How to make her fall in love with you every day

Are you in a relationship and wondering what you can do to maximize the love between you? Here we are going to cover some things you can do to have her fall in love with you every day.

How to Rekindle The Flame Every Day

1. Cook for her/feed her

Cook for her/feed her

If you’ve made enough rounds around the internet and the world in general, then you know that women love being fed. It’s even all the more impactful when you make your way to the kitchen and whip up something for her.

You don’t have to be an excellent chef or something that you do every day, but it is something she will genuinely appreciate. There are super easy recipes that you can follow online to the tee and come out with a meal worthy of Gordon Ramsey.

The best time to cook for her or order her favorite take-out is when she’s going through something rough. It would be a bad day, she’s overwhelmed, or something happened at work. It means the world if she’s the one who’s always doing the cooking.

Even if you do burn the bread or char the chicken, the effort will count though it’s better if you can make something she’ll eat. Note her favorite foods and get them to her anytime, but mostly in her time of need.

2. Listen to her

Women love being listened to. They don’t necessarily want you to do anything about Becky in the office; they just want you to listen. Men tend to have the need to fix things that their women complain about; it is about letting out their frustration.

At the end of it, they’ll have a solution to their problem, but your listening makes all the difference. It allows them to exhale and then move on to other things. Also, you’re assured that none of the effects of Becky end up falling on you because she’d have released the negative emotions.

Listening to her also has to do with being present and attentive. It is asking questions and prompting her to continue talking about what’s on her mind.

You also want to use other non-verbal communication such as touch to urge her on and to have her feel reassured. A woman wants to know that she’s with someone who cares about her thoughts and emotions. She’s sure to fall in love with you when she feels heard.

3. Compliment her

Compliment her

Everyone loves being told that they look good, and your woman is no exception. Even though you’re yet to start dating, she will appreciate that you’re noticing good things about her and the effort she’s putting in.

Women don’t always feel confident so telling her she looks good, and even being more specific (you might like how she’s done her hair), acts as a massive boost to her ego. Be thoughtful when you’re complimenting her and not merely say it to check off something on the list that will make her love you more.

The thing that makes compliments all the more natural is when you do pay attention to her. Look at the things that you love about her and the changes she makes to them.

If you love her eyes, then you’ll notice the cat-eye she decides to do when you’re going for date night.

Then, you can let her know that her eyes look pretty with the eyeliner she has. When you notice things you like about your girlfriend or wife, don’t assume that she knows- she’s not a mind reader, so let her know.

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4. Spend time with her

Spend time with her

You don’t have to be doing anything fancy to have quality time with your partner. Saying in bed as you cuddle with both on your phone or reading a book is enough. When she wants to talk, let her. Otherwise, you want to spend as much time as it is healthily possible with her.

If you both have a super busy schedule, then you’ll have to slot in time for each other. It is not about making your partner one more thing on your to-do list; it is about being purposeful when you spend time with each other.

The other aspect of scheduling is it is something to look forward to during a busy week. If there’s one thing that you need to do religiously is have a date night. For once a week you need to forget everything and go for dinner.

During this time, don’t talk about work or the kids. Focus on anything that will reignite the passion for each other. Talk about plans you have for the future and everything in between. Let her know that you’re still invested in her.

5. Do activities of her interest

Do activities of her interest

Sure, you won’t want to do Pilates or rock climbing if it’s not your thing, but you can join her once in a while. Join her in the living room to keep her motivated or randomly choose to accompany her for her next expedition.

It doesn’t have to be anything extreme. If you notice that there’s something she does religiously, then consider helping her out or keeping her company.

It would also mean the world to her if you notice the things that she likes. For example, if she’s into photography, they get her a carry bag in a pattern that she loves.

When you’re not sure what she would love, there is also the option of getting her a gift card so that she can get what she wants. Remember, if it’s something that she has been doing long before she met you, support her and don’t dictate terms for her for when it suits you.

6. Be clean

Be clean

The socks being dropped a few mm from the laundry basket is a pet peeve for a majority, if not all, women. It won’t take much from you to get your laundry in the basket, clean after yourself, put the dishes where they belong, and the like.

Though a stereotype, you don’t have to play into it and be the man that she has to pick up after. You can also take the initiative to make her work more manageable.

When a woman leaves work and has to do chores, often when she gets to bed, she’ll be tired, and getting any action would be a stretch. If you help her do the dishes, put the kids in bed, and do other chores, she’ll be more than happy and energetic for some pillow talk after it’s done.

If you’re not in a position to always help her, surprise her once in a while and watch how delighted she will be. However, there is a catch to be aware of; you do want to do it almost or just as well as she does it.

7. Give her space

Just as you need to have time by yourself or your friends, the same applies to her. She does also need time to recharge away from you. It is not that there is something wrong with the relationship.

If anything, it is essential for the relationship to be healthy. Don’t forget that you’re both separate entities, and you require some alone time to reflect and perhaps do some soul searching.

The best time to give her some time is when she’s hardly a long few days or weeks, and she needs time to hang out with her close friends or family.

You can choose to facilitate it without her knowledge and surprise her if you feel that it’s something that she would love. Otherwise, ask her what she would like do to so for her to have some quality me-time.

8. Randomly gift her

Randomly gift her

It doesn’t have to be a special day for you to get her a gift. It could be a random Tuesday or smack in the middle of a month with no holidays or days off. As a rule of thumb, purchase gifts for her that you know she’ll love even though they are on sale.

Keep them where she can’t find them and wrap them and gift them when she least expects it. You don’t have to break the bank to pull this off, only remember to remove the price tag each time!

Another trick you can apply is keeping an eye out for things she might like if stocking items away from sight is not possible. If you see something that reminds you of her, if you can, get it. It is a good time as any to give her a gift.

It also doesn’t have to be anything material. If she’d talked about doing something for a long time, do it for her or with her. If there’s a fantasy she’s shared with you, find the confidence to do it.

9. Communicate

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Communication is indeed a vital part of any relationship, and your partner is no exception. No one is a mind reader, and a lot of conflicts come from a lack of communication. Remember that you’re both from different backgrounds, so you won’t think, talk, or act the same.

Even though you think something is obvious to you, let your partner know why you’re upset, or what the issue is. Not everyone is born good at communicating, and it is something that you have to cultivate if you want your relationship to last.

Even when you’re speaking your truth, be mindful of how you say it. Do it from a place of love; it doesn’t hurt someone or bring them down. Also, choose the right time and place to communicate complicated things as it makes all the difference in which the message gets received.

When you do it gently, firmly, and with love, she will be sure to appreciate it and make the necessary changes. It also lets her know that you care enough about the relationship to make things right.

10. Take her for random dates

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As we’d mentioned earlier, being fed is one of the things that women generally love. You don’t have to be wealthy to take your partner for meaningful dates.

Consider ordering her favorite take-out and having a candlelit dinner in the garden or even in our living room. If you can cook, even better. Otherwise, when you can, take her to her favorite joint when she doesn’t expect it.

The other thing to try for her is taking her to top-rated restaurants in your area. It would be less stressful for you to go before, find out their menu and prices and then make a reservation where applicable—doing so it both thoughtful and an act of love that will tug at her heartstrings.

It doesn’t have to be restaurants. The movies, Broadway, or bowling, are just examples of things that you can do together that will have her falling even more in love with you.

11. Learn her love language

Learn her love language

There are five love languages, and you’ll need to know the main ones for your partner. They include touch, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, or gift-giving. We have mentioned a few of them here.

If you’re not sure what they are, consider taking a test with her where you’ll both know each other’s love language. The reason why it’s important is that we tend to show love for people according to our love language instead of their love language, and that can breed conflict.

If you gift her and she still doesn’t seem happy, perhaps her love language is quality time, and you’ll need to adjust accordingly. Taking the initiative to love her how she wishes to be loved is part of what you need to cement your relationship.

You’ll suddenly be ticking a lot of her boxes, and you’ll get the pleasure of watching her blossom under your love. Your reward would be her falling in love with you more every day.

12. Be emotionally available

Be emotionally available

If a woman senses that you’re not emotionally invested, then her loving you back would be quite the uphill task if not impossible. Displaying your emotions does require a level of vulnerability on your part, and it is something that you have to cultivate.

The more you show her you trust her with your emotions, the more likely she is to open up. As a result, loving and remaining in love with you becomes the natural step. Men are not typically open with their emotions, but once you find the right person, it is not threatening anymore.

If you’re not the type, then it needs to be something that you actively work on. It is also an integral part of communication you have to develop if you’re to have a healthy relationship in the long run.

13. Play with her

Play with her

Maintaining playfulness in your relationship is one of the ways to keep things fresh. Don’t stop activities that you did in your youth that started the spark between you. It is these very things that will keep it going for years to come.

Even when you get kids and grandkids, remember that she’ll always be your girl. As long as you appeal to the inner girl that fell in love with you, then you’re love will remain steady for years to come.

Things might get serious as we age, and we’re forced to change, but don’t let the essence of being forever young end. Never feel too old to do something. If it is renting a sports car and taking a long drive, then do so. Talk about the good early days and do something to take her back to that time.

These are some of the things you could talk about during your dates or when having pillow talk. It would mean quite a lot that you remember what brought you two together, and you do treasure it.

14. Support her

Support her

We all need encouragement and support to achieve our dreams, and it is the case with the woman in your life. Is there something that she is holding back on? Edge her forward or start.

Is there something she’s always wanted to do and doesn’t have the courage, to give a pep talk to do it? Whatever project that she wishes to start to ensure that she knows that you have her back all the way.

Some men forget that women have hopes and dream separate from theirs that needs cultivating and end up overshadowing them. Don’t feel threatened by her and what she wants to achieve, as it will also stand to benefit you.

When she knows that it’s something that you’re in together, then she’ll be sure to hold whatever it is in high regard knowing that someone she loves is always by her side.

Wrap up

Here we’ve talked about some things that you can do to make her fall in love with you every day, and sure enough, there’s more you can do because all women are unique. It undoubtedly serves as the right starting place and then watches the love between you grow and blossom.


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