How to Avoid Breakups During the Lockdown (9 Ways Revealed!)

Coronavirus has taken the world by storm. Also known as COVID-19, it is a highly contagious disease that affects the respiratory system. There have been 5 million-plus confirmed cases with over 340,000 deaths from different parts of the continent.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and various health experts have recommended different measures to curb the spread of this highly contagious disease.

Social distancing, regular hand washing, covering coughs, and putting on face masks in public are common preventive measures.

coronavirus lockdown couples

Many have also been urged to stay at home to flatten the curve and reduce the spread. Staying at home has proved to be very difficult for many who are used to going out or working from an office environment.

Most relationships are now seriously affected because of the friction and anxiety levels linked to staying at home for an extended period.

The chances of finding yourself in an argument with your partner are much higher when you stay together for longer periods. Too much of everything is poisonous.

stay home

The stay at home order intended to curb the spread of coronavirus has made many spend more time with their partners. This has left many bored in their relationships because of becoming so fond of their partners. There are several things you can do to avoid fights or quarantine break-up with your partner during this tough period.

Things You Can Do To Avoid Quarantine Break-Up

1. Focus on Yourselves

Focus on Yourselves

You should set aside enough time to focus on yourselves. Let your partner engage in other activities that will keep him busy. You should also find something that will keep you active or engaged.

Men like playing video games a lot. You can let your husband play PlayStation as you engage in something else like reading a book.

This will keep you pre-occupied while indoors. The chances of arguing or starting silly fights that can lead to a quarantine break up are minimal.

2. Create Your Own Date Nights

Create Your Own Date Nights

The romantic side of you should not fade off because you are locked inside your homes for a more extended period. You can create your own date nights by setting up the mood in one of your rooms.

A special meal and glass of wine can work for your home date. If you have not stocked wine, then you can try out any other beverage.

Remember to set the mood by lighting up candles and dim lights. This will give you an actual date night experience that is vital in keeping your relationship going strong.

3. Surprise Each Other

Surprise Each Other

Creativity may come in handy during this quarantine period. You can try out different things to surprise your partner and make them feel loved while at home.

Prepare a special meal, write letters, and perform specific house tasks on their behalf. Your partner will be extra happy because of such surprises.

4. Communicate

Communication is also vital for coronavirus lockdown couples. You might be living with your partner in the same room, but it all seems like you are different miles apart due to a lack of communication. Speak to your partner and explain to them the different challenges you are facing during that time.

You should also be open about your sex life during this quarantine period. If there is something that is not working correctly, then you should let your partner know.

It would be best if you also communicated on other issues or areas where you feel less satisfied. The chances of experiencing fights that may result in a quarantine divorce are minimal when you speak out.

say this to make him love you

5. Create Time for Each Other

Anxiety levels are at an all-time high due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is because of the increased levels of anxiety being experienced.

Many tend to isolate themselves even at home due to the elevated levels of stress. This is likely to affect most relationships. You should give your partner the required attention despite the tough times being experienced.

6. Avoid Anything that May Cause Arguments

Do your best to avoid different scenarios that may spark arguments between you and your partner. Carrying out simple tasks like taking out the trash, cleaning different things in the house, and ensuring everything is in order will reduce any arguments arising between you and your partner.

You should divide tasks with your partner to understand your duties better. This will reduce any arguments that may arise and result in a quarantine break-up.

7. Stay Aware of Your Actions

You should always beware of your actions and how you treat your partner during this stay at home period. Some of the little things you do to your partner can be very irritating and result in arguments. It is easy to avoid such disputes by recognizing your actions.

You may find yourself doing certain things that may irritate your partner when you least expect. Always stay aware of your responses to avoid stepping on your partner’s nerves.

This will reduce arguments that may lead to a quarantine divorce.

8. Dress Good

dress good

It is a simple tip that many tend to ignore. A lot of people see no need to dress up appropriately when they are going nowhere. Dressing up correctly at home during this period will make you appear more attractive to your partner.

The chances of your better half losing interest in you fast during this period are minimal when you dress appropriately. You can do it once in a while to grab your partner’s attention and keep the fire burning. This will keep your relationship going strong.

9. Limit Your Time on Social Media

Social media is a potent tool that can keep you connected to the outside world during this tough period. It can also affect your relationship during this stay at home period. You should learn to balance the time you spend on social media to avoid harming your relationship.

Set aside enough time to give your partner the kind of attention they deserve. This will lower the chances of finding yourself in arguments with your partner.

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10. Create a Routine

Having a proper plan during this lockdown period can play an essential role in ensuring your relationship is on the right track. Each of you should have an appropriate plan for different things to do during the day to keep yourselves busy. This will make you feel like you are on a regular working routine. Remember to give each other space and create time for each other. The chances of finding yourself in situations that can affect your relationship are very difficult when you create a proper routine.

11. Engage in Stress-Relieving Activities

You should engage in different activities that will help ease off stress. Stress is one of the leading causes of fights and arguments in most relationships. This can also result in a quarantine break-up. There is a wide range of activities you can engage in that will help ease off the stress you are going through.

You can try working out with your partner or play some simple indoor games that will keep you entertained.

Loyalty and tolerance are essential for couples that want to keep their relationship going strong while at home. These are some of the best ways coronavirus lockdown couples can cope in such difficult moments.





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