How to stop thinking about your ex with someone else

If you want to know how to stop thinking about your ex with someone else, then this guide is your best go-to place. We know how tough and challenging it can be after a breakup, life seems pointless, and pain seems limitless. However, all of this is temporary, no matter how painful a wound is, time heals everything. So with that said, let’s see how to get over your ex and stop thinking about him/her for good:

Why do I still think about my ex every day?

thinking about your ex

Before knowing how to stop thinking about your ex with someone else, you need to know why you still think about them. Firstly, get this into your mind; you are not crazy for doing that! It is natural and okay to think about them every day before you finally start moving on from an ex.

The reason why you think about him/her is that they have taken the place of something you think is love because you don’t know what true love is.

For instance, if I say the best coffee brand, what would come in your mind? I believe Starbucks? Why did it come to your mind? It’s because you believe Starbucks is the best coffee brand until you taste a better coffee, right?

Well, that is what I am trying to say, whenever you start thinking about love or relationship, you start remembering your ex because you cannot put anyone else in that picture until you go out, meet new people and find someone better.

Is it normal to still love my ex?

Yes, it is normal for you to still have feelings even if you are trying to know how to get over your ex. These feelings will probably stay with you for some time until you engage yourself in other activities, meet new people, or just let the time do its thing and eventually heal that wound.

But we suggest that you keep reminding yourself that you are no longer with them to keep yourself in the present reality. Furthermore, think about why you broke up with them in the first place to keep yourself from running back to them, and you will be able to get the time to heal from this trauma.

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I can’t stop thinking about my ex-boyfriend how long does it take to get over an ex?

There is no specific time limit to getting over your ex. It is not a business transaction; emotions are traded in this game, so it will take time. Some people just jump from one relationship to the other like chimpanzees, and they do that to get over their ex and end up getting stuck in a loop.

Some take their time, mourn a little bit, and bounce back after a while, which can take from a few weeks to maybe a year. So we suggest that you just sit back for a while, have fun with your friends, try to improve your life and you will either get over it quickly or meet someone better.

Does my ex ever think about me?

This is the question that comes to the minds of everyone coming fresh out of a breakup, and instead of thinking how to get over your ex, people usually think if he/she thinks about me or not? Well here are some signs to get an idea if s/he thinks about you:

  • They reach out to you frequently
  • They are following you on social media by reacting to your posts
  • They have been asking around about you
  • If you meet at a party, they try to bring up the good times of your relationship

These are a few indications that might tell you that your ex still thinks about you.


Why am I jealous of my ex moving on?

There can be many reasons you are not moving on from an ex and feel jealous when he/she is moving on from you. Some of them can be:

  • You still care about them or love them which is why you actually feel jealous of their new partner
  • You feel like you will be left alone while your ex has already found someone
  • You are stuck in the past when you had a relationship with them while they are moving forward
  • Your ego is making you feel jealous because you think your ex is winning by already moving on

What to do if I see my ex with someone else? Seeing my ex with someone else kills me:

Before we move towards how to stop thinking about your ex with someone else, we should discuss why it kills you when you see them with someone else. The basic reason for this is you are not getting over your ex, and you still have feelings for them.

These feelings are not letting you move forward, and whenever you see your ex with some else, you feel hurt. Therefore, we suggest that you first start accepting that now your relationship with the ex is over and when they are not caring much and moving forward, why should you dwell on the past?


What to do if I see my ex with someone else


You need to understand that you broke off for a reason, maybe your relationship was toxic, or maybe you or your partner were cheating? Whatever the reasons may be, it was big enough to break your relation so now your only way is to go forward, it will take time, but it will bring your life back on track.

How to get over your ex and stop thinking about him?

  • Get Rid of Their Reminders: The key to knowing how to get over an ex is to understand that you cannot completely erase their memories, but you can get rid of the things related to them cluttering your house and mind. From their gifts to their personal belongings and your photos together, get rid of everything, so you don’t have to constantly think about them every time you come across something related to them.
  • Engage in Something Positive: If you just limit yourself to your work and home, you will always be surrounded by the memories you had with them. Therefore, we suggest that you engage in other positive activities such as exercise, volunteering someplace, or going on a trip you were planning on.
  • Don’t Blame Yourself: No matter how or why you broke up, do not blame yourself or your ex for anything otherwise you will keep on thinking ‘what if I had done this or that instead of what I did” which will further send you down the bottomless pit of regret. Just shift your perspective and keep reminding yourself that you both were just not right for each other.
  • Share with Others: If you have people in your life that love you and care for you, share your story with them. If you keep your emotions, feelings, and pain bottled up will eventually lead to that bottle exploding, which can even cause a nervous breakdown. So share with your loved ones, it will help ease the pain.

What should I do if my ex-boyfriend wants me back after he dumped me?

This depends on the reason for the breakup. We will tell you when you should or should not take him back below:

Take him back if:

  • He broke up on good terms without any emotional insults or abuses
  • He had legitimate reasons for breaking up (you will have to sit down with him and know why he left you)
  • Before the breakup, your relationship was healthy, and you were happy
  • You still carry feelings for him
  • You know you can forgive him

Don’t take him back if:

    • He cheated on you and left you for someone else
    • The breakup was very ugly with lots of drama
    • He used to physically or emotionally abuse you
    • You cannot trust him ever again



  • Why do I keep dreaming about my ex?

    There can be many reasons for this. The most common one might be because you miss what they represent in that dream. For instance, if you see them taking you out for dinner and have a personal connection with you, you might be missing that connection, and seeing your ex doing that is just your mind telling you what you need in life.

    Another reason can be your feelings for him, maybe you haven’t gotten over them, and your subconscious mind is telling you that in sleep. Or, it might just be started as an ordinary dream which you took too seriously that now you frequently see it.


    Now you know how to stop thinking about your ex with someone else and how to get over your ex in a positive and healthy way, we suggest that you take the plunge and start working on getting over your ex. Remember, there are plenty of girls and guys that are more caring and loving than your previous partner; just meet new people and start a new chapter of your life.

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