How to Save Your Marriage When You Feel Hopeless? (Solved!)

I can’t imagine my life without you“. “You are the love of my life“. You must have heard these words from your spouse at some point in life. But now, it might seem like everything is turned upside down. and need to learn how to save your marriage when you feel hopeless.

All the long hours we spent together, watching a romantic movie, with his arms curled around me, have gone.

Our moments of extreme laughter, have gone. The moments of comfort that we spent together in each other’s company have disappeared just as if they had never been there.

These might be the thoughts of most of the women who love their husbands, but somehow, things are not working out. Most probably, you are one of those women, who loves her spouse from the core of her heart.

You have tried your best to save your marriage. But nothing paid off. Perhaps that’s why you are here to look out for the last thing that could rebuild your relationship.

This article is for you!

Well, you are in the right place! Because we are providing you with the right advice for rebuilding your relationship with your husband. You are direly in need of relationship counseling.

We always need someone qualified who can give us the right advice at the right time. So this is the right time, we are here to provide you with family counseling. And we are eagerly willing to enrich your relationship with your spouse.

In the following subheadings of this article, you will come to know what part are you going to play in saving your relationship, and seven tips to make things better. And an effective way that will Surely save your marriage. So let’s have a look.

Should I fight for my marriage?

A difficult, yet worthy question. You first need to be very clear that it’s never too late. You alone can still make a difference in your relationship with your husband by exerting the right kind of effort in the right manner.

Until now, we know, that you have made all your efforts to make things better, but maybe you are not doing what is actually required to do. There is a high chance that you only need to redirect your struggle with the help of relationship therapy and advice.

So, don’t give up, just make the right move!

Is your marriage worth saving?

Is your marriage worth saving

You definitely have many emotional, physical, and psychological attachments with your husband. And you don’t want to let them all go off so easily.

And perhaps your children may also be a reason, you don’t want your kids to feel the pain of their parents getting separated.

Getting a divorce, is not an easy path, nor an easy decision. So rethink, and give it another chance. Things can get better. And you never know, better than ever before!

7 tips to save your marriage when it seems impossible

  1. Tap into his emotions

A big mistake arises when each one of the two, starts to give the logic of the troubles that are arising. And the blame game starts. Overcome this attitude by tapping into his emotions. Just speak to his emotional part of the brain. Make him realize how his emotional bonding with you is so unbreakable.

  1. Reminders

Remind him of the great time that you two have spent together. The emotional and intimate moments, when you enjoyed each other’s company more than anything.

  1. Eliminate stress and negativity from his mind

Try to eliminate the negative thoughts and impressions that he has of you, by enlightening him with the positive side of you, which he might have forgotten.

  1. Manage Expectations

Look out for the expectations that you have of your marriage and your husband. No one in this world is perfect, so accept that. Sometimes “good enough” is perfect.

  1. Don’t wait for him to fix things up

If you are waiting for him to fix things up, you may not be on the right track. You are in control of your relationship. You are the one who can make a difference. So make it!

  1. Give each other space

Communication is a good thing, but not always. You must give your husband time to think over the situation. This time will help both of you make better decisions.

  1. Stop assuming

When couples are together for quite some time, they start to assume that the other person might be thinking this or that, whatever. These assumptions are mostly false, which can cause serious issues in the relationship. So stop these assumptions.

5 Tell tale signs your marriage is over (Warning signs for wife)

How do you know when a marriage is really over?

How do you know when a marriage is really over

You can think that your marriage is really over when you become indifferent of your husband’s existence with you. If you don’t view him with you in your future.

If your intimate life is totally ruined, or you no more have any kind of emotional attachment with him. So everything is revolving around you, you can make it or break it.

What if he does not want to continue?

What if he does not want to continue

If he is not willing to continue you can’t force him. However, you can change your mind by showing him the positive aspects of your relationship, without expecting only him to make the effort.

Even you can convince him to consult any professional family counsellor. They can help with this change.

What should you do when you are unhappy in a marriage?

What should you do when you are unhappy in a marriage

It’s alright if you are unhappy with your marriage and want to improve the whole scenario. You are not alone in this world who is facing this problem.

You just need to accept the situation and make the right decision before getting a divorce. The right decision here would be to go for relationship counseling.

Can you save your marriage without counseling?

Can you save your marriage without counselling

Most likely, you have already made all your efforts to save your relationship, but it isn’t working. So go for professionals who can help you.

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Your efforts to save your marriage do matter, however, if it is not working, go for consulting the right person for marital advice. Maybe it’s not the end, just the right start!

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