How To Make Your Crush Jealous And Want You More? (Solved)

Love is the most precious need of every person in the world. One cannot imagine his/her life without it. Even animals demand affection.

We are surrounded by such people who love us, care for us, and sometimes make us jealous by their actions.

So it’s essential to come to know about the behavior of people and how we should respond to their behaviors. Sometimes to know your value in other’s life, you have to do some tactics to test them.

How To Make Your Crush Jealous And Want You?

jealous girlfriend

It is the factor that you can use as a weapon to make your space in your crush’s life.  So it’s a handy article for you to learn about how to make your crush jealous and want you? Intimacy is the kind of interaction where one wants the full attention of the other person.

When one person fails to get the full attention of his/her partner, then ultimately, he/she becomes jealous. Attraction can be enhanced or reduced when you jealous of someone. So try to make attraction enhanced, this can be only done if you do it wisely.

Is That Ok To Make Your Crush Jealous?

how To make your crush jealous

Jealousy can be present in both partners because they are equally participating. It is human nature that we express our evil feelings very early. Girls are short-tempered. They express their feelings in a very aggressive manner.

So it’s very easy to make a jealous girlfriend. You can make them think about you. But if your crush is a hard target to achieve, then this journey can be hectic for you. So it can be on your nerves how to make your crush jealous and want you? But don’t worry, we are here to give you some useful information that will help you. So this is going to be worth reading for you.

Signs My Crush Is Jealous: How Do You Know If Your Crush Is Jealous

Signs My Crush Is Jealous

Do you want to know about the signs of jealousy in a woman? When people are jealous, their sign is quite clear. They get angry so easily, even over small things. A jealous person is always curious. They will contact you, call you, and e-mail you more frequently than a non-jealous person.

Jealousy is a negative feeling, so it comes with other negative aspects. Arguments often come with jealousy. A jealous person argues with you for no reason. So these are some of the signs you can guess about the jealous of your crush.

Boys can easily check their feeling about you by making them jealous. Boyfriends have a different way to express his anger and jealousy.  But it is frequently observed practice that jealous girlfriend is more common than a jealous boyfriend. Jealous girlfriend gets offended soon. So it can be observed clearly.

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The 5 Effective Ways To Make Your Girl Crush Jealous

It’s in a girl’s nature that they get jealous so easily. They are more inquisitive by nature as well. So you don’t have to put a lot of effort to fulfill this task. So how to make your crush jealous and want you are mentioned below clearly.

1.    Flirting with someone else

When your crush is around, you just talk about others. It will make them notice you. Talk to her friends or even rivals. Discuss your routine, schedule of work, and other activities with them. But keep one thing in mind. Your behavior should be rational and graceful during this conversation. Don’t open up so much. Discuss limited about you. Keep yourself hide as much as you can. It will be helpful for you in the future to make fun of talk.

2.     Projecting confidence

Confidence is a beautiful and captivating thing in itself. It can make everyone to attract towards you. So keep your confidence high. Know your worth. Let your good qualities make you a different person than others. Make a list of your positive qualities and try to make those qualities high in your personality. Keep your grace high.

Most importantly, don’t try to show off more. It may cause a negative impact, and your crush may think that you are a showy person that is not a good sign.  People who don’t treat you well must be treated wisely. You have to try to avoid them and focus on your friend’s circle. This will boost your energy and will build up your confidence.

Communication is the strongest weapon to steal someone’s heart. To keep eye contact while communicating is a great gesture of confidence.

Make eye contact while communicating with others, including your crush. So in this way, you will come to know about the facial expression of your crush. Keep your body posture comfortable. Don’t try to be a rigid person. The rigidity can spoil your personality and can affect you negatively.

3.    Enhance your looks

The dressing is the most powerful impact on your personality. Always keep this in mind that looks matter. Your good dressing will impel others to praise you. All the group members will appreciate you. And this is another way how to make your crush jealous and want you, don’t respond to that paise much.

So dress up like that everybody turned around to look you. Know the favorites of your crush. And try to dress up according to that. You will be successful in grabbing the attention of your crush. Moreover, common there are common interests than people automatically attract you.

4.    Being a mysterious cool person

Limit yourself to provide information about you. This is a very useful technique on how to make your crush ask you out.  Allow very little to others to know about you. This will make your girls crush curious about you. Just tell them half of the story. Keep them telling in short parts. This can create an interesting situation.  By acting like a little mysterious will be helpful to make your crush jealous.

5.    Put your opinion

Don’t agree early with their plans, even if you are free. This will make them think about you. Don’t always stick to their plans. Keep suggesting alternate plans. This will help your crush to know more about you.


How To Make Your Crush Miss You?

Spend a good time with your friends. This will make your crush to realize that you can be good in the company of others. Then they will know your value. Because a person his/herself happy can make others happy. So try to make yourself solace first.

Social media activities can help you out in this regard. Use Facebook, snap chat, and Instagram to post about your stories. Make your life cool enough that one thinks that you are a cool person. Show yourself in a busy schedule.

You can post some of the nice moments from your day.  This will make them realize that you are enjoying even without them. This will make your crush miss you. Make traveling with your other friends. Have fun with others.

Try to do activities that your crush loves to do. Ultimately they will want to do that fun with you. The same interests can grab attention. This is going to make your crush miss you.

Signs Your Crush Is Making You Jealous

Your crush can do the same thing to make you jealous as well.

If your crush talks about others in front of you, it’s the main signs your crush is making you jealous as well.

In the same way, if they are ignoring your texts, this is another sign that they are making you jealous. Sometimes ignoring happens to grab more of your attention. Your crush can ignore your purposely to get more of your attention.

How to Make Your Crush Jealous Over Text? 

You can keep yourself valued if you value yourself. So value yourself first. You can’t show them attention when you are out with other friends. Stop texting. This will make them jealous so easily that you are not giving them much attention. Moreover, if you are replying to them, give short answers instead of lengthy explanations.

That’s how to make your crush jealous over text technique. They will come to know that you are having enough good time with others. All-time availability can cause you to make you less valuable. Focused on the work you are doing!

Maintain a space with your crush. This will make them inquisitive to know more about you than what are doing and which thing is making involve you so much that you forget to contact them.

How to Make Your Crush Ask You Out?

Text your crush daily twice or three times a day. Try to attend all those parties in which your crush goes. This will make them ask you out what you are doing here or something related. You can wear colors of their choice and kinds of clothes they like.

This will make you attractive to them. Once you are communicating with your crush, you can compliment them. Moreover, you can fake something to show them distress. This thing will make them ask you out about your worries.


To be fair enough, you should be realistic as well. Playing hard to get is quite understandable, but you cannot forcefully make them others to be yours. Keep your worth high. Make all the possible tactics and efforts. But don’t try to get a thing by making evil steps.

This can harm your personality. The above guidelines are providing you enough knowledge on how to make your crush jealous and want you. But at the same time, it’s a reality that you can’t rush to get a person into your life. So stay calm and use positive energy in this regard.

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