True love is when he ignores you (4 Signs He Loves You Without Saying It)

True love is when he ignores you – are you wondering if this statement is true or not? Or maybe you just want to know, ‘why my boyfriend ignoring me?’

Well, today’s your lucky day because you’ve landed on the guide that will help you understand the reasons why your partner is being distant. Just read this guide till the end, and you should have a pretty clear idea.


Is ignoring a sign of love?


Is ignoring a sign of love

True love is when he ignores you; this statement is true but not in all cases. We don’t want you to believe that the guy ignoring you is in love with you. What if he is ignoring you because he’s not interested while you keep hoping he starts talking to you?

So we suggest that you don’t think of this statement in a literal sense every time a guy ignores you. However, if you have a deep feeling that the guy ignoring you is in love – maybe because he showed interest before – then yes, ignoring can be a sign of love.

He ignores me, how do I know if he’s busy or just ignoring me? There can tell that you can spot to know that! Have a look at some signs that can tell you if he is ignoring you or not:


  • If you talk frequently and he often replies but then you send him a text out of the blue, and he doesn’t reply for hours, it means he is ignoring you.
  • He’s not holding his end of the deal when it comes to going out together. This means if you decide on a day to go out and when you text him that day to confirm, he won’t reply.
  • He starts a convo, and then when you reply, he doesn’t reply back or makes some excuse, then he is ignoring you and wants you to know it!

These signs pretty much sum up the situation when he is purposefully ignoring you. Make sure to look for these if you’re stuck in this unfortunate situation.


4 signs that a man loves you “Even if He Doesn’t Say It”

signs that a man loves you “Even if He Doesn’t Say It

If your partner doesn’t say how much he loves you, you might start thinking that my husband ignores me. But that is not always true! There are many men who just don’t know how to be verbally affectionate, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love someone.

Here are a few signs to know if your man loves you:


  1. Your Opinion Matters:

    A man who loves his woman will never disrespect her by ignoring her opinions. If he listens to what you have to say and sometimes even acts accordingly, he loves you.

  2. He Cares:

    Men who go out of their way to care for their women, especially by making compromises, truly love their partners – don’t lose such guys!

  3. Listens to You:

    Do you know the difference between men and women? Women like to talk, but men don’t like to listen. However, if he is doing his best to pay attention to what you’re saying even when it doesn’t concern him, he’s a keeper!

  4. He Remembers:

    Nothing screams I LOVE YOU like someone who remembers all important things in your life. From your birthday to the day you both first met, if he keeps a mental log of these things, girl, he loves you!

If your man has most of these qualities, then don’t think why my husband or boyfriend ignoring me! He loves you, but he just doesn’t know how to be verbal about it.

Plus, if you catch him staring at you every now and then without any reason, then that’s another sign he’s in love with you.

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What to do when he ignores you?

what to do when he ignores you

When you start thinking about why he avoids me, then it means something can be wrong in your relationship. Maybe he starts to ignore you for no reason, and you stay patient thinking of the saying ‘true love is when he ignores you.’

But then your patience starts to run thin, and you want some answers, if that’s the case, do these things:

  • Speak to Him:

    Nothing beats a good old talk! If you feel like he’s ignoring you for no reason, talk to him and discover why that is but don’t be pushy; give him some time to explain! Try to talk face to face and not on text or call!

  • Allow Him to Leave:

    This might sound a bit bold, but you need to take the leap of faith – if he wants to go, stopping won’t do any good to either of you, especially you. So tell him that you will respect his decision if he wants to leave you. If he doesn’t, then he wants you, but something’s stopping him, find it out!

  • Don’t Be Too Sticky:

    You are not super glue, so don’t try to be one! If he’s ignoring you, leave him be for a few days. Don’t stop your life, do what you normally do, he will come back if he likes you, if he doesn’t, cry for one day and forget him the next!

These tips should help you come out of the ‘why he avoids me and what I should do about it’ situation. Maybe he wasn’t the perfect fit, go out, live your life, your mister perfect will come to you when it’s time.

Does ignoring him after he ignores you Work?

If you had a doubt that ‘my husband ignores me and by reading the signs we have mentioned above you have confirmed it too then you might think of countering it with more ignorance. Well, that can work, but not in every situation.

If you have tried talking to him without being too pushy. but he is not telling you the reason and is insisting nothing’s wrong, then something is definitely wrong. So now you have two options that you can choose from depending on your situation.

The first one is that you give him some space. Maybe he is facing some very personal crisis that he needs to deal with alone. Let him have some days or maybe a week or two. He should come back.

The second scenario is that you ignore him back; if he cares for you, he will come around otherwise bid him farewell and move on!

What does he think when you ignore him?

What does he think when you ignore him

Men are also sensitive; they just don’t display it! So if he likes you and you start ignoring him, he’ll start obsessing over why he’s lost you.

He will become Sherlock Holmes, solve complex mathematical equations. to find out why you are not talking to him anymore.

I am kidding, he won’t solve equations, but his mind will definitely run with the speed of Ferrari looking at various scenarios where things may have gone wrong between you both.

If he doesn’t come to a conclusion, he might ask you directly, considering he doesn’t have an ego problem.

If you don’t tell him why you’re acting rude, he will start to think you have dumped him. He might mourn for some time, but if you prolong the ignoring part, he might even get over you.

If a guy ignores you, does that mean he likes you?

As we discussed at the start of this guide, true love is when he ignores you, and if you remember, we said that there’s some truth to it!

Well, if you guys don’t really know each other well, then it might mean he doesn’t really think about you. Or if you interact a while passing by each other, then maybe he is shy in admitting his feelings for you, and you are thinking of it as if he is ignoring you.

Or, if you both connect really well. but you never sent him any signals, and now he is acting weird and distant, then maybe he has started developing feelings for you.

However, he is afraid that you might catch him when he’s secretly looking at you with love or when he gets lost in your thoughts while he’s with you. So if that’s the case, then maybe he’s ignoring you to avoid getting caught.

How long will he ignore me?

ignoring him after he ignores you

If you are wondering for how long this ‘boyfriend ignoring me’ charade will go on, then there is no fixed answer. Maybe he is going through a personal issue and come back to normal after a few days to a week.

Or maybe he has lost interest in you and won’t come back (sorry for saying this but this can very well happen).

There is also a possibility that you did something he didn’t like and now is giving you the silent treatment. Whatever the cause is, you cannot know when things will come back to normal, so here’s what you do; talk to him! This is the best solution, ask him why he’s acting this way and work on getting normal.



The question ‘why he ignores me’ should not be a question anymore if you’ve gone through this guide. Just know sometimes, true love is when he ignores you. It shows that he cares enough to let you feel something is wrong rather than telling you on your face – that’s how some men function.

So whatever the case is, talk to him and sort things out, if he doesn’t listen, dump him for good and move on.

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