Nice Things to Do For Your Husband Everyday

Men do have a higher libido than women a fact that is not debatable and they also enjoy late menopause and mind you some men don’t experience it.

And while a woman’s reproductive organ will shut down, the males tend to remain active, but they do develop sexual complications later. With the above information, it is very easy to be deceived into thinking that men only need sex to be happy.

While sex might be a priority in their lives, they also have thoughts and feelings outside sex, they are human and need to be loved and appreciated just like women are accustomed to.

Men don’t ask their wives for what they might want and that is why some women are smart enough to notice what their husbands are lacking or might require and ask for it.

The reason we will equip you with some of the nice things to do for your husband every day.

Men are by nature responsible for the financial health of their household, and that is why they will go out of their way to ensure that their families are comfortable.

They could take extra work shifts or work more than one job, and besides a man is normally defined by his success. What women don’t realize is that when men go the extra mile their bound to be ripple effects that will impact their relationship negatively.

Things to Do For Your Husband Everyday

They might not be as loving as they used to be, not that they don’t want to, but because of the pressure that they are under. Their life cycle becomes too busy and tight for them to prove their commitment to their wives, and that is why you as a woman have to be understanding and go the extra mile to show him that you appreciate his efforts.

Don’t be a nagging woman but rather give him the necessary support that will encourage him to go the extra and you never know he might try to balance between work and family and give you the affection and attention that you deserve.

Nice things to do for your husband every day

1. Respect him

For any relationship to see the light of day, there has to be mutual respect. Women love to chatter, even when talking to their men, a thing that can only show how disrespectful one is.

Tone down your voice and learn to listen when your husband is talking to you, we are not saying that you encourage monologue but rather whenever he is talking let him finish then you can say what you want to say in a nice low tone.

Still under respect avoid making negative comments about the opinions that your husband might have put across, some women are programmed to reject anything that their husbands say, or they will just say something negative that will take them off balance.

Then there is the eye roll, rolling your eyes when in an argument or when you disagree with what your husband is saying is not only disrespectful but contemptuous, and shows that you have no regard for his feelings. 

What you, therefore, need to do is be thankful for what he is doing for you and your family, be positive when approaching different issues that he puts across, and lastly don’t ignore his wants and needs.

2. Plan a surprise date

Plan a surprise date

We all have that one restaurant that is famous for exciting our taste buds; your husband must have one too.

Women are so used to being taken to lunch and dinner dates, well have you ever thought of turning the tables around, and taking your man out to his favorite restaurant for a lunch or dinner date. The little efforts of kindness and appreciation go a long way in showing your man that you care for his well being and feelings.

Plan a surprise dinner date on one of the weekends that he comes home early, get a baby sitter and whisk him away to his favorite restaurant and since you are being the bigger person don’t let him take care of the bills, do everything swiftly and avoid embarrassing situations.

For example, not all men would want a woman to pay the bills while everyone is watching, so what you do, you pay upfront for the meals and have your table reserved.

Feel like your marriage is on the rocks? Here are few ways to spark the flame. 

3. Buy him his favorite wine or beer bottle.

The perfect evening for most males would involve some beer and their favorite ball game.

So times might be hard but a bottle of wine or a pack of beer won’t break the bank. Make his evening interesting by letting him first have the TV, or better yet switch on his favorite channel whether Nat Geo or The Football Channel, just find something that he likes.

Run a warm bath for him so that when he comes home he can clean up, and relax while enjoying the drinks and his favorite channel. The outside world is not fair to anyone, especially when you are trying to make ends meet, and the last thing that anyone would need is a nagging and complaining wife to go home to in the evening.

4. Trust

favourite wine

Many women tend to be paranoid, they have set standards that they want to impose upon their better half, and if by any chance they are not adhered to, their heads become too hot with temper.

Calm down, lack of trust is one of the simplest ways to drive your man away. And even though trust is earned if your man hasn’t done anything to lose it why should you be paranoid.

A healthy relationship is built on trust, you should, therefore, respect and trust your man.

If he comes home late, then there are reasons as to why and if he doesn’t live up to your very high standard you might want to sit down and find a workable solution.

However, if your trust issues are overwhelming then the only viable option is to find a counselor as you might get him to open up on what is really bothering him and you can then have the opportunity to work on it and make things better.

5. Make him his favorite meal and take it to work during lunch hours

Corporate ladies might have difficulties with this option but if you are a stay at home mum, this should be easy.

Just make his favorite meal, pack it well in a nice attractive lunch box that will ensure the food stays warm, drive to his workplace before he goes out for lunch, to make sure that you are on time.

For the corporate women that will rarely get time to go home and prepare something nice for their husbands, you could simply order his favorite dish, from his favorite restaurant, have it delivered to his workplace with an I love you note. The above will let him know that despite your busy schedule, you are still able to steal your time and fit him in, making him feel appreciated.

6. Limit chatter  

Give your husband the space he needs, when he needs it. Women are generally blessed with chatter, and some will not care if you are from work and don’t want to chat.

At times men are involved in mind draining projects or are just physically exhausted, check with him if he is up to some small talk, and if he isn’t don’t push it.

We understand that this could be difficult especially for the stay at home mums, but you could always find other avenues to express yourself so that you don’t become a nuisance to your husband.

If you have other family members who live close by, visit them for a chat, you could also engage yourself with works of art, or join the online forums and groups.

And as you find ways of engaging yourself and give your husband time to rest, refraining from inviting a lot of people into the house, even if they are family because the noise will not do much in helping him rest.

7. Watch and support his favorite sport with him

support his favorite sport with him

Well, this doesn’t have to be very obvious but you can always surprise him once in a while. Most sports games are played during the weekends, so when he is home and prepared to watch the game, give him some company.

Do previous research of the sport make sure you are well oriented so that you don’t go bugging him with questions when he is trying to concentrate and end up being annoying?

Men will jump, stand, and shout, well you could try some of the stunts that he does and if you are finding it hard, just give him some positive vibes, cheer with him and show that you have a genuine interest in what excites him.

This will, in turn, make him spend more time with you at home instead of joining his fellow friends at the bar for support and guess what the next time there is a serious game coming up, he will call you out for company.

8. Be affectionate

Be affectionate

Affection does not only involve having sex, even though it remains the number one thing for most men. There are some small nice affectionate things that you could do to make your man feel more appreciated and loved.

For example, you could leave a small thank you note in his laptop backpack so that when he gets to work and removes his laptop he will get the surprise.

Leave him sweet messages in his voicemail, apologize when you have gone wrong, and remind him that you love him, every day. When he has doubts in his mind about work, help him find solutions, hold his hand in public, give him an unexpected kiss or call him during the day to find out how he is fairing on.

9. Breakfast in bed

If you have never served your husband breakfast in bed then this is your time to prove your love for him, get up early, not on the weekdays though and prepare breakfast. Go overboard and make something that you are not accustomed to so that the surprise can be complete, and then bring it to bed.

Breakfast in bed

And since you will not be forcing yourself to do this, sit and eat with him, don’t just throw the food there and leave. Engage in small talk and you never know a lot of progressive information could be borne out of the simple breakfast in bed. The above also encourages communication which in the long run strengthens the bond between you two.

10. Believe in his abilities

Women have the ability to hit the last nerve and make their husbands feel like little boys and this they do by proving to them how inadequate he is in his provision duties. We don’t argue that there are some lazy men out here but if your guy struggles to ensure that you get the most basic things in life then you have to be supportive.

Men want their wives to believe in their talents and skills, they might not say it but with all the hard work that they put in, they do deserve your encouragement. Sometimes they might be on the verge of giving up but with your encouragement and support he will instead step up.

Don’t be too much all over his responsibilities, let him feel like he is in control.

Little things like letting him drive the car, or allowing him to order food for you when you are in the restaurant helps build trust and gives him a sense of responsibility. Besides things might be tough at work and he might be on the verge of quitting but with your encouragement he decides to push through.

11. Accept him as he is

Accept him as he is

So you wanted to marry the guy in the suit but fell in love with the guy in the overall, now you want to spend your entire life trying to make your man wear a suit that he isn’t used to or doesn’t relate with his job.

Unless it concerns his health then you are going to have a hard time changing him and if not careful then you will make him very angry. We all have flaws and we should thus learn to accept our partners by overlooking their flaws and loving them anyway.

And besides, you cannot be the same, the fact that you together mean that you are compatible that is you have some similar likes and desires and that is enough, you only need to get comfortable with being different from your partner.

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