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Hello there, my name is Alicia Gabriel, and I would like to welcome to my blog; MeetFusion personally.

Like most people, I’ve had to kiss my fair share of frogs before I finally met my prince charming, and during that time, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to build long-lasting relationships.

When it comes to relationships, the prevailing perception of most women is that of a fairy tale. Where a knight dressed in shining armor rides on a stallion to come rescue you from your “prison” tower.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. Not in the real world anyway. Unlike fairy tales, modern women aren’t sitting around in towers waiting for Mr. Right, and contemporary men wouldn’t ride a horse for their beloved, let alone to save their own lives.

Oh, how times have changed compared to the baby boomers. It’s time era of the millennials, and things work a heck of a lot different from dating to relationships, nothing is the same.

Chivalry is all but dead; compromise is a thing of the past; facials are now a thing for men alongside manscaping, etc. That said, I have nothing against the modern metrosexual man, and having had first-hand experience with this, I’m here to help other men and women build beautiful lasting relationships.

Like we’ve already mentioned, dating today is like going to war.

You need to have the right strategy, arm yourself with the right gear, and know the lay of the land before going to war, and we created this blog to help you do just that. We’ve curated a variety of resources on our blog to help you find and keep the right partner.

Some of the topics we’ve covered include: helping you spark the flame of a broken marriage, detailed explanations of the signs of an ending marriage, the best way of healing from a broken marriagehow to regain your wife’s trust after lying to her etc.

And if you’re yet to find your better half, then we’ve also compiled a variety of resources to help you reel them in like a fish caught in a hook. Stick around to learn everything from how to make him jealous and want you more to how to make him think about you all the time and so much more.

We’ve also reviewed some of the best resources to help you improve your game. These include text chemistry, the language of desirethe devotion system as well as his secret obsession—our favorite resource yet.

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