship work, despite going through the highs and the lows of life together. This is ideal for couples who have been together for some time.
  • Oral Intensifiers – this covers some of the biggest compliments to men, and it addresses the importance of blowjobs to men. Men love blow jobs more than you’d ever imagined.
  • Tease Intensifiers – Here, you learn about the techniques that will give your man a thrill of the chase, over and over again.
  • Verbal Viagra Method – this technique teaches you how to make your man hard without any pills
  • The Boiled Frog – this is all about understanding your man’s body and how it responds
  • Lastly, you have the worksheet which also covers things like the tools for a Dominatrix

Module 7 – Upgrading Your Relationship Status

The subsections covered here include Dirty Talk for the Single and Dating; Monogamous Male Maximizer, Friend to Fantasy; and you also have the worksheet, as is the case with all other modules. In this module’s worksheet, you answer the important question of whether He Really is the One you want or not.

Module 8 – Getting Your Fantasies Met

Getting Your Fantasies Met

Do you know yours or your man’s deepest sexual desires? Can you plant a desire so deep, he thinks he is the one who conceived that thought in the first place? How about an in-depth guide on how to help your man be the man you really want.

To do that, this module features important subsections covering aspects such as Planting Desire Seeds, Lust Mirror, The Romance Rotator, Using Erotic Telepathy, 50 Shades of Experimenting, and finally, the worksheet that comes with your fantasy journal.

Module 9 – When Sex Isn’t Possible, or When It’s Boring

What do you do when things when you are not having or enjoying sex or when it feels impossible to have sex.

There is a lot to learn from this section, including When Sex is Impossible; Dirty from a Distance; No Touch Lay; and the Invincible Chastity Belt. A worksheet is also present at the end, and you’ll be expected to log in the details of your libido and longing.

Module 10 – Dirty Talk Mastery

Subsections covered here include:

  • What you should do if he turns into a cold fish
  • How to overcome objections
  • How to fine-tune your technique
  • Planning the Dirty Deeds

And you also have the worksheets where you will be expected to log in your 30-days of desire.

Bonus Content

  • The Good Girl’s Guide to Texting Dirty – Can you talk dirty to him? Well, this bonus section tells you all about it and how to text dirty. The best bit is that this bonus content comes with 200 pre-made messages just for you – messages that will leave him moaning even before you see or touch them.
  • Silent Seduction – this is a guide on developing that erotic body language that seems like out of body experiences for you. You will learn about all the little things you/ women could do to make a man’s insides tickle – think tilting of the head or winking.
  • Unstoppable Confidence – this bonus comprises of 90-minute audio from one of the renowned dating experts, Michael Fiore. In it, you learn how to be confident when talking to men.

Is This Program Ideal For You?

The Language of Desire is a unique program that’s been created for any woman looking for great love, commitment, and sexual satisfaction from her man.

If things have suddenly or gradually turned cold, if you are dissatisfied or feel as if you man isn’t getting what he wants, or if you are one of the women who don’t know what to say exactly or how to say what they should say, then this program is what you have been missing.

This program is also the ideal fit for you if you want to satisfy your man as you meet and satisfy your cravings.


  • The information on the male psyche is accurate
  • The bonus content is just as important as the main content shared by Felicity in the Language of Desire.
  • It’s easy to follow
  • It’s a best-seller
  • You get instant access to the Members’ Area after paying
  • It comes with moneyback guarantees
  • Available in audio and PDF versions


  • If you are a modest woman, this program is not for you


Men want sex, always, but they also desire that which they cannot have. Every man is up for a challenge, a good challenge that stimulates them, which is why a man will chase you in the beginning, but then he will turn cold and disinterested after some time.

But that doesn’t have to be the case, and the Language of Desire teaches you how.

And with their libido expected to go down after some time, this program teaches you how to keep your man stimulated with mystery, excitement, and flirtation. Thanks to the experience and knowledge shared by the author, this program promises to make you feel love and desire from your relationship.


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