7 Tips for Handling Breakup & Dealing with Hot Exes (Solved)

Breaking up is a tough moment for most people out there. You have to deal with a lot of emotions whenever you say goodbye to someone you loved and cherished.

You can quickly go into depression or do strange things after going through one. The nature of your breakup can be determined by factors like how deep you fell for a particular person. If you had hot exes, you are likely to encounter a difficult period post-breakup.

This is because of the attention they get. It is very easy for them to move on and settle quickly because of the number of admirers on their list. Dealing with a hot ex is quite difficult.

I have found myself in situations where my ex is confusing me and always thought of getting back. Walking out is a difficult choice for many, even if you are the person initiating the end of it. You should always be ready to make this tough move after reading all the signs your ex is miserable.

In this article, we are going to look at different ways you can move on from a breakup, especially when dealing with a hot ex-girlfriend. Here are the best ways to go about it.


Socialize with your friends

Isolating yourself after a break up can harm you even more. So many thoughts can flood your mind, making it difficult for you to move on quickly.

I had found myself thinking a lot about my hot exes when I decided to seclude myself post-breakup. Socializing is the best thing to do when you are going through this particular period.

Go out there and interact with friends or engage in activities that let you interact with more people. This strategy made me move on from my past breakup fast.

Keep Yourself Busy

Keep Yourself Busy

Dealing with a breakup may prove difficult when you fail to keep yourself busy. Staying idle for an extended period will only bring more thoughts to your mind. You will be thinking about your ex all the time, and moving on will be very difficult.

I’ve always found myself in situations where my ex is confusing me and thinks of going back. That never happens because I engage in different activities that keep me busy and forget about the breakup. Always engage in activities that will keep you busy and make you forget about your ex.

Some of the activities you can try to include writing or even your regular work. Focusing on your profession or career will help you move on quickly and forget everything about your ex.

Cut Contact With Your Ex

Cut Contact With Your Ex

It is the most difficult choice you can ever make after break up. Seeing your ex more often or staying in touch after a breakup can hurt you more if you are emotionally weak.

It will be more difficult when you see him or her happy in another relationship. Blocking is the perfect solution, but it does not work for many who have their contacts memorized.

This move is ideal when you have seen all signs your ex is miserable and come to terms with the fact that you will never speak to him or her again. You can block or delete their contacts from your phone.

Remember to also block them on every social media platform where you are following each other. Blocking your hot exes alone doesn’t work. You should also engage in other activities that will keep you busy and help you forget your ex fast.

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Take Care of Your Body


Take Care of Your Body

Putting much focus on your body is one of the best ways to take care of yourself after a break up with a hot ex. I always choose myself first as an ideal way of moving on from a breakup with hot exes.

Engage in activities that will keep you busy and also relax your mind.

Healthy eating is one thing you can try. Look for meals that will get rid of toxins and help improve your mental state. You can also engage in different types of workouts to keep your body in perfect shape.

Working out reduces your stress levels and brain function. Taking care of your body plays a significant role in boosting your mood, which is vital after going through a difficult moment.

Start Dating Again

Start Dating Again

There is life after everything. Sticking to a past situation is like crying over spilled milk or living in denial. You can start dating again to move on from a breakup quickly.

Ensure you are completely done with your ex to avoid getting back together when you are already in another relationship. I’ve found myself in several situations where my ex is confusing me.

The need to get back with her has always been there. This made moving on and dating a difficult affair for me again. Knowing the different signs your ex is miserable is enough to help you accept yourself and move on.

Finding a new lover should not be that difficult. You can make good use of different dating platforms available. Do not rush into a new relationship after a breakup. Clear your mind up before you decide to move on and start a new relationship.

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Find Yourself

One thing that can happen when you fall deeply in love with someone is forgetting yourself.

You will not live your life as usual or engage in certain activities you were doing when single. Finding yourself after a breakup is one of the best ways to move on. Get back to some of the things you loved doing before. This will help improve your mood and also forget your ex quickly.


Keep Yourself Entertained

Keep Yourself Entertained

It is another perfect way to get over a heartbreak. You can engage in different activities that will keep you entertained. Watching movies or listening to music are some activities that will ease your mind and also help you deal with the heartbreak you are going through.

Some people prefer heavy drinking to get over their exes. It is not advisable because it will only harm your mental and overall health. Avoid intoxicating yourself as you get entertained if you don’t want to experience a difficult time moving on from a breakup.

Breaking up with a hot ex is quite difficult if you still get to see them or are part of your life. You will be subjected to more pain or emotional trauma when you see them getting more attention and moving on fast.

Reading and understanding all signs your ex is miserable will help you get over your hot ex real fast. It gives you full closure, essential in getting you ready to move on to another relationship.



Confusion is part of moving on when dealing with a hot ex. I have found myself in situations where my ex is confusing me. This is mostly because of her attractive looks, which is the reason behind the high number of admirers.

Dealing with a hot ex requires one to sober up and understand that not everything can work out. It is better if you get them out of your life completely. Follow these tips to have an easy time moving on.

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