How To Make Your Husband Want You All The Time? (Solved!)

Want to know how to make your husband want you all the time? Or maybe you just want to make him want you back the way you do? Well, the good thing is that you have landed on this page. We have provided practical and actionable tips to help you make him desire you and love you more. Just make sure to read this guide till the end and implement the things we have talked about and see how it goes. So with that said, let’s get started:

Why my husband doesn’t pay attention to me?

One of the many reasons behind this can be the indifference, which means that your partner has lost interest in the

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relationship and doesn’t care about you or whatever you do anymore. Or, it can also mean that he is just distracted due to work pressure or is taking the stress of something.

Another factor can be that he feels he is not being heard, so if you are the non-stop talker in the relationship, you need to pay attention to him first to get your husband’s attention back.

What makes a man miss a woman?

Most of the men are simple creatures who are not open with their feelings like women are. So if you are wondering what makes a man miss a woman, then there can be various factors for this. He may miss you when you are distant from him, meaning you are too busy in your personal and professional life and not paying attention to him. This is when men start to miss the company of their spouse the most.

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Another factor can be when you have purposely made yourself distant from him because he was not giving you the value you deserved. And now, when you are doing the same to him, he starts recognizing your value and starts missing you like hell.

Does silence make a man miss you?

The short answer is YES! If you give him the silent treatment and make no contact with him, he will start to miss you, provided he genuinely likes or loves you.

Furthermore, while you are giving him the silent treatment, it is important that you start working on improving your personal and professional life. Once he sees you are doing better and apparently don’t need his company, he will start recognizing your value, which will make him want you back.

What should I do when my husband is not affectionate or romantic?

If you want to make him desire you, but he is not romantic or affectionate, then maybe that’s because he has no clue how. So you can help him by showing him. You can start by telling him the places you find very romantic and how you would love to spend some time there with him. Then you can go to one of those places with him and ensure he has a great time too. If he cares, he will do something like this for you the next time.

If your husband is not romantic, then that’s because this is who he is, and if you cannot change him, then it is not right to constantly tell him he is no good in romance. And stop comparing him with your friends’ husbands as well. If he loves you, then this is what matters the most.

So instead of him making romantic gestures, do romantic things for him, it doesn’t really matter who does what, as long as you both get to spend quality time together, that’s what matters the most.

You CAN save your marriage

The 5 proven tips to get your husband to notice you again:

Wondering how to make your husband want you all the time or how I can make my husband interested in me again? Well, a few things can be done to get your husband’s attention, have a look at them below:

  1. If you desire to make him want you back, you need to start with thankfulness. Find reasons to thank him because that lets him know you appreciate and acknowledge him. He will notice that, trust me!
  2. Being respectful is the best ‘I Love You’ you can say to your man. Assume the best for him and tell him you are proud of him. If he knows you trust him, he will start to notice you for that.
  3. Make him feel you can’t imagine your life without him by telling him how being with him makes your life so much better.
  4. Giving him recognition for what he does right like saying ‘you are a great dad’ or ‘thank you for taking care of me’ will make him want more affirmation from you and ultimately pay attention to you.
  5. If you want to make him desire you, you first need to let him know that you want him too. Flirt 2with him a little and be willing to engage in both physical and emotional intimacy. If he knows you want him, he will want you too.

Make sure to pay attention to him and his needs first, and that’s how you get your husband’s attention back to you.

How can you keep your husband always interested in you?

Wondering how to make my husband interested in me again? Well, have a look at a few practical tips to do just that:

  • Don’t just be too nice because too much niceness can make him take you for granted. Show some of your true colors every once in a while to keep him hooked to you.
  • Put on pretty clothes, apply some makeup, and just be your best for him. Men are tough, while women are fragile and beautiful. So show him that feminine side in full swing.
  • You might not know this, but men like to be pampered by their loved ones too, especially their mother and their wife. So take care of his intellectual and emotional needs by listening to him, making good food for him, and giving him gifts every once in a while.

How to make him miss you and commit?

The first thing you need to do to make him commit to you and miss you when you are not around is to be attractive to him. You cannot ignore the physical needs of your man, and if he is not attracted to you that way, then it’s not going to work out between you.

Secondly, connect with him on a deep level, be it emotional or intellectual. Sex is not going to be enough if you want a smart man to commit to you. So ask yourself what you are bringing to the table besides sex? You will have your answer.

How can I seduce my husband every day?

  • Wear something that makes you irresistible to your husband like short pajamas or cotton shirts but doesn’t show too much skin.
  • Make eye contact with him when you eat, men find it very seductive.
  • Make sure to always smell good. Find out the perfume he likes on you and wear it around him.
  • Create a relaxing and romantic environment with lights turned off and soothing music on. Lay beside him, or give him a massage, he won’t be able to resist.

Signs That Your Husband Is Madly in Love with You:

  • He Does Chores For You: Doing dishes for you or even sometimes cleaning the house when you do not feel like it shows he cares for you.
  • He’s Interested in You: If he is always interested in talking on more personal matters involving the two of you, then it means he wants your bond to become stronger – a sign he loves you.
  • He Makes Plans: If he plans spontaneous date nights or at-home dinners, then he really wants to spend quality time with you, another sign he is madly in love with you.
  • He is Affectionate: If he frequently hugs, kisses, or puts his arms around you, it shows he cannot hold back his affection for you, which also shows his deep love for you.
  • He Checks On You: Last but not least, if your husband texts or calls you throughout the day just to say hi or see what you’re doing, it means he is always thinking about you, another sign he loves you deeply.



Now you know Make him want you back. And by following our practical tips to make him want you back, you can truly work on improving your relationship. Just remember, he also has feelings and emotions, but being a man, he is not discussing them openly.

Try to give him space, take the lead and love him, affirm him, and show him you want him, he will acknowledge this and will want you back.

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