Does Ignoring A Guy Make Him Want You More! (Explained)

Does ignoring a guy make him want you? Are you also wondering these like thousands of girls wanting just a bit of attention, love, and appreciation from their men?

If so, then this guide is created just for you. Not only does it talk about ignoring your man to make him want you, but it will also teach you how to send him texts to make him miss you, which in our suggestion is a powerful thing to do. So let’s not waste your precious time and get started:

Do guys notice when you ignore them?

Does ignoring a guy make him want you? Is that what you are wondering? Or maybe you are under the impression that ignoring him simply makes him want you more. Well, you are assuming the right thing to some extent, but it What man secretly wantwon’t work for every kind of guy. To make it simple, let’s categorize guys into three types:

Now, if you ignore the guys in the first category, it is highly likely that your plan will backfire, and they just won’t bother much after a bit of thinking about why you are doing this.

Now the second category guys will become obsessed and start thinking why you are being distant like that Joe Goldberg guy from the TV series ‘YOU’ minus his serial killer instincts. These are the guys who will have a major impact on your ignoring tactic.

As for the last category, these guys are truly there to be with you and not be ignored by you. Although ignoring them can work for a little while, if you stretch it, you might lose them. The fact they really value you means they are sensitive, and if it comes to the self-respect of sensitive guys, they can become distant as well.

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What does he think when you ignore him?

  • He Has Lost You: Most of the time if you start ignoring a guy who is interested in you, he will think that he has somehow lost your interest or that maybe he is not just the kind of guy you were looking for.
  • He Can Become Obsessed: Only you know why he is being ignored, not him! So that is why he might go bananas over why you are not returning his calls or interacting with him in any way. And he will start thinking about why he has lost you, maybe he starts blaming himself for this, and this can even put a dent in his confidence with ladies.
  • He Might Appreciate You: Now, this breed of men is different from the one discussed above. This type of man actually appreciates a woman who is not These are mature men who get the impression that you are not needy and will respect you for that. However, if they come to know that you were just playing mind games with them, they won’t take it very well.
  • Some Might Start Regretting: There are also some guys who will start pondering over the way they treated you. They might think that they shouldn’t have called you so soon, or maybe had taken you out often, or maybe they weren’t fun enough, or that they should’ve paid more attention to you.

Should I ignore him for a while?

Now that you know the answer to your question, ‘does ignoring a guy make him want you? You also know that this plan can backfire.

So I cannot really say if you should do it or not, but I will say this; if he really cares about you, ignoring him can create a rift between you two. You might not notice this at the start, but it will grow bigger and bigger with time.

what to text your boyfriend after a fight

Now I understand that you are doing this just to test him and see if he cares about you and to soften his heart, but know this, even if this work, it is likely that the effect will be temporary. This is because people don’t really change for a lifetime with such tactics.

And if he is sensitive and has a kind of self-respect that is usually mistaken forego. he won’t react to this game very well. It might hurt his sentiments, and he might take it as rejection, which means, in return, he’ll create a barrier of his own. So you have to decide if you want to try this out.

I suggest you have an open and honest talk with him before trying out this tactic; talking can sometimes solve even some of the complicated issues.

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Why do guys come back when you ignore them?

Sometimes, ignoring him does make him chase you as well, and guys do come back, but as I mentioned above, there is a high chance that it will be a temporary solution.

You might just be putting a band-aid over a wound that needs the surgery of open and honest talk.

Anyways, there are many factors that might make a guy come back to you after you start playing this mind game with him. It is in human nature to inspect the things that seem out of reach or hard to get. He will become nosy and find out why you are becoming nosy.

Another factor is a mystery. It doesn’t only apply to women who are attracted to mysterious dark guys like batman.

Men can also be attracted to mysterious girls. So if he sees you are keeping things to yourself most of the time, he might instinctively become drawn to you.

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The 7 Simple Tips for Ignoring a guy that ignores you

  1. You have to ignore the need for emotional display because men tend to run away when there’s too much emotional honesty. Take things slow when it comes to discussing your emotions.
  2. Ignore the urge to jump to conclusions. If he is not texting back right away, maybe he is super busy at work or not feeling well.
  3. This one is the opposite of ignoring – you need to stop ignoring yourself. If you just try to make him miss you, you will lose focus on your own life. Just take some time off from these tactics, and work on your grooming both personally and professionally, men really like that.
  4. Stop focusing on him and ignoring your own wishes. Take that trip to another country, or make plans with friends, don’t just ignore him for the sake of ignoring him, do something genuine at that time.
  5. Don’t completely block him, or he will feel like he has hit a dead end. Talk to him from time to time as well.
  6. If he ignores your texts, don’t send him texts to make him miss you, do the same. Whatever he does, replicate it and see what happens.
  7. If nothing works, just put your ego aside and have a talk with him, you will at least get to know if he even wants you or not.

How do you Ignore a guy who takes you for granted? ignore a guy who hurt you

If you are sure that he is taking you for granted, then you might start giving him a little taste of his own medicine. You can also make changes to your priority lists, and instead of canceling plans with your besties for him, cancel plans with him to hang with your friends.

Just meet him whenever you have time, and if he really cares for you, he will ponder over why you have started giving him less priority all of a sudden. And if hopefully, he realizes his mistakes, he will come back to you or at least have a conversation asking about what he did wrong.

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When you ignore a guy, how does he feel?

You cannot tap into someone’s heart to know their exact feeling, which is why I cannot give you a straight answer to this. However, if you start ignoring him all of a sudden because he is being a jerk, he might start wondering why you are being that way if he cares about you.

Some guys feel like you now hate them, some may feel you are just busy and won’t take it seriously while some take it as a sign of rejection and start ignoring you as a result. So there are many moving parts involved, and only you can decide if ignoring him is really a good idea.

How to get his attention back through text?

There are different kinds of texts to make him miss you and pay attention to you. Have a look at some tips for sending such messages:

  • Don’t appear desperate by sending two messages in a row
  • Don’t send long paragraphs; it makes them feel you care too much for them
  • Send something funny according to his taste and just demand anything in return, just make him smile once in a while
  • A little bit of flirting through a text can also spark his attention in you
  • Not texting is sometimes also a good thing to do

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Now you know the answer; does ignoring a guy make him want you and also writing the texts to make him miss you, we suggest that you don’t jump right to the ignoring part. It is always better to talk things through first. If this doesn’t work, then don’t ignore him for the sake of playing with his mind.

Just put a pause on the chapter where you are with him and start working on your own life, if he cares for you, he will come running and will accept his mistake; otherwise, you deserve someone better.

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