15 Tips to Make Your Wife Feel Loved Again

Nurturing love is the same as planting a tree or any other plant and then walking away and expecting it to blossom, it doesn’t work that way, and this is the same as falling in love when you fall in love with someone, every day is a celebration.

It even becomes better when you and your partner are compatible. Back to the plant, for it to grow, you will need to provide it with water and at times fertilizer, protect it from wild and domesticated animals.

Nurture it until it grows and starts producing fruits, the same applies to love, once you fall in love you have to work hard on it so that it can grow. You talk to each other every day, you do nice things for each other, go for dinner dates, do challenges, work out together, just to make sure that the bond doesn’t break.

The above normally happens during the courtship period but once you start having kids, and you have to take extra shifts for the extra money then you barely have time for each other. Men especially have to provide for their families, this burden can be quite huge thus make it hard for them to be romantically connected to their women.

So consequently intimacy will run dry and it will all be about bills, errands, and kids.

Women are sensitive humans and if this happens they will mostly feel unappreciated, they feel like the responsibilities have overridden their importance to their husbands, yet they are the ones who keep things running in the background and offer a support system.

With all the above in motion, sex and intimacy will go out through the window, so you will just be having sex for necessity but not because you are in love with each other. There are so many things that could make your wife feel unloved but there are also a myriad of things that you could also do to make them feel loved.

How to save your dying marriage

15 ways to make your feel loved again

Let’s be honest here men can rarely manage without a strong support system either from their mother, girlfriend or wife. Though some men live and die single, most of them are normally miserable.

A woman makes a man’s world complete given that they will give them a family and walk with them hand in hand as the kids grow and leave home and will still grow old with them.

1. Appreciation


The above calls for appreciation, women love to be valued, they love to be appreciated for the work that they do and once you become your wife’s cheerleader, she will go to lengths that you never expected just to ensure that her family stays strong, protected and thrives.

2. Find peace in closure

Women always find peace in the closure, whenever you as a man are on the wrong and don’t apologize or talk about it, your woman is thrown into a spiral of thoughts. They will try to dig for answers, turn the situation up and down just to make sense of it and that is why you find that they get so gloomy most of the time.

If you have any unresolved issues with your wife, lay them down, talk about them so that the dark cloud can pass.

Remember that women don’t forget even if the mistake happened years back they will hold on to it and any time they think about it a fresh wound is opened and they go back into a depressed and gloomy state.


3. Listen


If you are a good listener then your wife will be happy, women love to talk, share their experiences, the events of their day, and such. If you are genuinely interested in what goes on around her life and can listen and converse with her when she is venting or telling a story then she will be happy and feel loved again consequently leading to a solid relationship.

4. Surprise her

Whenever your woman acts like she is dejected then you know she is lacking your attention, it could be that there is something bothering her and the best way to get her to open up to you is by first doing some acts of kindness. Get her a gift, maybe a watch, or a piece of necklace.

We don’t want you to send the wrong message by getting a pant or lingerie when the mood is not right for such.

She will quickly accuse you of thinking about sex when there are other serious matters bothering her. The above gifts will, however, allow you to initiate some conversation if you had been distant and through the talking, she will feel loved again.

5. Morning kiss

Morning kiss

Give her a morning kiss and offer her a glass of wine when she walks in from work, you will never understand how far the little acts of kindness go towards assuring your woman that she is still loved.

A simple morning kiss will make her day and offering her a glass of wine as you help prepare dinner makes her feel even more appreciated.

As you grow older into your relationship, some of the things discussed above will seem irrelevant, though they are the same things that make you even tight. If someone who wished you a good day every morning suddenly turns cold then you know that there is a problem and for women, they will start getting all suspicious.

Mind you these are some of the signs that prove that you as a man has found some other interests outside your marriage. Make your wife feel loved by honestly caring for her, call her during the day and find out how her day is coming along, pick her in the evening on your way home and go for a coffee date.

6. Movie night

Movie night has two options, you can either go to the movies or lay lazily on the couch and watch a movie that both of you can enjoy. Such quality times spent with your wife will make her feel loved and she will also know that you still care for her. Date nights also ensures that you and your wife maintain your connection and intimacy levels rarely dwindle due to absenteeism.

Learn how to reignite the passion and make her fall in love with you everyday.

7. Leave sweet short notes

Leave sweet short notes

Do it without notice when she least expects it. In the morning when you leave for work, write for her a short romantic message and slide it under the pillow, so that when she gets up to spread she will find it.

You could also leave an “I love you” note on the bathroom window in the morning so that as she prepares to leave for work, her day can start and proceed on a positive note. Such subtle messages of care and appreciation are sure to make your wife feel loved again.

8. Public appreciation

Public appreciation – Women love Public Displays of Affection (PDA), you don’t have to be very vocal or obvious for everyone to notice but you can come up with techniques of sending I love you messages to each other when in the public. That flash smile on her face after sending the coded messages makes her feel loved again.

9. Vacation


You have both been working hard through the year and your vacation account is ripe, choose a spot that she likes, make sure that she can afford the time and whisk her away to a romantic getaway just the two of you.

Let your wife take a rest from motherhood and all the noise of her busy city life. This kind of surprise will be enough proof that you still care for her and she will consequently feel loved again.

10. Do something stupid

This is a case of compatibility, how good can it be when you and your partner can become goofy and do stupid things together that in the end will give you a good laugh but without being judgmental. To achieve this you will have to pull some stunts, for example, one of the workdays you could try putting on matching underpants, or socks.

You can also buy matching outfits and put them on in public.

11. Space

Give her space, sometimes women will appreciate if you didn’t crowd their space too much, if she says she does not feel like having sex, respect that, if she has had a busy day at work and comes home with an awful mood let her calm down then slowly find out what’s bothering her.

Sometimes being too inquisitive might throw her off and you will most likely not like the response that you will be given.

12. Invest


Plan and invest together, many couples in the 21st century keep secrets, a man will invest without letting his wife know about the businesses and properties that he has, which consequently makes the woman feel rejected and less appreciated, and besides the essence of marriage is lost.

Being open to your partner not only protects your interests in case something happens to you but also makes your wife feel loved again. The vows that you made as you were getting married were meant to see you throughout your existence on earth, and now that you made the vows with your life partner keeping investment secrets devalues her and makes here less significant in some of your important matters.

The above can, however, be rectified by planning new mutual goals together and working hard to achieve them, things such as buying a home or owning property can be very exciting once you acquire them and by doing it with your better half she then feels appreciated.

13. Romance

Romance without sex, women have this twisted mentality that men are always after sex, some married couples will rarely communicate and thus come together only during sex.

Which is actually very wrong because the woman then feels used and not appreciated, so to change this mentality and make your woman feel loved again, you could try romancing and just cuddle without necessarily having sex?

Men should not always be predictable, surprise her once in a while by giving her a neck rub, spank and tickle her then hold her tight as you retire to bed for sleep. Let her know you value, respect and appreciate her.

14. Compliment her

complement her

Compliments are free; appreciate the effort that your wife puts in looking good for you. If she dons a new dress, compliment her, if she gets her hair newly done appreciate her and tell her that she looks good. 

As a man you also need to be a strong emotional pillar don’t get swayed by little issues, such that when you make a nice compliment she doesn’t appreciate it, because she thinks you are inadequate.

15. Couple lessons

Take lessons together, things like yoga and cooking classes are good if you did them as a couple, learn a new language and have a fun time communicating.

You could also take cooking classes as a couple, the idea here is that whenever you free up time to do fun things with your woman she will always feel loved again, every single time that you do it.


There are so many reasons why your wife is feeling distant, some you may know about and others she just has to tell you. And the only thing that will make her start gravitating towards you again is if you are willing and committed to making amends.

Women appreciate the effort, a thing that makes them feel loved, besides it’s not possible to always be in good terms as there are times that you will fight, or get angry at each other.

Don’t encourage your woman to go to sleep with an angry heart iron out issues and by doing this you are appealing to her subconscious mind and she will most certainly feel loved again.

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