How to Fix a Relationship After a Huge Fight? Do This (ASAP)

Are you tired and lost after your fight with the man you love and want to know How to fix a relationship after a huge fight? Maybe you want to avoid a couple fighting and live life to its fullest with happy memories and your man smiling beside you?

Well, this is absolutely possible, and you are definitely not wrong to wish for it. It is the dream of every woman and man to lead a happy and contented life with their partner.

However, it will require some work first to reach that place. This guide will discuss various tips for fighting couples and reconnecting after a big fight. We will also suggest an impeccable course ‘Mend the Marriage’ that will help you find the root cause of your problems and fix them. So with that said, let’s get started:

Is fighting normal in a relationship?

Any meaningful relationship comes with an inevitable couple arguing. Not all humans are made equal when it comes to how they perceive life, so when two different opinions contradict, conflicts take place.

Everyone has different stories that stem from a combination of thought patterns, emotional responses, and triggers.

So for any of such reasons, there can be occasional or even frequent disagreements between couples that can escalate into fights. But this doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing! According to experts; conflicts are a healthy way to learn about your partner and how you and he can work as a team.

How to calm down after a fight?

How to calm down after a fight

So you are one of those millions of couples fighting around the world? Well, the good thing is that fighting is a form of therapy too where you take out all of the anger building inside and then may feel relaxed afterward. So if you have just had a fight with your partner, do these things to calm down:

  • This may sound a bit like a cliché, but it really works, just take deep breaths and try to center yourself.
  • Go on a walk, take some alone time, and burn some energy. You will find it relaxing
  • Try to watch some comedy bits on YouTube or watch your favorite comedy show; it’ll help you forget about the unpleasantness and instantly cheer you up
  • Tea has a very soothing and calming effect on the body and mind, get yourself a nice hot cup of tea
  • Visualization also helps take your mind off of the thing that is causing you stress. You can make a mental picture of the thing that is stressing you out the most, and imagine it going far away from you.

Once you are done relaxing and calming down, you should try to immediately work things out with your partner. Reconnecting after a big fight is what keeps the relationship going strong.

What should you not do after a fight?

What should you not do after a fight

  • Ignoring His Space Need: If you had a big argument recently and your partner is asking for some space to calm down and think things over; do not ignore his needs. Give him the time and space to collect his thoughts and let His anger cool down.
  • Ignoring His Perspective: After a heated argument, try to have an open mind. In the midst of the fighting, you might easily slip into black-or-white thinking and have the mentality of either I am right or I am wrong. We can understand that during the fighting, you get too emotional, and you can have that kind of thinking, but once you are done arguing, take some time to cool down and put yourself in his shoes and see his point of view as well.
  • Giving Silent Treatment: Do not give the silent treatment to your partner. If you need some time and space, take it, but do not give him the cold shoulder and have ‘talk to my hand’ kind of attitude. This will only make things worse instead of making them better.
  • Taking His Harsh Words Seriously: In the moment of an argument, things can be said that might come off harsher than the person intended them to be. Don’t store those words in the back of your mind to be used in an argument later. As we said above, keep an open mind and forget the things that you know your partner didn’t really mean.
  • Not Saying Sorry: Don’t prolong the coldness after the argument and just say I am sorry. If you are hurt that you had a fight with your partner, then it means that you do love him. If you know it was your mistake or even if it was partially your mistake, just say I am sorry and patch up.

5 simple tips for recovering a relationship after a big fight:

Couple arguing is a common thing and a part of every home. The key to having a happy home is reconnecting after a big fight.

Here are a few practical tips to help you quickly recover your relationship after a fight:

  1. Take Time Out: If you notice the fight is not coming to an end or it is getting harsher by the minute, immediately take a time out. If the argument escalates into an arguing, that fight can escalate into a relationship disaster if not stopped. The same should be done if you’ve just had a big fight. Take some time out to gather your thoughts and cool down.
  2. Connect After Cool Down: Once you both have cooled down, make a connection by either initiating a talk or some highly affectionate couples even hug directly. Whatever you do, immediately work on making up after the fight.
  3. Discuss the Issues: Try to talk about the things that got you into a fight. Start by hearing his perspective with an open mind and understand what he feel.
  4. Share Your Story: Share your perspective without pointing any fingers. Politely make him understand what fired you up in the first place.
  5. Resolve the Issues: When all is said and heard, it is time to establish some healthy boundaries that stop you from getting into an argument that you had previously to avoid fighting over the same thing again. Also, try out the Mend Your Marriage program to target the deep issues in your marriage and solve them from the root.

After the argument- How long to wait?

It depends on who started it in the first place. If your man was at fault and he hasn’t come back to you yet, don’t call him or go running after him. He knows exactly how you can be reached and where to find you; he should man up and talk to you.

If you are at the fault, do not take the time to patch up. Once you are fully calmed down, talk to him, and patch up using the tips we shared above.

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What to say after an argument with your boyfriend?

What to say after an argument with your boyfriend

As a fighting couple, there are a lot of things that you might say during the argument, but what matters the most is what you say once it’s over.

If you act correctly, you can solve your problems and get back together like you two weren’t going at each other like the U.S and Russia.

The only thing that you should be saying after an argument is ‘I am sorry’ and also ‘How can I make sure this right?’ If you love someone, and you had a fight that you had a role in as well, it doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong.

Just have a talk, tell him you are sorry, he will ask for forgiveness in return, say you forgive him, and just make things right.

How to apologize to your husband after a fight?

How to apologize to your husband after a fight

We can suggest a hundred ways to say sorry to your husband, but we know you will get confused. So what we will tell you instead is that you first take your time to cool down; read the 2nd section of this guide to know-how.

Once done, just reach out to your partner, hug him or just hold his hand to sit him down beside you and have a talk with him. Listen to his side, understand his perspective, and just say I am Sorry.

Just don’t think about saying it, or you will start getting anxious and hesitant. Just say it as soon as he sits beside you, it’s that easy!

What to text your boyfriend after a fight- “Healing conversation after the fight.”

If you have had your big couple fight just now and he has stormed out of the house. You should patch up right away, so he doesn’t stay mad for long. For this, you need to initiate a conversation right away via text messaging. However, you need to be careful about what you talk to him about.

There are some things you will have to learn to heal your relationship after a fight. The program ‘Mend the Relationship’ by Brad Browning will help you do just that.

It is a complete course that will give you a mindset to understand your partner/boyfriend’s feelings, convey yours better, and just talk to him after a fight in a way that he cannot stay angry or mad anymore.

Furthermore, when you have an argument, most of the time, the reason behind it is deeper than you might know. This program will help you identify the root causes of problems in your relationships and help you solve them. So make sure to give it a quick peek and take the first step to mend your relationship.

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So if you are tired of your constant couples arguing and want to make things better, implement on the things this guide has talked about. Furthermore, check the Mend the Marriage program, learn about the keys to having a successful relationship with less fighting and more kisses, and just be happy with your partner.

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