How to Text Your Crush After a Long Time? Do This (ASAP!)

How to chat with my crush after a long time? In this blog, we will let you know the tips and tricks on how to text your crush after a long time. This article is mainly about relationship advice for boys, but you can apply the same principles to girls.

You might get anxious and nervous before sending a message to your girlfriend. You must be wondering, should I text my crush and how to text a girl.

Don’t worry; we are here to solve your problem. Some more straightforward ways allow you to establish a connection with your crush.

The simplest way to communicate with your crush is to communicate with them on social media. However, this trick works if you don’t know her much.

If you had past connections with your crush, you must approach them with a message and catch up. In this digital world, there are several ways to tell someone you like them over text and get connected, but texting is the best way as you get time to respond most efficiently.



Should I text my crush after a long time? Are you planning to strike up a conversation with your girlfriend? You must be wondering, should I text my crush every day? There is no such scientific statistics to this answer.

However, it works well if you text a girl every 2-3 days, but you must have a reason to do so as she might feel why you have her number in the first place. Have a solid idea of communicating with her, especially via social media.

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How to text your crush without being boring (Start a funny conversation)



How to chat with my crush after a long time? As you haven’t talked to your sweetheart for a while, you must be wondering how to craft a sweet message to your girl. As you have not spoken to her for a while, she might think you are crazy as you texted her first.

Try starting with a relaxed conversation with your girl as you can feel and then reply without worrying about what to say to your crush after a long time.

Avoid making things awkward, once you start sending her the message. Once you break the ice, wait for her to reply. Ask her any questions, and if she questions you back, do give her a meaningful response.

She might respond to you with one-word replies, so don’t get disheartened as she might be busy. She might not reply as well for the first few days, so give her next time as it’s not what you can control. If you get worried and message her repeatedly, she might get offended and reply to you at all.

Observe how she is responding during the conversations to identify whether she is showing interest. Is she interested in asking some questions and making efforts to continue with the conversation?

You can ask her about recent events, her career goals these days, and what her plans are for the future and others. You can also ask her casually about going out. However, avoid putting any pressure.

If she is texting you back immediately and showing interest during the conversation, she might be interested. Talk about personal things and plan a meetup. Try keeping your conversation interesting so that she doesn’t lose her interest.


How to start a conversation with crush after a long time? Are you ready to get the conversation? There are many questions that you might wonder about. What is the perfect text for a girl?

But the answer is simple; you can start with greetings or share something interesting that you want her to know.

Avoid sending multiple messages at once, as it might seem that you are desperate. Keep your conversation going with pleasing content quality without pressurizing yourself.

Don’t wait for several days to get a response. Keep in touch after every 2-3 days. To maintain the emotional momentum, message them back during the same night so that they don’t forget about you.

Texting your girlfriend for the first time might be difficult but come up with casual talk.

Talk about their interests or plan a meetup on a specific day and share a particular time.

Do mind your tone and write proper names with correct grammar and spelling. These things do matter a lot, according to the experts.


how to text a girl is what you have been wondering if you are a newbie. Have a look at the things to write about with your crush after:

  1. Go with leading questions :

Start with leading questions to ask your crush while texting. Choose a subject that your partner knows how to answer and what to answer. Don’t make your crush feel anxious about their answers. Try talking about the gym timings which you both are going to. You can also ask about the classes, subjects, and opening of a restaurant near your college at your university.

  1. Share your memories :

If you have been with your girl in the past, try going down memory lane. Talk about past things so that they know you are a good listener. Show them that you were interested in the cute conversations. Talk about the time that you two spent with each other.

  1. Text a sweet message :

Try texting her with a loving message like something that made you think. Such words
might flatter her.

  1. Share the same interests :

Start texting about the shared experience or the same enthusiasm that you both love.

  1. Use emoji’s

You can also start a conversation with acute emoji and show your intimidating side. Send a wink emoji or a kiss one and make your crush feel special.



Sending the first message to your crush might seem stressful, but with the finesse tactics, you can avoid going through this stressful situation and make your girl text your first.

  • Show her you are interestedShow her that you’re interested. Make it very apparent that you have fallen for her.
  • Make her comfortable Build a friendship with her first. Make her feel comfortable around you without her being nervous. Make her feel like you two have a connection.
  • Don’t play hard Playing hard to gain your girlfriend might make her feel inclined towards you. But it also results in a negative consequence where playing hard might make you think for granted.
  • Be bold and courageous Try being bold and brave by sharing your number with her. Ask her to message you if she is interested. It might be terrifying for a second, but once you are done with it, you might feel relaxed.
  • Take the help of your friend Choose a friend to support you in getting your crush to text you first. Just make sure that your friend who is carrying your message is bold enough and won’t embarrass you.


Be smart and carry your conversation smoothly. Talk about how you missed your crush at an event or bring her into small debates like do you like pineapples over pizza. It allows you to manage long conversations. Try sending long texts to get the best replies.

Talk about your favorite movie, a recent event that you both love or a new restaurant that opened a few days back.

Message her back right away without any delay. Crack some jokes with your partner, so your crush loves laughing with you. Keep texting her in the morning or before going to sleep to make them feel special. Send compliments to make her feel flattered. Make a meetup plan with her and avoid missing this opportunity.

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What to text your crush after a long time? You must be wondering, should I text my crush at night? But the answer is simple YES you can. Start with being a responsible and concerned individual. Ask her about how her day was.

Try bringing up an intriguing element by sending texts to a sweetheart like do you know what happened today to start a conversation.

Try starting your conversation with a light-hearted message regarding the current affairs you see in the latest season.

Communicate while sending a message that I was thinking about you. A follow-up message after a meetup I loved being around you, and we should plan it again.

Send your crush a message like unable to sleep to catch her up late at night and chitchat about the entire day. Be a forward thinker or a philosopher to start up a conversation. Try being a gamer and ask questions like, do you want to be rich or famous?


How to text your crush without being boring? How to text to girls is a million-dollar question. As your girl might not like you on the text, so you need to look into the tips to make your crush like you over text. Avoid being a boring texter. You need to keep on going with an exciting conversation.

Talk about your interests and keep them engaged in your discussion.

Include fun photos in your messages and try being funny as funny is also sexy. Avoid texting ha-ha or he-he at the end of the message as it is not sexy at all.

Don’t send too many emojis and send them in moderation. Break the silence and begin with an exciting conversation. Undoubtedly, your crush will fall for you.

Avoid sending tons of messages at once, as it makes you feel desperate. Send a single word, and that too a meaningful one. Avoid severe conversations as your girl might want a stress-free and relaxed conversation with you.

Offer insight into human behavior and avoid being fake. Be yourself and do what you are.

Avoid overdoing it and be a healthy individual. Avoid talking much about your workouts.

Do ask questions and keep your conversation going. Remain calm and peaceful at all times so that your crush likes you over text. She should feel comfortable around you.

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So, how to text crush after a long time? Ask her out confidently, don’t lose hope, and be yourself. Your girl will surely like you for who you are. Be regular and talk about the daily stuff.

Talk about the experience and share the beautiful memories you shared. Make a meetup plan with her and enjoy the moment.

Avoid digging deeper and talk about random things. Don’t freak out if your girlfriend doesn’t respond to you back. Texting is a form of low-key and less nerve-wracking when compared to communicating face-to-face.

Take a deep breath and be yourself. Avoid panicking and use your sense of humor. Avoid being too desperate, and don’t send too many texts at once.

If your crush doesn’t respond to you back eventually, don’t worry and keep texting after every 2-3 days. Don’t panic as someday your crush might respond to you back.

Learn how to text a crush after a long time. Avoid being clingy and don’t make your texts awkward. Talk genuinely and respond as soon as you received your crush’s message.

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