7 Ways to really make him miss you and commit like CRAZY!

You want to know how to make him miss you and commit to you so you can live happily ever after, right?

Well, it won’t be a piece of cake learning how to make him want you because men are not as stupid as they seem. You will have to be very careful with all of your efforts to make him miss you.

However, with this detailed guide on the very subject, your struggle might get a direction. So with that said, let’s get started:

What makes him Fall in love and Commit to marriage?

get him to commit faster without asking

If you are wondering how to make him miss you and commit to you, then you need to know that there are a few things that make him commit.

The first one is your personality. If he falls in love with your looks, voice, laughter, your emotions, soul, and just the whole package, he will eventually stay with you.

Secondly, you need to understand that men with plans do not easily commit. They may hold back until they reach a certain milestone in their life, which can be a level of income or point in career or age. So if he is not committing you, don’t push him, find out the reasons.

Also, if you want to make him fall for you, you need to fall for him too! This means loving and respecting him and his choices. Supporting him through good and bad and know this; a man tends to stick to the woman that always stood with him.

Lastly, do not keep talking about your future excessively, stop putting stress on him regarding the commitment talk! Just give him space and some time and find out why he is reluctant to commit.

How to get him to commit faster without asking?

Now that you know how to make him want you, and if the waiting game is not making him commit on his own, you should take the matter in your own hands.

This means that you should indirectly ask him to commit to you in a way that it seems like it is his decision to commit to you. For instance, you could say something like this:

“I don’t just want a boyfriend; I need someone to hold hands with and walk into the sunset and marry him and start a family with him. Therefore, I don’t want to be exclusive with any guy until he shows up.”

See what we did there? We sent him an indirect signal that you will not be exclusive to him until he decides to commit to you. If he respects your choices and loves you, he will come around.


How to get him to commit

When does a man start to miss you?

Wondering when he starts missing you? Well, we have listed some things to help you understand:

  • He starts missing you when you stop being active on social media and replying to their texts frequently.
  • When you stop asking him for things like spending some quality time together or going out for dinner, he misses those moments.
  • When you decide to just become absent from his life and give him space, he starts missing you.
  • He misses you the most when you start to actually move on and work on your own personal life.

When men see the women they love getting busy in their own lives and not needing their attention anymore, they start missing them.

Does silence make a man miss you?

Does silence make a man miss you

Yes, silence does make him miss you, but only if you use the silent treatment wisely. This means you should not just stop contact with him and wait for him to get back to you all day or just keep partying with your friends to keep your mind off of him. This will not do any good for you.

We suggest that you leverage this time to work on your own personal and professional development. Men like to see their women becoming independent rather than being clingy and needy. Keep working on improving your life, and whenever you come across him, act like you have moved on.

This is the type of silence that makes men miss women. When their perception of ‘women depending on them for everything’ shatters, they come into their senses.

How to make him miss you psychology?

Just like we talked about, one way to make him miss you is to give him the silent treatment, and he will start missing you. Another way is to just take things slow.

Don’t be with him every day, cancel your plans for him, or give him first priority over everything else. This might fire backward, and he may start taking you for granted.

So instead, plan spontaneous adventures and give him the best time of his life during them. Then take some time off and plan the next adventure after a few weeks. These pauses between your quality time together will make him miss your company.

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7 Ways to really make him miss you like crazy:

  1. Be The One He Would Miss: To learn how to make him miss you and commit, you need to understand his preferences in a woman first. See what he loves about you and what makes him lose interest. Focus on the strengths that make him connect with you and have a good time. He will miss these things about you.
  2. Give Him Some Space: Sometimes, spending too much time together can leave you both wanting some alone time. So give him some time off, and he will miss you.
  3. Don’t Be Desperate: If you are tagging him in all of your photos, sending him snaps every few minutes or texting him 24/7, you are not making him miss you. Instead, you are telling him how desperate you are. Just stop this behavior and play the waiting game.
  4. Have Some Mystery: Don’t tell him all about yourself on your first few dates. Just talk less and listen to him more. This way, when he goes back to his home, he will realize he doesn’t know enough about you, which will keep him wanting more.
  5. Find a Scent: Have an expensive perfume that not everyone can afford. Wear it every time you are with him. Once he gets used to your scent, he will miss you every time he smells it somewhere.
  6. End Conversations First: If you keep on dragging the conversation, this tells the other person you are desperate to talk to them. Ending the conversations first will keep him hooked to talking to you more.
  7. Leave Your Things Behind: If you are going on a date with him, leave a piece of jewelry or a keychain in his car or in his home. When he finds it, he will instantly start thinking about you.

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How do I make him scared of losing me?

  • Don’t be there for him whenever he needs you, if you make yourself scarce, he will not take you for granted
  • Be elusive, don’t just keep telling him that you are waiting for him, make plans with friends and go about your business, seeing that you have more exciting things to do will instill fear in him
  • Improve yourself and work on your personal and professional life, when he sees you don’t really need him to survive, he will start having a fear of losing you
  • Tickling a few of his jealousy bones might also do the trick. Explore other romantic opportunities and make sure he knows in an indirect way

Get him to commit by walking away:

When you have tried everything we have talked about in this guide, and you are still wondering how to make him miss you and commit, then you need to play your last card. And that is to walk away.

Start by giving him the silent treatment and if it doesn’t work, just completely ignore him, if he loves you, he will come to you, and this might make him love you more, and if not, you’ll know he wasn’t right for you.

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How to make him miss you after break up?

The key to understanding how to make him want you and miss you after the breakup is knowing that you need to cut off ties with him. This means no texting on your own, giving short replies to his texts, not showing emotions, and, more importantly, talking to him like normal.

If you treat him like a normal guy you met at a party, he will know you have already started moving on, and when this happens, he will start feeling more hurt, which will make him miss you more.

how to Make any man commit to you


Knowing how to make him miss you and commit is the first step towards your journey to make him yours. Remember, everything we have talked about, ranging from how to make him want you to make him love you more, can give you two kinds of results. Either he will start to miss you and come back to you, or he won’t. If he doesn’t, then just know he wasn’t the right man for you, there are plenty of sensitive and caring guys out there.

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