5 Secret Signs Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You – (What Yo Do!)

How to know if your ex still loves you secretly? Sometimes remnants of love and affection remain there even after the break-up of a relationship, and it gives you signs your ex wants you back. Sometimes you detect secret signs ex-girlfriend still loves you, and you want to know that your ex still loves you.

If you sense two or more signs ex still loves you, then there is a chance she wants to come back into your life. Don’t know about the signs, and you want someone to help you in this regard?

This worth reading article is providing you with the best guidelines. Now you can understand the secret signs of your ex-girlfriend, and you can try to patch up with her.

What is better than this to get back together with her? So signs your ex wants to get back together are given below:



TOP 5 Secret Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You and Want You Back

how to know if she still loves you and want coming back? Here are the top 5 signs ex girlfriend wants you back:

1. Your Ex makes contact first

Frequency of contact matters and helps you decide whether she wants you back or not. When someone constantly contacts you, then it means that she wants you back in her life. There are chances that she might be regretting her decision to leave you, and now she wants to be with you again.

Your Ex makes contact first

If, after a final breakup, she keeps trying to contact you for lame reasons, then it is one of the signs your ex still loves you.

Here you have to notice one thing who is making more contact? You or your ex. If your calculation tells that she is the one who is frequently contacting you, then it means that she is the one who is missing you more.

This is a positive point for you, as well. Because this scenario is giving the impact that you’re good without her, but she is the one who needs you more.

If you have had a good time together and feel that you can reconnect, there should be no problem for you to be with her again. Sometimes when you patch up after a break-up, things become more understandable for both partners.

Your positive response to her will make them realize that you’re the best for her. So try to reply to her messages in the right way.

2. Your EX calling you for random reasons


EX calling you

After a break-up, you may assume that she is not going to contact you, but if she contacts you for random reasons and makes you think that my ex still loves me.

Typically your ex will not call you without a solid reason. Usually, she will find a good excuse to contact you. If you want to know the secret signs she still loves you, you have to pay attention to the reason she is giving. Below mentioned points might be reasons for her call:

  • No real reason

If your ex-girlfriend calls you for no solid reason like she is asking about your mother and siblings or something related. She is not discovering about your family, but she wants to talk to you because she needs you. This is one of the obvious signs that your ex wants you back.

It is human nature to forget that person with whom you have some good memories. And those memories make you feel needy for that person.

But this is a good sign if your ex is making contact with you for no particular reason.

  • She wants your advice

If she contacts you to get suggestions on a random matter, then it is one of the biggest signs your ex still loves and gives value to your advice. Now you can assume that you are still worthy of her.  She is just making an excuse to contact you.


If she keeps making calls for an unnecessary question, she wants to hear your voice and wants you back. Now, this is the time you should pay attention to her if you love her.

3. Your Ex has become less social

Your Ex has become less social

Feeling lonely is another sign that you need someone in your life. If your ex-girlfriend has become less social after a breakup, then it is a sign of depression. This depression, if it lasts for some time, then it is ok.

But if she has dragged herself away from the people for a long time, she is still in breakup trauma. Her less social attitude can give you the guess of her being needy.

If your ex-girlfriend is still single even after a long time after your breakup, it can also be a sign your ex wants you back into your life.


It is crucial to observe the situation carefully and then decide whether you want to go back. One noticeable thing is whether either of you has learned from your previous mistakes or not. If both of you have accepted your mistakes and are ready to move on, you can directly debate this topic.


4. Your Ex often shows up at the same place

Ex often shows up at the same place

It is a sure sign of jealousy or regret if you find your ex-girlfriend at the place where you are present. Maybe she is trying to realize her presence to you. This is one of the great signs ex still loves you.

If you and your ex-girlfriend have some common friends, this means you can see her in gatherings. Then you have to notice her body language to know about does he still love me. Without being too obvious, you have to notice her language and facial expressions.

Sometimes one can’t see something, but you can feel it by seeing in other’s eyes directly—this time, you have to use your intellectual abilities to understand the situation.

After a breakup, if she behaves like giving you a signal to stay away from her, then this is the time you should maintain a distance with her.

5. Your Ex is following your online activities

Ex is following your online activities

Social media platforms are a great source where you can judge the behaviors of others. How people react to your photos or posts, show their internal feelings about you. Even both love and evil feelings can be revealed on social media platforms.

In the same way, even after breaking up your ex-girlfriend, keep on scrolling your profile and likes your photos, it is one of the biggest secret signs ex-girlfriend still loves you. Maybe she still has some concerns about you.

Moreover, she can make more effort to approach you by tagging you in the posts. This shows that she is persistently missing you.

Love relations don’t end completely. There are always some traces of affection leftover even after break up. There is a need to guess these signs.

If she is regretting her decision, she would surely give one or more above mentioned signs. Every relation deserves a second chance in life.

If you still miss her or want her back in your life, you should also respond to her the right way. But be careful, sometimes you overanalyze the things and respond to people in an uncomfortable way that is not good. Be patience. Guess all the signs and then make a move.


Want to reignite the passion and make her fall in love with you every day?



So, how to know if your ex girlfriend still loves you? In conclusion, deciphering the intricate web of emotions left in the wake of a breakup can be a daunting task. However, if you wonder whether your ex-girlfriend still harbors feelings for you, there are some secret signs to look out for. The hints may be subtle but powerful, from lingering glances to subtle gestures. Remember to trust your instincts and pay attention to the small details. While every situation is unique, recognizing these signs could open a door to a renewed connection. So, if you’re searching for answers, keep your eyes peeled for those secret signs – they may reveal that your ex-girlfriend still loves you.

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