7 Bold Boundaries for Being Friends With An Ex (Revealed!)

How to keep boundaries for being friends with an ex? It is the most delightful feeling to enjoy the company of a friend you like for so many reasons. Break-up? It is part of life, accept it.

Still, thinking about your ex and Want to connect but not sure, how? Recalling those sweet memories still, warms your heart.

It is not unrealistic to develop a platonic relationship with your ex, but it will be tough to maintain healthy boundaries for a renewed friendship.

You can’t enjoy a valuable fellowship if you are holding on emotions for your ex. Deep emotional attachment can make the things chaotic,  if you are still in a waiting position to react about your ex’s next move, it means you are not ready to relate these feelings with friendship only.

Nostalgic feelings can be the most definite hurdle to sustain healthy emotional limitations to take this intimate relationship towards harmony.

Here to talk about some useful tips to set healthy boundaries for being friends with an ex.

Is It Possible To Be Friends With An Ex You Still Love?

relationships boundaries

If your breakup happened recently, then starting a new chapter of friendship should not be opened quickly. Both of you just need time to come out of all of this.

After some time, you can better decide about your relationship status. Make sure you are ready to accept each other as a true friend rather than girl/boyfriend

Yes, it is not impossible to stay friends with your ex, perhaps require some effort on your part. Are you sure you no more love your ex?

Not to play with illusions, are you still holding on deep emotions for your love somewhere in the corner of heart?

It will lead to possible conflict soon about emotional issues. You have to suppress your true feelings for the sake of this friendship better not to peruse it.

Here you can’t afford to make things more complicated among both of you; wait as in some time emotions may simmer down to give you a chance for making the fair decision about relationship goals.

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 The 7 Major rules for being friends with an ex

  • Try to find some space to be in touch if it can be done through mutual respect, setting boundaries to define the nature of connection carefully.
  • It is completely fine to sit down and talk about the unacceptable things.
  • Avoid going to bars, clubs, or other such places where it would get hard to control the desire for physical relations.
  • Feel comfortable talking about your good old days of sexual pleasures. It is necessary to heal from memories.
  • Take things on a lighter note, not to be judgmental about the next choice of your ex.
  • Don’t allow jealousy and possessiveness to overcome the warmth of your feelings.
  • Avoid confusion to get a clear direction for the future.

Why Do Guys Stay In Touch With Ex-Girlfriends?

Because you still like your ex as a person, it is possible not to have a successful romantic relationship with a person, but again, you want to stay around as a friend. Meaningful friendships are always based on some emotional bondage that is not necessarily romantic only.

Do you still find a common interest to share even if she is not in contact with you?

Many guys like to have friendships with their ex-girlfriends if they found healthy relationship boundaries for not being physical at any time.

A boy’s wish to stay in touch with ex shows that dating could be the reason to keep in touch with a person, of course, you like them in the first place to get closer to physical intimacy.

Another reason is a bit more compelling, and mostly the boys want to keep the communication lines open for their partners.

It is not beyond expectation to have a deep inner desire to continue this relationship near in the future, might be the guy is looking for another chance to enter the life of her special someone again?

Well, it can be the most influential factor in renewing this friendship.

However, many people still believe in a platonic relationship without any gender discrimination. So why not befriend an ex? You may find her to be your best buddy.

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Is It OK To Be Friends With An Ex While In A Relationship?

healthy relationship boundaries

You might have an authentic reason to befriend your ex. A few days ago you were soul mates and now behaving like strangers, well, you still care about your ex, Right?

Not to feel guilty about it. It is quite reasonable to get confused about the sudden transition of the couple into a cordial one, and it is not so easy. Have you decided to quit? Keep going, and you are strong enough to overcome adversities,

If you want to get connected with your ex as a friend as it is pleasing for you, you must have to stay away from his/her potential new partner.

You can better take this love bond towards a warm and caring friend, but the element of privacy should not be ignored. Are you kind enough to see your ex-partner taking new loved ones to the next level?

Is it not hard to resist? Even if you think you have moved on entirely from the past traumas. Your reaction can leave a negative impact on your renewed friendship, better to think thoroughly about this if your ex has found a new one.

You probably not meant to hurt him by your unresolved past issues, first recover and heal than move on with confidence.

How Do You Set Healthy Boundaries With Your Ex?

Set Healthy Boundaries With Your Ex

Having boundaries in relationships matter a lot. If you want to make things work between you and your ex by being amicable with others, set boundaries in relationships of whatever you share with each other to define the nature of your connection.

Being a friend with an ex is not a simple process; you have to decide dos and don’ts with mutual respect to follow accordingly.

Not to forget that if your story ended in the wrong way, it would make it difficult to think about any future connection.

It can take longer to heal from the trauma of toxic relations, so don’t need to jump to the conclusions, wait, and watch for better outcomes.

You can start the chat in a lighter mood to express your feelings for this link. Remember! These situations only work with a mature partner, not a teddy bear type of person who can handle them.

Some people believe that men and women are only meant to be a romantic partner; in this case, it is ambiguous to move ahead.

Make sure both of you have discussed all things clearly, and you are on the same page to understand the nature of this friendship.

Can Be Friends with an Ex-Lead Back Into A Relationship

How does your partner feel when your partner said that he is breaking up but never want to be parted off from you? Does t make sense for any possibility of getting closer again?

Find out how healthy it is to be involved with a person who once dumped you for all the wrong reasons.

Yes, there is a strong chance of getting into a romantic relationship again; perhaps you need to take care of your self-esteem as well.

How realistic is it to offer friendship to your past love? Indeed, both of you can sometimes move down the line, but Why? You can’t ignore the red flags your partner is holding on for you, you are not kidding anymore so you can’t fool yourself.

Might be the time has come to move on and find the right partner for you.

Don’t stay in the limbo position to see the next move from the other side as it may put the other party in place to take advantage of it.

If you are feeling used, you can’t stay longer in this toxic relationship; just leave! Find much-needed space to get over all the past regrets and guilt, and you deserve a second chance here.

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Are You Comfortable With Your Significant Other Being Friends With An Ex?

Friendships are a source of happiness and emotional support in our lives. You have to be a bit critical to know the real desire of your heart, do you still want your special someone to stay in your life?

Ask questions to get clear about your mental statement. Is the presence of an ex in his life-giving you heartache? Is this just a friendship, nothing more? Take time to make things clear in your mind.

If it is more than friendship and hidden lies are present, it is a warning sign. Not to get emotionally attached to this person now.

You might need some more time to understand this situation, and it’s normal to feel insecure. Let it go! Not to carry any emotional burden just to suffer more severely in the future.

Being friends with an ex cannot happen naturally; you have to decide about healthy relationship boundaries.  See your partner is taking care of these limitations or not? It will help you to decide about the involvement of that person with you.


You can make it work by understanding your friend’s feelings and making him realize your idea of maturity to sustain the bondage.

Always take care of healthy relationship boundaries as both of you agreed upon them. In true friendship, hooking up is out of the question now, talked about this while setting up the boundaries in a relationship as this the only way to keep things real.

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