5 Signs She Likes you but is Scared of Getting Hurt (Solved)

Girls are cautious when they like a man. They may be afraid of rejection or being hurt because their feelings are not reciprocated by the man they like. Fortunately, there are signs she likes you but is scared of rejection.

Some girls are discreet and don’t want to reveal their feelings. They prefer to be subtle, even if they want to have an affair with you. Therefore, you should pay attention to her behavior when she interacts with you.

Here is a guide to discovering the subtle ways a girl can tell she likes a man. You will be able to understand the signs that a girl sends you.

Can a girl hide her feelings?

Can a girl hide her feelings

A girl can hide her feelings for you for various reasons: she is shy, she fears rejection, or she is simply a reserved person. However, the fact that she can hide her feelings does not mean that you cannot decode her behavior.

A girl can show you that she likes you in several subtle ways: a smile, eye contact, gentle physical contact, facial gestures, body language, among others.

The fact that a girl hides her feelings should not be a problem for you. You should simply become a wise observer and analyze how she behaves when she is with you. She is surely communicating with you in various ways, so you should give her your full attention.

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When Do Girls Hide Their Feelings?

Girls hide their feelings precisely when they like a man. They feel insecure and prefer not to expose themselves. It can also happen that she idealizes you as a man and believes that she is not on your level.

Also, she may fear that you don’t feel the same way about her.

She hides her feelings to protect her emotional world. She does not want to be hurt, so she prefers to be discreet. There is another factor to consider: A girl likes to be treated like a lady.

Therefore she fears that others will think she is vulgar for openly showing her feelings. There is a cultural mandate that men should ask women out. That’s why she prefers to wait for you to take the initiative.

Does she like you more than a friend but is scared?

For some time you have suspected that your friend likes you, but for some reason, she hides it. She is sweet to you, looks at you in a special way, And smiles at you. However, you are not entirely sure that she is in love with you. Perhaps she fears losing your friendship if she reveals her true feelings about you. You have doubts about her behavior and wonder: does she likes me? Remember that she sends you messages in many ways. Here are the signs she likes you.

  • She holds your gaze all the time.
  • She laughs when she’s with you, she really enjoys that moment.
  • She touches you gently, making physical contact.
  • She blushes when she is with you.
  • She touches her hair when she’s with you, which is an ancient sign of attraction.

How to know if she’s hiding her feelings, And secretly wants you?

she like you more than a friend but is scared

A girl may love you in secret, but she still prefers to hide her feelings.

You want to know what she feels about you, but it happens that her behavior is confusing and you can’t decode it. The best thing you can do is let your intuition guide you.

If when you are with her you perceive special energy between the two of you it is very likely that she loves you, but she simply prefers to keep her feelings to herself.

That is why you should pay attention to eye contact between you, to her body language, and to how you feel when you are with her. If you feel comfortable with her, she is likely to be interested in you.

The “rejection” factor

There is the possibility that she likes you but prefers not to exteriorize her feelings for fear of not being reciprocated.

Below are signs that she fears rejection.

  • She gets nervous when she talks to you.
  • She avoids eye contact because she is afraid you will notice her feelings.
  • She loves to listen to you but tells you little about herself.
  • She bites her lips, a sign of tension.
  • She moves around a lot when she’s with you, a sign of discomfort.

A matter of trust:

You think she has beautiful feelings for you, but you wonder: does she really likes me but is scared of a relationship won’t last?

She probably likes you but she’s afraid that if she has a relationship with you it won’t last. She may think that the two of you are incompatible, that you don’t like her enough, that you are each at different stages of life.

The reasons may be several, but the problem is that she is making too much of a guess. If you are interested in her, let her know that you could maintain a stable relationship. Remember to show that you want to build a strong bond with her.

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Signs she is developing feelings for you

For a long time, you have suspected that she has feelings for you, although sometimes her behavior confuses you.

Here are the signs she loves you.

  • She asks a lot of questions about you since she wants to know you in-depth.
  • She is interested in your interests.
  • She doesn’t like to see you with other girls. You notice that she gets jealous.
  • She knows more about you than you know about her.
  • She gets the idea to do something in the future. This is an invitation for you to invite her.


You think a girl likes you, but you’re not sure because she doesn’t openly reveal her feelings. Keep in mind that a girl can hide her feelings for several reasons: shyness, discretion, reserve, emotional insecurity, etc. What you should do is carefully observe their behavior, their body language, and the eye contact they make. Remember that a girl communicates with you in many ways, not just verbally


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