Ex Come Back After Months of No Contact? (Here’s What To Do)

Thinking about those heartwarming memories still brings up the smile on your face? Are you waiting for your ex to get back to you? You past 5 months no contact from both sides, but you may hear an inner voice saying aloud that_ I want my ex back! Yes, eventually, my ex came back after months of no contact. It was quite shocking for me in the first place,

But what I felt made me more reliable than ever. I would like to share a few tips with all of you to get a more in-depth insight into intimate relationships and their development phases.

What matters is every second of enchantment, every moment you spent together and the laughter, joy, and delights you had together.

If you are looking for some signs to see if your ex will come back, you will be in the right place.

Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

Will my ex come back after no contact? It doesn’t matter why you people broke up in the first place; there is still a connection of unforgettable memories, the right time you have spent together, and the laughter you made with each other.

There some chances that your ex is finding the ways to get you back. He was trying to catch up with you. It is making ways that lead to you. It has been 5 months, no contact with the ex?

But after some time your ex starts sending you text messages, it somehow shows their concern about you. Might be he also thinking that” I want my ex back in my life.”

In case you get to know that your ex is no more dating with someone he left you for, or if he used to spend time alone. He seems upset and not as lively as he feels in your presence, it means your ex is filling a void space in his life, the void that belongs to you.

One of the significant signs is that your ex will stalk you on social media. He will try to keep track of your routine and want to find clues that if you are also looking for a patch up.

No Contact Rule Male Psychology

No Contact Rule Male Psychology

If you are getting messed up with the continuous ups and downs of your relationship, there is a way that will help you to decide that either you want this or you want to get rid of all this. That one way is No Contact Rule. It is easy as a theory but hard to practice.

You are required to remain out of contact for at least 90 days. You have to stay away from all kinds of communications, including text messages, calls, in-person meetings, stalking. You can expect to ex come back after months of no contact.

What impact does this rule make on males?

What impact does this rule make on males

If you stop communicating for some time, He will soon start feeling your absence.  He will start looking at his phone frequently just to see your notification there.

No communication will lead to no sharing and if he is accustomed to sharing his little happenings with you. He will be going to miss you.

He will felt an urge to resume contact. He will get back to you and fix the messed up things because living without you is more tedious than making adjustments with you.

The Male Mind After No Contact

No contact rules state that there will be no communications, no meetings, no more phone calls, no text messages, and no nothing for almost 90 days time period. This rule gives you a tough time in practice.

It might lead to two possibilities.

One is that your partner will start missing you right after a few days. He will feel incomplete without you. And will start finding ways to get back to you and prefer resolving disputes instead of parting ways. He will utterly wait for your notifications on his phone screen.

The other case could be that He might get accustomed to life without you. It is the worst scenario.

If you are onto this rule just to make him realize your worth but it worked alternatively. He maybe got all settled up in his life. There is a strong chance that your ex came back after months of no contact; time can never apart from you for the intense feelings of the heart.

Your partner will compromise on all the positive factors of this relationship at the cost of his mental peace.

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Simple Steps: How To Respond To Ex After No Contact

How To Respond To Ex After No Contact

Distances grew, time passed by, but your memories ain’t getting faint means you still want this body in your life back.

It doesn’t matter what made you torn apart.  Why this storm of misunderstanding burst?

Why this break up curse swayed over the beautiful relationship?

There are some chances that your ex is finding the ways to get you back;

If you both are not in contact anymore, but after a small period, your ex starts sending you text messages; it somehow shows his/her concern about you.

  • It is possible to get a test of your ex “I miss you” indeed he has genuine feelings for you but you have to be strong here. Don`t give him an easy chance; put your cards aside for the right time.
  • You’re ex coming out of the blue; probably he just wants to break the ice among both of you. He might be testing your willingness for reconsideration, is this the right time for recovery? Perhaps a bit early to do so, better to ignore and give more time to settle down with new situations.
  • You need to be fair, block him, or respond to him nicely. Be courageous enough to tell him that you want privacy; he has to respect the boundaries now.

It is quite normal to feel fear about it, if you are not responding to your ex, things will get worse. No contact, doesn’t mean that there will be no chances of recovery; rather it can start any time again. Things can work best if the time is right to go ahead.

Why Do Men Come Back After No Contact?

Why Do Men Come Back After No Contact

Men often return due to regret, and it doesn’t matter either marital or pre-marital because the process of realization is strongest to making the feeling mistake.

Sometimes, it’s the flashback and the memories one can’t get over and hits, so the ex came back after months of no contact.  It can also be that if one couldn’t get enough care, attention, love, and satisfaction from the new partner.

The negative emotions are also there, such as jealousy, revenge, self-centered nature, and attention-seeking. Men too often take their ex-partners as their competitors, they spaced apart not because of hate but of some kind of human-made competition with different and unclear variables.

In the case of marital breakup, men returns due to kids, sometimes if the women are powerful and wealthy, men also return. It depends on person to person and the nature of the relationship.

Secondly, if that person was you’re very first, special, and very kind, then maybe the mark is even more ineffaceable. Such special encoding in the brain is why stories of people relinking with a high school or college flame are ordinary.

What Should I Do If My Ex-Boyfriend Contacted Me After 6 Months

What to do when he comes back after no contact? Well, if my man returns to me, I have to consider that at times I was in a state of mind that “I want my ex back,” but it doesn’t mean that I will ignore all the red flags to move ahead.

Firstly I will see if he is still having a girlfriend and might want to keep me an option available for him? In case it must be a “No” from my side.

The second chance is that he might be able to realize my place in his life. Sounds good? Oh yeah, why not if he is determined not to repeat the past mistakes by showing inconsistent behavior with me. I will talk things through to know his real intentions.

The third thing is to consider is that if he is back, what is his intentions? Does he want to take this relationship as friends or want to make it to some other level? It is possible that now he is thinking of persuading a friendship without any physical relation. It would be acceptable for me, but both of us have to set boundaries for it.

What Is The First Text After No Contact Rule?

The first text after the no contact rule will probably be hard to decipher and react to in light of your staggering tension. Depending on your ex’s goal, your ex might, of course, only breadcrumb you, check up on you, or attempt to alleviate guilt.

Be that as it may, notwithstanding feeling apprehensive because of the dread of your ex that you create in no get in touch with, you mustn’t lose your passionate control and accomplish something your ex isn’t set up to see or hear.

The most effective and constructive text for the future relationship in a rational way could be a funny little message or a picture related to something memorable.

The Power of No Contact after A Breakup

It is varying from person to person relationship. And Experts say the neurological attachment between young lovers is not unlike the attachment a baby forms with its mother.

No contact rule works wonders for bringing the real bonding phase into a relationship. Why did ex come back after months of no contact? There was something special about the relationship, but temporary conditions bring the situation to a challenging phase.

The space of 5 months with no contact helped to create a healthy space between two people. We recognized the flaws and weaknesses of our entire thinking patterns. Sometimes distance is vital to think about the complex challenges of life, and they bring you to make healthier decisions for your future.


That is the reason you shouldn’t take your ex’s effort actually when the person in question is attempting urgently to break the ice. Try not to pass judgment or question your ex, either. Attempt to comprehend your ex’s genuine intention rather than tune in to what your ex needs to state. You don’t have to plat analyst. Simply focus and help the person in question feel great.

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