What To Do When A Guy Ignores Your Texts? (Problem Solved)

Do you like him? Have you some special feelings for him? Does he sometimes show his feelings to you as well? Sometimes, when you text him, he ignores your texts, which induces you to think about what to do when a guy ignores your texts.

All of the above questions could make you feel depressed. Such situations can make you act crazy and get angry with him. But there is a proper way to deal if you feel he is ignoring you.

Knowing the root cause of why is he ignoring me can solve this issue permanently. It will also help you in getting an answer to what to text a guy!

what to text a guy

It seems minor things when he doesn’t text you back, but these minor things matter a lot in the early time phase of dating. In a relationship, it matters how quickly you respond to your guy. Sometimes the reply can be late.

And you should give him some space. But a time frame is decided until when he should respond to your text. Otherwise, he will lose interest in you.

Texting is one of the ways of communication for so long and decides the worth of the relationship between man and woman. And replying to the texts also describes the worth of a person in your life. To know what to text a guy needs a proper guideline that is given in this article.

Text chemistry review

When you become extra available to the person, this automatically increases your relationship’s level of expectations.

This worth reading article gives a thought of direction to respond in such cases when he ignores your texts. Some of the ways given here will help you out how to respond to his ignoring behavior.

What To Text A Guy? Should I Text Him First? To answer all these, below are some tips;

Don’t Panic

Don’t Panic

It is a common observation that most of the women face in this situation, and they start assuming the worst. Chances are there that he could be trapped in some hectic work; he could have been stuck in a family dinner, or his phone could be out of order.

Many other unexpected things might happen to him, as well. It is very unfair to be judgmental in this case. So thinking like that he is no more interested in you is not a wise act. But it’s your mind and random thoughts that discomfort you about why is he ignoring me.

The best way to deal with this situation is to stay calm and control your anger. If you think positively, then you will behave automatically positively. Instead of waiting time and constantly sitting idle, it is better to make yourself busy at work.

Don’t Take Any Action

Take A Break Before Re-Communicating

If he is not answering your text, then it is better not to make repeated texts. Most importantly, never texts him with content like why you are not replying to me or are not interested in me. All these statements show your mistrust on him. There is nothing as annoying as a man finds rude texts on his phone. Possibly he might be busy, and after reading such texts from your side can affect your relationship.

So it is better not to take any action and stay peaceful until his response.

Keep Your Chin Up

Keep Your Chin Up

Why is he ignoring me? This question develops the feelings that he is losing his interest in you. You sometimes get scared of this feeling. Making any rush move is not the way to deal with this situation.

Sit for a while, take a glass of juice, and then let your mind think that if he is losing his interest in you, then it is his loss too because of energy, importance, and excitement you offer him in this relationship be deprived of it.

In case if he gives up the relationship, then many other men are there for what you offer. If he ignores your texts many times, then he is not the deserving one to be with you. Let him go the way he wants.

Take A Break Before Re-Communicating

Don’t Take Any Action

You text him, and he didn’t reply to you. Then instead of trying again and again, it is better to take a break. Take a gap of 48-72 hours to make further communication try.

This gap will decide either he is interested in you or taking you for granted. The purpose of taking this gap is to show him that you have the self-worth to wait for him to contact you. When you value yourself first, then you will be valued by others.

During the mentioned time-frame, if he makes contact then it means that he has concerns about you. In case if he has partial interest in you, they also give him some space. Sometimes it happens when we drop a text that didn’t demand response, and you should wait for more than 24 hours.

Keep Yourself Engaged In Another Task Meanwhile

Keep Yourself Engaged In Another Task

To avoid negative feelings, it is recommended to keep yourself busy with your family and friends so to keep him off your mind.

Constant thinking like should I text him first, is he bored of me, and many more causes you to feel low.

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Importance Of Texts Messages

It is realistic and goofy to think that most of the love conversations happened through texts. So text messages play the role of love letters these days.

Just think about you texting a guy you like, but in response, he replies in very cold words or doesn’t reply. It’s a very painful thing to get cold replies from your concerning person.

This can often happen because you do not fill the content with those words needing to be used in the text.

It is important to learn what to do when a guy ignores your texts? When it comes to writing a text you want to send to your special one, you need to take great care.

Choose words very wisely. You spend a lot of your time to type a text and write the best text. Then you reread it and feel it is not good to send it to a special one. So here you need to know what to text a guy, and the essentials are given below:

  1. Re-Read Text Before Sending

Even a beautiful text can be a complete flop if there is a spelling mistake. So it is recommended to revise your text before sending it to avoid any kind of typing mistake.

If you want to add more to your text, then the correct use of punctuations makes your content stronger. If you are thinking that should I text him first, then you must know of how to compose a powerful message that will make him reply to you fast.

  1. Visual Language

The text should contain the words that lead your mind to bring some visual thoughts that work great. For example, to say someone to imagine going for a walk together in a garden by holding hands, and this will sketch the visuals in your mind.

  1. Keep Him Waiting For Your Text

Instead of dropping a lot of meaningless messages, it is important to know the correct time when you should text him or shouldn’t text him.  Don’t load his phone with your pointless texts.

  1. Keep Him Excited

Surprise him every time with your text. Men don’t like to receive boring messages like Hi or what’s going on types of messages. Surprises messages will urge him to reply fast as well. Show your crazy side through texts that will excite him.

  1. Stay Positive

This is one of the most important tricks to win a man’s heart. Don’t text him anything negative. Your rude words on texts can hurt and depress him.

So try to drop a positive text. Moreover, if you are in a bad mood, then don’t make abrupt replies to him. Make yourself calm. Otherwise, your bad mood can ruin his mood as well, that is not a fair thing.

If you want to win a man’s heart, drop the messages with little humor to make him laugh.

To ask someone what they are wearing right now will make them happy that you are trying to connect with him, so it is important to know what to do when a guy ignores your texts, and we have mentioned all the tips for you.

Moreover, it is not necessary to text him on your every move. Routine texts often bored the other person. Furthermore, to ask him about what is he doing is another irritating thing.

Sometimes it happens when he doesn’t want to share with you his activity. So such kinds of inquiries can annoy him. Giving space in a relationship makes it long term.

Typing a correct text is an art, and text chemistry is helping you how to write the correct text for him. To make someone attracted to you is a physiological task, and text chemistry helps you out in this regard.

They teach to text him in every situation, either you are single or trying to convince him to talk to you. And you will be amazed by the results because words are the strongest weapon if you use your words correctly.

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