How to flirt with a Girl by Text messages (7 Great examples)

Flirting over text messages is the current trend to initiate a relationship.

If you don’t know what does flirting text messages means, this article will make you learn how to flirt with a girl by text. How, when, and why should send text flirting messages to a girl.

This article will be giving you all information.

 How Do You Start A Flirty Conversation With A Girl?

start a flirty conversation

You may like someone, but you are not sure about her feelings; either she likes you or not. It may be possible you want to know her feelings but not want to expose yourself because of rejection fear.  So you start thinking about the ways by which you can talk to her.

Following are the conversation starters that will help you to start a conversation with a girl over text and give you a better understanding on how to flirt with a girl:

  • Give a nice compliment on her look

Girls always love to receive nice compliments about their appearance. You can praise her look like “your shirt is looking so cool” or “your eyes are mesmerizing.” All these nice compliments are flirting text messages as well as cute and will help you to get her response.

  • Saying that you’ve been thinking about her

Tell her that you were thinking about her, you often missed her, and you came into my dream last night. All these statements will push her to think about you as well.

  • Mention your same interests

Keep telling her your desires you want to do in life. Then in return, she would also say to her wishes. Then you can adjust according to her desire. The same interests are so important for two persons and cause closeness between them. When both of you think of experiencing the same interests, it would be a great fun talk.

Can I get her back after being too needy?

Why Flirting Text Messages For Her In The Morning?

Flirting Text Messages For Her In The Morning

There are many ways to impress her, but one that works is to send lovely good morning text messages. Morning is when everyone is busy, and only that person can text you who has concerns about you.

She will feel valuable that someone is missing her in the morning.

Start sending good morning messages to her. The content of the flirty text messages should be lively and should feel valuable to her. For example, “May you get everything in life because you deserve a lot, wish you a very happy morning, dear.”

It is a natural thing that a good text in the morning makes anyone happy. You can also add up the spice by adding some flirty lines into your texts to grab her attention towards you.

But be careful. Firstly, you have to notice her response to your text and then add up the content gradually.

obsession method

How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text Without Being Obvious?

Flirting is an exciting thing. And flirting over text means giving a chance to know more about each other and adding spark to the conversation. It is very important to learn how to flirt over text without being noticeable.

Flirt With A Girl Over Text Without Being Obvious

Keep things natural. Overdo things often become obvious and look awkward. So here are some tips about how to be flirty using a natural tone:

  • Address her by name

When you call someone by his/her name, then it sounds like some closeness. And the other person would excite to hear his/her name by you. But don’t do this repeatedly; otherwise, I will sound fake and annoying.

  • Joke

Good and positive humor is the soul of conversation. Keep things goofy over flirting with girlfriend. This will make her know that you are a fun-loving person.

Then gradually, you can add some flirty stuff during your conversation. Keep doing this moderately.  This will help you to know the other person’s level of acceptance.

  • Be a good listener

Not only while flirting, but it is also necessary to be a good listener.

It is often observed that some people talk about their selves so much and never give a chance to another person to speak. So instead of telling your story, you must listen to her.

Ask her about important things. You can ask her about the latest clothing trends, the latest makeup trends, or something relevant.

So she will love to tell you the whole she knows. You can drop your suggestion at any point during the conversation. Show her actual side of you rather than being so obedient.

Examples Of Flirting Conversations

Examples Of Flirting Conversations

It is not always necessary to do proper planning while starting a flirty conversation. It can be done by sending a few crazy flirting text messages as well.

Now it is an art to learn how to drop a message that will help you start a flirty conversation.

Even a simple text, “do you have any weekend plans because I don’t have a” natural and straightforward text message, can cause you to start a prolonged conversation like “let’s cut the small talk and go straight to flirt.”

‘’I just listened to a song on the radio, and that song perfectly defines our relationship’’ is one of the best examples of cute flirty messages. And after this text, the next conversation must go great.

You can offer her to hang out with you by texting, “I have an extra ticket for a concert.” When you say something relevant to her that excites her so much like “guess which emoji I placed with your name in my phone,” it is the best thing to start a lovely conversation with her.

Something that sounds sweet “my dog wanted to know that he misses you” is clever stuff to do.

Social media is a great bridge through which you can connect to the other person. You can drop a text message “the picture you uploaded today, and you are looking the best than ever before” is a great compliment as well as flirt over text.

 How To Flirt With A Girl Over Snapchat?

Flirt With A Girl Over Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the visual social media platforms that can be used to send flirting text messages and pictures.

Firstly, ask her Snapchat name and add her. Also, ask them to follow you back. Then sending a relevant picture that relates both of you is a good way to break the ice. If you want to show her special concern, then capture your pictures and send her.

Moreover, people are attracted to your skills. So it is preferred to show your talent and photos are a great option.

How To Impress A Girl In First Text Message?

First text ever that you send her matters the most. So it is imperative to learn how to text the first time to her. Over-texting is strictly prohibited. Because when you over-text a woman, she takes it negatively.

If you get the number of girls, then don’t take it so long to contact her. It will show your low confidence level that is not a good impact. Most importantly, avoid using extra sugar-coated words because it sounds awkward. Keep your words natural.

Respark The Romance


Making all possible tries to impress a girl is cool, but you can’t force somebody to respond to the way you want. Keep things simple and natural, and it will work out—best wishes to you. We hope this article will help you to learn how to flirt with a girl by text messages.

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