How to Fix Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken? Do This ASAP!

Maybe after your partner betrayed you, you are willing to give him/her another chance and want to know how to fix your marriage when trust is broken. If that is the case, then this guide is the perfect go-to place to solve your problem, especially if the mistrust is because of cheating, which can be hard to overcome.

In this guide, you will read about how to regain the trust that you have lost on your partner, whether the marriage can survive after cheating and how long it takes for marriage restoration to complete. So if you want to find answers to all these critical factors, we suggest you start reading this guide:

Can a marriage survive without trust?

What happens when trust is broken in a relationship

Think of the marriage without trust like a cell phone that has no charging; it obviously won’t work unless you make an effort to recharge it. Trust is a very vulnerable factor in the relationship, and it takes a lot of work and years to trust someone.

It is the ability to grow comfortable with someone to the point you are confident that your partner will not do anything that can hurt you. But when this perfect image of your partner is shattered by the terrible act of cheating, it can eat up your relationship. Here are five reasons why your marriage may not survive without trust:

  • You will always have some doubts about your partner
  • The feeling of security will be replaced with insecurity
  • You won’t be able to respect her/him anymore
  • Anxiety will start to take over you
  • Constant arguing will become a norm between you both

Now, after reading this, you might be thinking that now your relationship is done, and no marriage restoration therapy can help you, right?

Well, you might not be entirely correct. There are some things that can still be done; read this guide till the end to learn how to fix your marriage when trust is broken.

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Is lack of trust a reason for divorce?

Yes, lack of trust can be among the main reasons for divorce because it is one of the crucial factors in any marriage. Couples who feel they don’t have trust left on each other will always be second-guessing each other’s actions and intentions.

Building trust takes a lot of time and effort, and both you and your partner will have walls of security at first, but the closer and intimate you get, the more trust you establish on each other. However, when your partner discovers that the physical intimacy that you should’ve only shared with them is shared with someone else as well, the beautiful yet delicate, glass-made piece of trust gets shattered.

And when there is no solid trust foundation; there will always be fights, confrontations, and heated arguments between couples, which will destroy the marriage soon. Therefore, it is clear that one of the primary reasons for divorce includes a lack of trust, especially if it results in cheating.

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What happens when trust is broken in a relationship?

Is lack of trust a reason for divorce

Trust is like the basis of any marriage; it is like the steel foundations installed at the base of the house. And cheating is like an earthquake of high magnitude. When it occurs, the foundations are greatly disturbed and even broken, resulting in the house crumbling down.

And when that happens, the only thing that makes sense is to salvage whatever good memories you have from that wreckage and part your ways. This is the ultimate result of marriage having broken trust due to cheating.

However, if you know how to regain trust and how rebuild trust, you have a chance of fixing your marriage. We will talk about it in detail in this guide, so make sure to stick to the end.

Does staying in a marriage without trust possible?

Yes, it is possible, but the victim will have to compromise for his/her whole life. This means they will have to suppress their emotions of hurt and mistrust that originated when their trust was broken. They will have to live with the thought that their partner betrayed them, which can have serious results on their mental health.

This means visiting a therapist will become a must, and during all of this, you will lose yourself, and your wishes to live life to the fullest, or have a happy family. And if you let your emotions out, you probably will start throwing random tantrums, and have heated fights with your partner, which can have a negative impact on both of you and especially on your children if you have any.

So in short, yes it is possible but not worth it. We suggest that you Make him worship you and work on your marriage restoration. Learn all about it towards the end of this guide.


Can a relationship go back to normal after cheating?

Yes, it can go back to normal after you or your partner has cheated, but it will require some work from both of you. The problem is that he/she knows your trust has been betrayed and wants to work out a solution, but you, on the other hand, have a valid reason for not trusting them because what guarantee is there that she or he won’t do it again?

So, in this case, you only have two logical paths to take, either you leave her/him, or you give them a chance to repair the marriage and not repeat the same mistake again. So if you want to know how to fix your marriage when trust is broken, check out the tips below.

How to fix the relationship once the trust is broken – Activities to rebuild trust in a relationship?

  • Have Open Communication: The key to repairing your damaged trust is healthy communication. You should be able to talk honestly with your partner and discuss how you feel and they should be honest in return as well. If you have any doubts, openly communicate them with your partner and listen to their side of the story.
  • Don’t Dig The Past: Arguments can take place in any marriage, but make sure not to bring up the past whenever you are having a heated discussion. Reminding them again and again of their act of betrayal will only hurt both of you and will take your efforts to repair the marriage way back.
  • Trust Yourself: This is going to be the toughest of all because you now need to stop both dwellings in the past and question your instincts. You will have to completely free yourself from the pain of what happened, so no matter how many times the past is repeated in front of you, you don’t get hurt. Secondly, stop punishing yourself by thinking, ‘I should’ve seen it coming, or ‘I should’ve done something differently.’
  • Be a Team: The only way to get out of the mess created by cheating is to work as a team. You will have to have a bigger heart and work on forgiving your partner. It will take some time, but it will be for the best. Once you forgive them, work together to break the walls, this whole mess created between you.

How long does it take to rebuild trust?

There is no universal answer to this because the length of your marriage restoration process can depend on three factors; Severity of the event, frequency of the event, and your communication and openness

If the event is severe, as your partner cheating on you with your friend, it might take a long time to heal.

But if it happened more than once, it can take even longer. The only thing you can do to fix your marriage quicker is to be open and communicate your feelings.

How to trust him again after lying?

  • Be honest about what you are feeling regarding your partner’s lie. If you hide it, it will start building up inside of you, and besides hurting you, it will hurt your relationship as well.
  • You can also take a break from each other for some time, think the situation through, and just clear your head.
  • Once you start spending time together again, do not pay attention to what he is saying but to what he is doing. If he actually starts doing what he said he would do to make things right, then it’s a positive sign.
  • You don’t have to rush into forgiving him quickly, take your time, notice his actions, let him build the trust again, and give him a chance to prove himself that he is trustworthy.
  • Lastly, when you start trusting him, don’t have a shred of doubt about him again unless he gives you a reason to. To fix your marriage, you sometimes have to let some cruel and hurtful things go.




Now that you know how to fix your marriage when trust is broken, we suggest that you stop constantly pondering and searching about ‘how to fix my marriage’ and start taking action. Work on your marriage restoration as much as you can and if you start to see it take off in a good direction, then just start putting more fuel of love and affection into it; better days will come.

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