5 Things Your Guy Think When You Ignore Him? (Revealed)

Love is all about mind games. It’s sad but true, certainly, for the initial stages. Relationships are about mind games as long as they are about attraction and liking.

Once you find a perfect guy, you start laughing with him, but at the back of your mind, there always remains suspicion of an idea that goes, ‘maybe you shouldn’t show him so much liking or like you are hanging out with him so much?’ Is that so?

Things Your Guy Think When You Ignore Him

Well, we understand it happens, and you just do so to create the illusion that you are not too much interested in him, and then you start ignoring him.

Do you want to make him miss you? But afraid of what he thinks when you ignore him? Continue reading this article to learn about what he thinks!

What does He think When you Ignore Him?

Your History Will Haunt You

It’s fair to be afraid of because ignoring a guy could be like a double-edged sword. Like in many cases, it could go in your favor, and the guy will step up his game and start showing more attention.

But in many cases, it will lead to a bubble of problems and unwanted results. So today, here in this article, we will try to explain everything about what he thinks when you ignore him and what your ex feels when you ignore and have no contact after the breakup.

So without further ado, set on the board t

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How does your ex feel when you ignore him?

When you start ignoring your ex, this will make him curious about you if you will really try to stay away for the time being and let him wonder what’s going on in your life.

Trust me, it works. 80 out of 100 people fail to understand this, and they tend to chase exes endlessly, which hurts them.

How does your ex feel when you ignore him

At the time, maybe you have found someone else. So the straight answer what he thinks when you ignore him is most probably: ‘make him feel insecure.’

Does ignoring a guy make him want you?

Completely ignoring him or having no contact after the breakup will hit his Behavioral freedom. And when this freedom becomes threatened, humans react in a way to get that freedom back.

So yes, when you ignore your ex, you will find him working to come back because he wants to reacquire that freedom, which he has lost after a breakup.

However, this will surely drive your ex nuts and put him in a position where he will only want to come back and chase to get freedom back.

How to get him interested again by ignoring him?

How do you make a guy regret hurting you

Do you want to get him interested again by ignoring him? Well, for that, you need to play hard, and that’s the only way to get the attention which you want. Of course, he will give you attention, but for that, you need to ignore him.

Ignoring is not about not seeing him, but get yourself cut off from him, no text, no response, no contact, nothing!

Let’s make him work for you, and he will surely chase you. Once you find that he is falling for you or getting interested in you, you can then drop the hard to get frontage, and of course, start up a good relationship.

How do you make a guy regret hurting you?

a guy regret hurting you

You need to make him released how crappy he made you when he started ignoring you. You can ask your guy to reverse the situation.

For instance, if you spoke to him about being ignored by him, and your guy doesn’t seem to understand this fact that he shouldn’t ignore you, and he should feel bad for doing so, you should ask him how he would feel if you ignored him.

This may possibly make him regrated, and even if he doesn’t, then leave the things; it’s worthless.

What if he got mad because I ignored him?

It’s obvious for him to get mad at you. But you are directly hurting his ego, self-respect, and above all, you are stealing his all attention by you. Be aware of your moves; these could make things worse. If you find that your ignorance is making him mad, then it’s better to maintain distance from him.

Should I text him back or ignore him?

Do you want to make a fool of yourself? I mean, what’s that if he left you, then why chase him? Your goal should be to make him miss you. So the first thing you need to do is completely cut off from him. However, when it comes to blocking, then you should avoid it. Because of this way, you are still keeping a relationship with him.

Once you have decided to be cut off, then you shouldn’t bother whether he is blocked or not. Just don’t stalk him, and focus on positivities.

Yes, if he messages you, then you should avoid it at first, take time, and then reply. But that reply shouldn’t be energetic. It should be casual and warm less. So if you want to know what he thinks when you ignore him, then the answer is he feels worthless.

Does if I ignored his text, will he text again?

It depends on the level of curiosity you could be able to induce in him! Yes, it’s a fact! If you have been ignoring him completely and tried your best to not be in his contact, then 90% chances he will text again. Yes, it’s true! But not in many cases. It all depends on the level of ignorance you have been successful in maintaining. So yes, it all depends on you!

When does a man realize he lost you?

What He Thinks When you Ignore Him

It all starts with ignoring him. You need to make him realize that it doesn’t matter whether he is in your life or not. You don’t want to be acted like his attention pill anymore. Give yourself a break to find out to what extent he loves you or adores you.

Trust me, even 1% of love makes someone miss you, and if the ego is bigger than the love, then you don’t need to wait for that heartless person. I am telling you from my experience. I have seen many people dealing with this kind of sh*t.

You don’t need to act like a SAD person. Just focus on the new goals in your life, enjoy your life with friends, and don’t respond to his text messages. This will make him think that you have found someone new in your life. And that will lead him to the insecurity.

Just ignore the way he ignored you, and told him how you felt when he ignored you. Chance is he will realize his mistake or alternatively will behave differently and try to make yourself guilty for whatever has happed in the past. However, if he does so, then you should step back and enjoy your life with the ones who love you.

So what he thinks when you ignore him is depends on how much effort you put not to miss him but to let him miss you. Your relationship is already at the edge of death. All the above ways and tips are just the last thinks you could do to save a relationship or to make someone realize that relations are bigger than the ego.

say this to make him love you

Wrap Up:

Remember, ignoring someone is not an act of love. Instead, it’s a type of abuse. The difference is you are getting physical, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indirectly hurt someone else. Ignoring someone is not a strategy, but you are just flat-out disgraced for someone.

But I know it sometimes becomes necessary to do so because that guy has hurt you. Most time ignoring is not for hurting but to find out if someone still loves you or wants to be in a relationship or not. In this article, we have tried out best to help you in getting all the needed answers to find out what to do when your guy is not showing interest in you.

We hope this article will help you in deciding on how what he thinks when you ignore him! What do you think of everything we have shared with you? Do let us know in the comment box.

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