How To Stop Arguing With Your Boyfriend Everyday? (Solved)

Have you ever wondered why you fight a lot with the people you love? You must have experienced this in your relationship as well, like boyfriend fights. And you must learn How to stop arguing with your boyfriend everyday

It is only because every individual has a personal identity.

Both of you in a relationship are two personalities with completely different mindsets. If you are spending too much time with each other, it’s apparent that you will also end up in small fights with each other.

Why do my boyfriend and I keep fighting constantly?

my boyfriend and I keep fighting constantly

We usually fight with the people we love the most.

We are typically triggered emotionally, mentally, and physically by the people we love. Our reactions are generally in response to our personal history or the experiences we have faced in life.

Couples who argue are only because of the fact that they are two separate individuals.

They have seen many different past experiences in life, whether good or bad, and it does affect your personality.

The conflicts between the couple might occur due to past attachment patterns. Boyfriend fights can also occur due to the psychological trouble we are facing in our relationship or the inner conscience that we hear during the fights.

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How often do couples fight normally?

When you love someone, it’s normal to get into a fight. There are certain incidents that evoke an argument between you and your boyfriend.

Fighting couples: is a part of any relationship. It’s better just to set some boundaries so that you don’t end up in abusive words or breakup.

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7 tips to help you stop arguing early in a relationship:

stop arguing early in a relationship

You must be wondering how to stop fighting with your boyfriend every day. Most of us assume that it is not that simple as it sounds, but have a look at the good part.

We are here to discuss seven essential tips that will help you stop arguing with your boyfriend. After following these tips, you’ll surely get rid of boyfriend fights.

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1.   Take your time and calm down:

When you are arguing with your partner, it’s challenging to stay calm during that shitty conversation. However, once you are done arguing, you realize what you have been telling your partner in anger.

Try reacting five minutes after your fight is over. This will offer you time to think about the situation, have some personal time to process the thoughts, and calm down. It’s better because you might regret it later and feel rational.

When your couple triggers you during a fight, you may feel awkward, and you start thinking about all the past experiences. It makes you feel embarrassed and ashamed, and you start defending yourself.

You might use abusive language or say something terrible to your partner, which you might regret later on. An odd look or a wrong word from your partner is so hurtful that we react immediately.

However, it’s best advised to avoid any response in that moment of heat. If you start arguing during that situation, the fight might escalate, and you both might end up ruining the relationship.

Try getting hold of yourselves during that intense moment, go for a walk, use your phone, think about some good memories, or take deep breaths. Once you achieve peace of mind, talk about the debate with your partner, and sort things out with him.

After you assess the situation, choose your reaction wisely so that you don’t regret it later.

2.   Avoid being defensive:

When your boyfriend fights, you might end up being defensive. It is a healthy and natural behavior of any individual during a fight.

When you are blamed for something or your companion says some wrong words to you, it might provoke your anger, and you will end up adding fuel to your fight.

Don’t be defensive and stay calm when such fights erupt between you and your partner. Try to evaluate the situation and think about the things or acts you might have done to provoke their anger. You might have done something that hurt your boyfriend.

Try apologizing and fixing things that you might have done wrong. Evaluate the entire situation and ask the other person what made him so rude and why he was so hurt that he said such things.

Be receptive to what the other person wants to say to you and try analyzing the entire situation. Handle it peacefully and listen to each other when you argue.

3.   Try to argue face to face:

In our digitalized world, we take help from texts and other modes of conversation to convey the message to our partner.

However, your boyfriend might perceive the word in the wrong way than what you were trying to say. This might result in an argument later on.

The tones and texts are not read in the same way by everyone. Each of us perceives it differently, so it’s better to communicate with your partner face to face.

The couples arguing one-on-one are the best as they can evaluate the opposite individual’s current body language.

You are more explicit about the tone and the body language which the other person is using. If you don’t like any comment which your partner makes, you can let him know on the face.

However, if you face an intense and complicated debate, you cannot solve your issues on messages or calls. It’s because you get time to give your reaction; however,

if you are talking face-to-face, you can best end up the controversy and resolve all the issues.

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text messages chemistry


4.   Remember the things why you started this relationship:

Once you start dating, your relationship might be getting old, and you might have gone through the honeymoon phase. Remember that this is the real-time to know each other.

It is the time when you are involved with each other. You want love from your better half, and you might end up getting married.

You should know everything about your partner. You should try resolving the issues as soon as possible without ending up in bitter words.


Remember the time you started dating your boyfriend. Think about the good times that you two spent with each other.

Evaluate the things that you love about your partner and why you don’t want to lose him. These are the essential steps to live a good and happy life with your only partner.

Indulge yourself in meaningful arguments and get to know each other’s perspectives. Assess your relationship and think about whether you’ll be able to live without your boyfriend.

Everyone has some worst parts of their life. All of us carry baggage loaded with positive and negative things. It all depends on us to manage life happily.

Try giving time to your partner and understanding the problems he is facing in your relationship. It will surely help you build a healthy relationship.

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5.   Create limits when fighting over an argument:

Fighting an argument might get serious if you attack your partner’s character rather than the problem itself. It’s better to initiate the conversation and talk about the issues you have with each other.

Avoiding talking about the real problem, swearing, yelling, or taking bad names on each other can be a huge problem. It might rage a fight between you and your couple.

When you start dating someone, try limiting the boundaries during an argument. Tell your partner that each one of you will calm down, sit, and speak in a respectful tone when you want to argue about something.

Avoid yelling or calling names to each other. Such destructive behaviors can make your relationship worse, and you might avoid talking on the real issue.

Pay attention to each other’s conversation and create a space for each other where you feel accepted and heard by your partner.

Boundaries and individual limits are essential for all relationships. It means you need to set boundaries beforehand so that you don’t end up fighting with your loved one during an argument.

6.   Resolve the issues as soon as possible:

Couples who don’t talk for a long time and keep things in their heart usually end up in a breakup. It’s better to resolve a complex and intense argument as soon as possible and approach your partner.

If you stop communicating with your partner and let things simmer, then the bitterness keeps on brewing and leads to breaking up.

Try solving your boyfriend’s issues immediately so that you don’t face any damage and negative consequences in your relationship.

Once you resolve your argument, you can take some time out and spend a weekend with your friends in your favorite spot. Enjoy the present moments and freshen up yourself mentally and physically. When you take some time apart from each other to realize whether you love your partner or if your relationship is on the verge to end.

Resolve all the issues amongst yourselves as these days’ life is very stressful. Stress can affect you negatively physically as well as mentally. It’s better to take a break and enjoy your time as well.

7.    Consider taking therapy:

If you are unable to resolve the issues with your partner, then take a break. If you seek difficulty in getting rid of the problems and May feel lost, it’s better to consider taking a couple’s therapy. Your partner’s fights can be quite stressful and depressing at times.

You can register in one of the couple fighting therapy sessions, learn about the issues, relate with them, and better understand your partner. Therapy also allows the third party to know about your problems in relationships, and they might help you get out of it.

A therapist who is good at his work and understands all your problems might help you with the practical steps. These steps might help in resolving the issues in your argument.

The therapist might offer you techniques that will help you to work out the discussion with your partner. It will help you understand all the agreements and disagreements with your partner.

fighting couple therapy is one of the perfect ways to express your inner thoughts. It allows you to vent out things that you cannot share with your partner.

Keep in mind that couple therapy goes two ways. You and your counselor need to commit that how you are planning to save the relationship. A good therapist tries to give you constructive feedback.


You can also give yourself time by performing two exercises, known as SIFT and RAIN. These two exercises are beneficial for releasing the tension that you might face physically or mentally.

SIFTING is described as tuning down the images, sensations, thoughts, and feelings you experience.

RAIN, on the other hand, helps you to recognize the things happening around you. It allows you to accept what’s going on around you and investigate your inner experience. It helps you to identify the triggering factors that are initiating such a response in your mind.

Non-identification is also the step of RAIN, which means you don’t need to over-connect with the entire experience.

These two techniques are mindful approaches towards yourself. It allows you to be curious and be present towards yourself in the present. It will enable you to stay calm and get to know about your reactions towards the person you love.

During times of conflict, you can utilize these mindful exercises and feel more peaceful. You can then reconnect yourself and investigate the reactions without being judgmental.

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How to stop a fight with your boyfriend over text?

You need to stop being cold and rude in text messages. Try being attentive and respond as soon as possible when your boyfriend texts you.

Discuss all the points with your boyfriend over texts so that he gets to know about the problems you are facing. You can also have a look at this program for further help on how to stop fighting with your boyfriend.


Stop couples fighting with each other and end any arguments that you face. Try solving the issues one on one and don’t involve any other person as it might make your partner feel degraded. Try being mindful during an argument.

The more peaceful we are, the better we can connect with our partners. It creates a safe and friendly relationship with your boyfriend and prevents you from stopping fighting with him.

Hope you’ll now understand how to stop fighting with your boyfriend and follow these tips for a healthy relationship. Enter this relationship program and get rid of all the fights with your boyfriend.


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