Signs Your Wife Doesn’t Find You Attractive

Women are normally taken aback with the consistent bad behaviors of their husbands, and one thing that is for sure is that once their minds leave you, you will have the hardest time living with them.

Besides, when a woman is fed up with her husband she will do everything within her power to frustrate him, however, if there are kids involved, then the punishment might be lenient as she wants to create a good image and will thus lay low but do everything she can to avoid you.

Therefore, there are several things that if you are keen to observe will be clear signs that your wife doesn’t find you attractive anymore. Some of which will be discussed in this excerpt.

Signs Your Wife Doesn’t Find You Attractive

1. Cheating

This is the biggest red flag that will prove to you that your wife no longer finds you attractive. The early stages of marriage are normally the best, and women are always fully devoted to their husbands.

Problems set in once differences in opinion start to emerge, and as we all know some women have very high standards that if not followed they tend to fall out of love with their partners.

Cheating husbands always push their wives to the wall and even though they might be forgiven they always repeat and try to hide it. So the constant cheating behavior is a recipe for trouble and your woman will lose interest in you and by the time you know it, she will have found herself comfortable in the arms of another man.

2. She doesn’t want to be close to your family and she doesn’t respect them

 close to your family

Once your woman loses interest in you then your whole family will most likely be dragged into the drama.

If she decides to walk away then she will also keep the kids away from your family members at least to get rid of your memory. However, there are those instances that women will put up with their in-laws no matter how badly their husbands treat them.

They will run for help to their in-laws any time they fight and will also always value and respect them just because they love their husbands. But once things change and she stops respecting your family members then you know that she no longer finds you attractive.

3. Frequent arguments

If someone doesn’t find you attractive they will find reasons to piss you off and in the case of marriage every little thing you do they will try and find the devil in it. Women especially love to complain, they will put up small fights with you to make you get out of the house so that they are not irritated by your presence.

Constant arguments will put a strain on your relationship to the point of divorce. And once this starts happening then you know that your wife is no longer attracted to you and might be trying to look for a way out of the marriage.

4. Doesn’t get jealous easily 

Doesn’t get jealous easily

Women never get satisfied even if you spend a whole month stuck with them in the same room, they will still get gloomy when you want to leave and throw a small tantrum.

And even when you finally manage to convince her to let you leave, she will want to know where you are going, who you are hanging out with, and what time you will be back.

Now if none of the above is exhibited then you know she has lost interest in you. She won’t care if you come back or sleep out, and she will not get up to fix you breakfast or dinner when you come home late.

And worse of all she will intentionally let your clothes pile up before, they are taken to the laundry, and won’t bother looking at you or caring about your day when you get home from work.

When her feelings for you are shut down then you will most likely feel like a stranger in your own house.

5. Ignores your calls and messages or takes long to reply

Ignores your calls and messages

This is a clear sign that your wife doesn’t want to talk to you since she lost her attraction to you.

Women will buzz up your phone for any reason just to show that they love and care about you, but the moment your calls go unanswered or she takes too long to reply and when she does, she tries to be as economical as possible with her words then you know she has lost interest in you.

Women are emotionally inclined and when they have strong romantic feelings for their husbands, you will rarely have to call or text them. But the moment you realize that she is avoiding all forms of communication; don’t take it lightly lest she leaves you with divorce papers.

6. Lusts or talks to other men even in your presence

Lusts or talks to other men

When your wife wants to hit your last nerve she will do everything in her power that will send you down the road of crazy. She knows that talking to other men in your presence will have your adrenaline pumping and that is exactly what she will do and to make it even worse, she will ensure that it seems flirty.

Other times when you are walking on the road, she will intentionally turn and lust over any man that walks past her just to make you angry. And not only that even when you are trying to enjoy your nice movie, but she will also compliment the guy on the TV with an attribute that she knows you don’t have to make you feel weak and inadequate.

One way of reigniting the flame is by making her jealous. Here’s how…

7. Unrealistic expectations

When you and your wife took your vows, she knew what she was getting herself into and was comfortable and even supportive of your cause. But now that she no longer finds you attractive, she will start placing unrealistic expectations on you for example, she might try to compare you with your neighbor who drives an expensive fuel guzzler.

Other wives will ask their husbands to quit their jobs and get better-paying jobs, or constantly accuse them of not fulfilling their manly duties in the house.



The above signs that your wife doesn’t find you attractive anymore are not the final nail in the coffin for your marriage as you can still save it.

The most common reason that would lead to the above behavior would be due to your actions as a husband, and so to set things straight, try and examine where you went wrong, you might also initiate a conversation with her and see if she is interested, if not then your last option is counseling.

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