5 Things to Do When a Guy Does Not Want to Sleep with You

There is nothing more hurtful and very stressful than dealing with rejection. It is more difficult facing it as a woman. The common perception is men are used to rejection because the dating norm requires them to make the first approach and not vice versa. There are lots of differences in how the two genders fall in love. When a woman loves or likes you, she does it for real. Most dating norms have changed over recent years. Women are making the first move, and this is something most men appreciate.


However, many of them face rejection because many men are yet to embrace this new norm. When approaching a guy, you can state your intentions as it is always the case when they are doing the same. Do you want to date or sleep with him?

You might fall for someone who has no interest in dating or sleeping with you. Some may show their lack of interest even weeks after staying in touch with you. You should be able to read the signs and tell when a guy does not want to sleep with you or even date.

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Communicate With Yourself

Ask yourself what you might be doing wrong to go through such rejection. How you handle your rejection from a guy is important. Some women tend to give up easily. If you are interested in a particular person, then you should put in extra effort to make them fall for you.

Communicate With Yourself

Try your best not to be a nuisance during such a period. You should also be ready for any eventualities. Being accepted or facing rejection are some of the outcomes you are likely to face.

Being prepared for any of them will help you handle rejection maturely. There are several things you can do when a guy does not want to sleep with you or is not interested in dating. They include:

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1. Give Him Time

Patience is a virtue. Better wait than forcing yourself on a man who does not want to date or sleep with you. This does not mean you retreat completely. You can leave him for a few days or weeks to give room for a change of mind. If you are serious about dating the guy, then you can wait. Remember to keep yourself busy during the waiting period.

Work, hang out with friends or engage in activities that will help you forget that he is ignoring you. Lack of response from the guy after a few weeks means he doesn’t want anything to do with you. You should move on completely. It’s always difficult for men to resist women, be it a sleeping or dating offer.

A man who is not interested in you will avoid you directly or indirectly. There is no exact timeframe, but a one to two-month span is enough to tell whether he is into you. If he does not get back to you within that timeframe, then you better move on.




2. Use Alternative Communication Methods

It is another thing you should do when a guy does not want to date you. The kind of approach you make towards a guy in terms of communication could be a reason why he is not interested in dating or sleeping with you from the word go. Flooding a guy with texts or calls from the first time you set eyes on each other can be a turnoff, especially if he is someone who has a busy work schedule.

You might come across a guy who is interested in dating you, but your communication approach completely turns them off. Get to know his schedule during your first conversation. This will help you understand the right time to keep in touch. Over-communication can kill the vibe and even make him lose interest in you. Know how to balance your communications and the right time to speak to him. He will start gaining interest in you after some time. 


3. Avoid Talking About Commitments Early

your boyfriend does not want to date

Not everyone is ready to commit to a serious relationship. Heartbreaks from previous relationships, financial challenges, focusing on specific life goals, and other personal issues could be a reason why he is not ready to commit from the word go. Bringing up a discussion on different things that may require him to commit on your first date can make him ignore you completely. The best thing to do is to know each other better for some time.

This way, you will understand whether you are compatible and ready for each other. The first two weeks from your first meeting are enough to know each other better. Bringing up any talk about commitments during that period will only keep him away. Change your approach by giving him time to understand you better before you bring up any issues. He will gain interest in you slowly when you follow this approach.

4. Speak Out

This is an important move you can make when a guy does not want to date you. It applies to those who get ignored indirectly by a guy. He might be the silent guy who will ghost you or walk away without saying a single word.

Most ladies choose to remain silent because their pride cannot let them speak. If you are really into the guy, then you have to swallow your pride and speak out. Use a diplomatic approach and tone that will help him understand that you are heavily attached and interested.

“You’ve seemed distant over the past few days; you haven’t often been calling and only give one-word replies. What’s wrong?” This is one good question you can ask him when he shows less interest in you. Expect him to become more defensive or get turned off because of the accusatory nature of that question. By speaking out, you will allow explaining himself, and this will help you in making the next decision.

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5. Avoid Him Completely

It is the final step you should take when a guy does not want to date you or sleep with you. Once you put in extra effort to approach him, but he shows less interest, then it is time to avoid him completely. It would help if you had other options at hand before you approach him. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to date more men.

He might be taking advantage of you or keeping you in the wait because you lack other options. Make sure you have other options so that you can move on easily when he ignores you. Avoiding him will save you the emotional trauma that comes with rejection.

Minimize your contact with him and come to terms with the fact that you are not meant to be together in any way. This will help you move on easily without going through the mental breakdown most people suffer after rejection.

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Final Verdict

Getting ignored is the worst thing that can happen to any woman. It can be very tough when you are heavily invested in someone. Follow these tips to have an easy time picking up the pieces when a guy does not want to sleep with you or date you.

So these are some tips you can follow to try to figure out why your guy doesn’t want to sleep with you or date you. There must be a reason for it, and if there’s no, then I think you need to move on from this relationship.


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