How to Deal With Losing Physical Attraction to Partner Anymore?

During the early days of your marriage, you might have been attracted to your partner. You might have observed the spark in your relationship. The conversations were cute, stimulating, and endearing, which made you close to each other. But with the passing years, you start losing physical attraction to your partner.

In long-term relationships, it is common that you to lose interest in your partner. According to the sex experts, we do take our partners for granted.

We assume that once we were enticed by our partners, it will remain the same forever, but this is not true.

Have a look at how to deal with a missing attraction to your companion if you asked why I’m not attracted to my husband anymore” or you are in love but not sexually attracted to your companion

Is It Normal To Lose Attraction To Your Partner?

Is It Normal To Lose Attraction To Your Partner

It is entirely natural. People do lose attraction to their partners. Your feelings might fade for each other over time. You might have got bored with each other.

Security and stability might be the two essential ingredients for a long-term, healthy relationship, but don’t take your relationship for granted. It’s human nature to crave novelty. If you are too familiar with your partner, it might negatively affect your physical magnetism.

You might lose attraction due to the unresolved resentment. Relationship conflicts occur either over money, sex, parenting decisions, infidelity, family drama, and unequal household responsibilities on partners.

If these conflicts are not resolved immediately fairly and respectfully, they might lead to distancing. These matters result in missing attraction and feelings fade over time.

No interaction between you and your partner like you used to romance in the past. It’s easy for busy couples to lose magnetism.

Once husbands are not attracted to wives although, although wives are done with the tasks, they might indulge in household chores like walking, cleaning, washing, and others.

They stop nurturing the romantic side with their partners. Unconsciously, people get stuck in their daily roles like caregivers, parents, bosses, etc.

You stop taking care of each other over time. When you are way too busy with your work, you don’t have time for self-care. The way you take responsibility for yourself and look might fade with time. It affects how you and your mate feel about each other.

Taking care is essential for being confident, healthy, uplifting mood, and enhancing energy. Try to spend time with your partner, like eating meals together, exercising, working on mental attitudes, and exchanging healthy ideas.

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Can A Marriage Survive Without Physical Attraction?

Can A Marriage Survive Without Physical Attraction

Yes, a marriage can survive without a physical attraction if you have similar mindsets. If you feel like living around them and you feel safe and protected.

Having kids and sharing responsibilities can make your marriage survive without physical magnetism.

However, you do need to ask your partner whether they are interested in having sex or do they want some intimacy or not as one might not think the same way you do. Communicate and make things easier for both of you.

What Does The Loss Of Physical Attraction In Marriage Mean?

Many couples get into marriage, either due to societal or family pressure. They either get into marriage to avoid being lonely and also to meet their biological needs.

For some people, the physical attraction might not be as it’s important as other factors like honesty, loyalty, affection, and respect.

However, at some point in life, you might crave it, and this might lead to troubles in your relationship. It is, therefore, essential that you sleep with your partner, communicate with them, and share things and hobbies as once you lose physical attraction in marriage, you might miss the spark.

Physical attraction keeps you and your partner close. It strongly bonds your relationship.

It makes you feel protected and safe without any depression or loneliness.

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What to Do If My Husband Is Not Sexually Attracted to Me?

If you notice that your husband is not sexually excited about you, don’t think that your relationship is working. First, ask yourself some questions about when and why your husband started missing interest in you. It helps in determining the source of the problem between you two.

Before considering your husband at the mistake, think about yourself and whether you played any role in it. Perhaps it’s because you are not putting the same effort you did before to attract your husband. Were you more patient and kinder towards your husband before, but now you are short-tempered and impatient?

Prioritize spending time with your husband. Get dressed up and enjoy some fun time with your partner. Make sure you have date nights and spend some personal time with your husband.

Get closer to him, hug him, hold his hands, and indulge in a more in-depth conversation. Take out time for some intimate moments. Check into each other frequently, be present, and be thoughtful at the same time.

Try indulging in new things like new hobbies, going to a new restaurant or a new adventurous place. Talk with your partner about the dip that you felt in his attraction.

Why Do I Am Not Emotionally Attracted To My Husband?

Not Emotionally Attracted To My Husband

Women usually crave emotional connections. If you are not emotionally attracted to your husband, then this might be a complicated situation.

The longer you have this emotional detachment between each other, the more you start living like roommates rather than lovers. Check for the ultimate signs of not being emotionally attracted to your husband.

You either think he is too busy or is not concerned about your life and opinions. No intimacy in your relationship or your husband’s negligence can be a significant reason you are not emotionally attracted.

Try spending time with each other. Talk about your likes and dislikes. Share everything you did the entire day. Share some intimate moments with him, and surely, you’ll fall for him again. You can also opt for “Language of Desire” while crafting the article >>>

How to Be Attracted To My Husband Again?

  • He lost his feelings, and to revive those feelings, you both need to be committed with willingness and honesty.
  • Solve the underlying issues, and don’t waste time. Be sure that there was a mutual attraction before, which makes things easier, if not, then it’s quite challenging.
  • A certain level of fluctuation in your relationship can be healthy.
  • Talk to your counselor and take help. It’s always best to discuss with someone else and seek advice regarding your relationship.
  • Talk to him and avoid blaming things on him. Schedule some date nights out to spend some together. Have sex and communicate with each other as much as you can as these factors enhance your relationship.

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Can You Love Someone And Not Be Sexually Attracted?

Yes, there is a possibility that you fall in love but are not sexually interested in them. There are chances that you love someone and romanticize them but not be sexually excited about him.

However, some people might assume it as an impossibility, and they might think that we need a spark and physical chemistry.

It is possible to love someone without any sexual attraction only because of the intellectual connection along with the companionship. The only thing that these people assume is that the mindsets should meet, considering that sex is not a large part of the relationship.

For people who want sexual attraction for their partners, they cannot rely on only intellectual minds. They want a spark in their relationship to make it work for a longer time.

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If you have experienced that, feelings fade for your companion. Then don’t worry, you can communicate with someone who can give you the best relationship advice. You can also indulge in more in-depth conversations with your partner. Share your feelings with him. Share the best time so that you might catch your feelings back.

You can get dressed up, go for a movie night, go to a dance party, and enjoy some couple time together. Spending and sharing intimate moments might make you feel physically attracted to your partner. If you lost attraction to your partner, you can think about all the things that why this happened and try sorting it out.

Maybe it’s because of your busy routine; maybe you are so overworked that you don’t have enough time. Take a day off, spend time with your partner, go to your favorite place, or schedule a weekend plan with your partner.

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