How To Get Him Interested Again Fast? (Here’s What To Do!)

Many women wonder how to get him interested again fast, and that is because they are being disregarded by their men or their attempts to make them happy go unnoticed.

So if this happens, know this; it’s time to pull the ripcord for a while and make him chase you again like he did when he needed your number.

Through this guide, you will learn how to make him miss you and regain his interest fast, so with that said, let’s dive right in:

Make him chase you again psychology:

Wondering how to get him interested again fast? Well, you need to know that men play mind games all the time, which is why you need to get back to them in their own way. Men like to win rewards and get an appreciation for it. In your case, YOU are the reward, and if you make it a bit challenging for him to win you, he will chase you more.

Make him chase you again

So we suggest that you start by not contacting him first, then start shifting your priorities from him being the first to second or third. Drop some signs that you are still interested in him, but no need to be too emotional or physical with him, he might take it as a sign of surrender. Start working on yourself to make him understand you don’t really need him to survive; this will trigger him to run after you.

4 Tips to make a guy to like you again!  

  • Move On: Nothing speaks louder “I am still better without you” than just simply moving on. And even though you are finding it hard to move on, do not let him know that, put on your strong face whenever you are in front of him. Men like their women to depend on them; if he sees you are doing great even without him, this will make him chase you again.
  • Don’t Be Available: You don’t need to reply to all of his texts on time; you are not customer support. Make him wait, or if the text is not too important, ignore it completely, men like to be with women that are not too needy. If you want to discover how to make him miss you, this tactic can do just that.
  • Be Pretty: Do not walk around with mascara running from your eyes because you were just weeping in the toilet, or appearing like you are homeless. Give yourself proper time, treat your body and appearance with care, wear that dress that brings out your features, and just simply be your best version. Seeing your beauty will attract him; it works almost every time.
  • Practice Reverse Psychology: Saying the opposite of what you want sometimes makes people do the opposite of that, which is what you really want. Use this practice on your man and see what happens. For instance, if you meet somewhere and he starts talking about your relationship and tells you ‘let’s be friends for a while,’ don’t answer in a yes. Say, ‘maybe we should not contact or see each other for a while.’ This might make him do the opposite, and he may soon come back to you.

Language of desire

If I stop contacting him, will he notice?

There is no simple and straightforward response to this because you first need to know if he even likes you or not. Maybe he just thinks of you as a friend, or maybe he doesn’t notice you because you are just another acquaintance for him at college or work? So to know that, look at the signs below:

He likes you if:

  • He starts conversations with you
  • He regularly talks to you
  • He flirts a little bit

He is not interested in:

  • He never starts conversations
  • He barely responds to you
  • Shows interest in other girls
  • Always busy for you

If he is interested in you, then go get him, and stopping contact might help. However, if he is not interested, then just leave him, there are way smarter, intelligent, and caring men out there.

What I should do if I stopped chasing him, and he came back?

If you stop chasing him and start ignoring him and doing these things to regain his interest fast, then we suggest that you do not run towards him in slow motion with your arms open for him. This might work in movies, but in real life, he might start losing interest again. So we suggest that you start playing hard to get.

And once he wins you back, see if he still holds his end of the bargain, which is to not repeat what wronged your relationship in the first place. But if after some time he starts doing the same thing again, we suggest you dump him for good.

How to make him chase you in a relationship?

To know how to get him interested again fast, you need to leave him be and work on yourself. Men appreciate women who are not too needy and focus on being better instead of clinging to their men all the time.

So we suggest that you start improving your personal and professional life and stop being too emotionally attached to him.

When he will see you climbing the stairs of success and in a much better place personally, he won’t be able to hold back if he loves you, and this will make him chase you again.

How to get his interest back tips?

Want to know how to get him interested again fast? Well, pay attention to these things:

Remember these things and practicing them should help you make him regain his interest fast.

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Get his attention back through text:

If he has taken your number but is not starting the conversation, you should take the initiative. Text him to make him know you exist. Keep the text short and light, so you don’t sound too needy.

Now, if you have started talking a little bit, get him to go out with you. Just ask in a simple yet clever way like if you two like movies, talk about the movie that is currently being shown in the theater, this will hint him to ask you to go out.

Lastly, you can compliment him on anything you noticed nice about him when you two went out. For instance, if he was a total gentleman with you, appreciate that in the text. These small things can play a big role if you want to get his interest quickly.


Get him interested again by ignoring him:

Need to know how to get him interested again fast by ignoring him? Well, the first thing you can do is to ignore him by shifting your priorities. Give more time to your friends/family and less attention to him. If you have plans with friends and he asks you to go out, don’t cancel your plans.

Furthermore, ignore your own urge to be emotional with him. When men are not too attentive to you, every emotional display will only make them less interested in you.

Lastly, start being busy for real and not just ignore him. Focus on your professional like and crush it in the office. Start getting spa, massage, and other body treatments to be your best version. So the next time he sees you, he goes mad.

How to get a guy to chase you after you chased him?

How to get a guy to chase you after you chased him

Chasing him didn’t give you results, which means you made things a little difficult, if not worse, because he now thinks you are desperate for him. So, confuse him to get the upper hand. Halt all attempts to connect with him and make him wonder why you stopped. If he cares for you, he might start poking around to find answers, don’t give him anything.

Just do your own thing and focus on becoming your optimal version. This will keep you busy and less focused on him. Now slowly start talking to him if he comes to you first but only treat him like another friend and not as a potential date.

The mystery will make him curious about why you have stopped behaving the way you did, and thus, the roles will reverse where he will be the one chasing you now.



Now that you know how to get him interested again fast, you should fasten your belts and start this bumpy ride because there will be times when you will feel the urge to just get him to talk to you, Don’t act on emotions; keep playing the game, and you might conquer it.

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