Weird Things Covert Narcissists Do: 15 Astonishing Habits

Have you ever encountered someone who seemed charming and empathetic on the surface, but something felt off about their behavior? But what are some weird things covert narcissists do?

We’ve all encountered individuals with an uncanny ability to manipulate our emotions while maintaining an innocent facade. Welcome to the perplexing world of covert narcissism, where strange behaviors lurk beneath a polished exterior.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the enigmatic realm of covert narcissists and explore the weird things they do that often leave us bewildered.

Brace yourself for a revealing journey that will shed light on the hidden tactics employed by these covert manipulators.

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The Enigma of Covert Narcissists

Covert narcissists, unlike their overt counterparts, are not easily recognizable. They excel at maintaining a veneer of humility and empathy while harboring a deep-seated sense of self-importance and superiority. Here, we uncover the peculiar habits that distinguish them.

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What Are Some Weird Habits of Narcissists?

Narcissists often exhibit a variety of strange and peculiar habits that can leave others baffled. One common habit is their excessive need for admiration and attention. They constantly seek validation from others through constant praise or extravagant displays of superiority.

Another strange habit is their tendency to exploit and manipulate others for their benefit. Narcissists have a knack for charming and seducing those around them, using manipulation techniques to get what they want.

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Additionally, they have an insatiable desire for control and power, often becoming enraged when things do not go their way.

This need for control can lead them to engage in strange and controlling behaviors, such as gaslighting, narcissistic abuse, and emotional manipulation.

Also, Narcissists have a habit of devaluing others to puff their ego. The weird habits of narcissists stem from their overwhelming self-centeredness and desire for constant admiration and control. 

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15 Weird Things Covert Narcissists Do

Have you ever met someone who seems lovely and unassuming initially, but then you notice some weird things covert narcissists say over time? They may be quick to anger, play the victim card, or guilt-trip you. They may also have difficulty taking responsibility for their actions or seem to need constant admiration.

If you’re wondering if you’re dealing with a covert narcissist, there are a few weird things they might do that can give them away. Here are a few examples:

The Silent Treatment

Covert narcissists love to employ the silent treatment as a means of control. They withdraw emotionally and refuse to communicate, leaving their victims isolated and insecure.

Accurate Ways of Manipulation

Instead of overt manipulation, covert narcissists use subtle tactics to achieve their goals. They are experts at subtly coercing others into doing their bidding.

Feigned Self-Deprecation

They may appear self-deprecating, but it’s a ruse. Covert narcissists use self-deprecating humor to garner sympathy and admiration, all while maintaining a grandiose sense of self.

Responsibility Evasion

Covert narcissists are adept at avoiding responsibility for their actions. They shift blame onto others, making it challenging to hold them accountable.

Playing the Victim

They skillfully play the victim card to manipulate sympathy and attention from those around them, even if they are causing the problem.

Sarcastic Remarks

Covert narcissists use sarcasm as a tool to belittle others. Their comments may appear harmless on the surface but are designed to undermine and control.

Unmasking Covert Narcissism

Understanding the traits and the narcissist strange behavior of covert narcissists is essential for protecting oneself from their psychological manipulation.

Lack of Empathy

One of the most defining characteristics of covert narcissists is their profound lack of empathy. They struggle to realize or care about the feelings of others.

Constant Need for Admiration

Beneath their modest exterior lies an insatiable thirst for admiration and validation. They crave compliments and reassurance incessantly.

Relishing in Superiority

Covert narcissists secretly think they are superior to others, making them prone to condescension and a dismissive attitude.

Gaslighting Techniques

They are skilled at gaslighting, making others doubt their perceptions and reality. This manipulation tactic keeps victims off balance and dependent on the narcissist’s version of the truth.

Manipulative Behaviors

Covert narcissists use manipulation tactics to control those around them. They are experts at making others feel guilty or obligated.

Flying Under the Radar

Unlike overt narcissists who seek attention, covert narcissists prefer to operate behind the scenes. They enjoy being the puppeteers, pulling strings from the shadows.

Identifying Covert Narcissists

Spotting a covert narcissist can be challenging due to their deceptive nature. However, there are telltale signs to watch out for.

Outwardly Introverted

Covert narcissists often appear introverted, which can mask their true nature. They use this facade to gain sympathy and deflect attention from their manipulative behaviors.

Backhanded Compliments

They frequently employ backhanded compliments, disguising criticism as praise. This leaves the recipient needing clarification about their abilities.

Inexplicable Resentment

Covert narcissists hold grudges and harbor resentment toward those they perceive as a threat. This resentment can manifest in passive-aggressive behavior.

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Signs of Narcissistic Collapse in a Covert Narcissist

Signs of covert narcissist collapse in a covert narcissist include a profound sense of emptiness and inner turmoil. As their carefully constructed illusion crumbles, they may become increasingly desperate for validation and attention.

They may resort to attention-seeking behaviors and manipulative tactics to regain control and admiration from others. This can involve engaging in excessive self-promotion or attempting to exploit their relationships for personal gain.

Their inflated sense of self-importance may also lead to frequent outbursts of anger or hostility when their expectations are unmet. Behind the facade of self-assuredness, they may be plagued by feelings of shame and self-doubt.

Ultimately, the collapse of their narcissistic persona may result in a deep and pervasive sense of failure and worthlessness, which they may struggle to reconcile with their grandiose self-image. 

6 Weird Things Narcissists Do Sexually

Narcissists can exhibit various unusual behaviors in their sexual relationships, which can be emotionally manipulative and harmful to their partners.

It’s essential to recognize these sexual narcissism behaviors to protect your mental health and seek help if needed. Here are 6 weird habits of a covert narcissist may do sexually:

  • Manipulative Seduction: Narcissists often use their charm and charisma to seduce their partners initially. They may shower you with compliments, gifts, and affection, making you feel special. However, this is often a tactic to gain control and commendation.
  • Lack of Emotional Connection: Narcissists may struggle to establish a genuine emotional connection during sex. They may focus more on pleasure, seeking validation, and maintaining their self-image rather than attuning to your needs and sexual desires.
  • Self-Centeredness: Narcissists can be highly self-centered in bed, prioritizing their pleasure and desires over their partner’s. They may show little interest in your needs or satisfaction, leading to a one-sided sexual experience.
  • Boundary Violation: Some narcissists may push boundaries or engage in sexual activities that you’re uncomfortable with. They might disregard your feelings and consent, using manipulation or guilt to get what they want.
  • Fantasy Over Reality: Narcissists often have grandiose dreams about their sexual prowess and attractiveness. They may want to reenact specific scenarios or engage in role-playing that caters to their ego, potentially disregarding your preferences and comfort.
  • Post-Sex Manipulation: After sex, narcissists might use affection or promises of future satisfaction to maintain control over you emotionally. They could withdraw emotionally or criticize your performance, making you doubt yourself and more dependent on their approval.

Recognizing these behaviors and establishing healthy boundaries in any relationship is crucial. If you suspect you’re involved with a narcissist causing you emotional or psychological harm, consider seeking support from a therapist or counselor who can help you navigate the situation and prioritize your well-being.

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Commonly Asked Questions about Behaviors of a Covert Narcissist (FAQs)

How can I differentiate between a covert narcissist and a shy introvert?

Covert narcissists may appear introverted, but a desire for commendation and control drives their behavior. Shy introverts, conversely, are genuinely introverted and do not seek attention or manipulate others.

Is it possible for someone to exhibit both covert and overt narcissistic traits?

Some individuals may display covert and overt narcissistic traits, making it even more challenging to identify their behavior.

Can covert narcissists change or seek help?

While they can seek help, change is often difficult for covert narcissists due to their deep-rooted narcissistic personality disorder. Professional therapy may be necessary for any meaningful transformation.

How can I protect myself from a covert narcissist’s manipulation?

Awareness is the first step. Recognizing their tactics and setting healthy boundaries is crucial for safeguarding yourself from their manipulation.

Are covert narcissists aware of their behavior?

Some covert narcissists may be aware of their manipulative behavior, while others may genuinely believe they are innocent victims. It varies from individual to individual.

Can covert narcissists have successful relationships?

Maintaining healthy relationships can be challenging for covert narcissists due to their narcissistic tendencies. However, with self-awareness and professional help, some may be able to build more beneficial connections.

What sneaky things do covert narcissists do?

Covert narcissists are experts at manipulating and deceiving others using sneaky tactics such as gaslighting, triangulation, victimhood, passive-aggressiveness, and smear campaigns.

What are the weird behaviors of a covert narcissist?

Covert narcissists often exhibit subtle but manipulative behaviors, such as playing the victim, seeking constant validation, displaying passive-aggressiveness, and lacking empathy while maintaining fragile self-esteem.

What drives a covert narcissist crazy?

Challenging their fragile self-esteem, exposing their manipulative tactics, or not providing the admiration they crave can make a covert narcissist feel threatened or agitated.

What are the red flags of a covert narcissist?

Covert narcissists are more difficult to spot than overt narcissists because they are more subtle and manipulative. Some red flags include self-deprecation, envy, passive-aggressiveness, playing the victim, and setting unrealistic expectations.

What are covert narcissists like in bed?

Covert narcissists may initially be charming and attentive in bed, but they can quickly become dismissive and self-absorbed. They may use sex to control their partner or make them feel superior. If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, setting boundaries and communicating your needs is essential.

What scares a covert narcissist?

Covert narcissists are scared of exposure and rejection. They fear their true selves being revealed and losing the admiration and validation they crave.

What hurts a covert narcissist the most?

Covert narcissists need commendation and validation to maintain their fragile self-esteem. Indifference makes them feel irrelevant and worthless, while exposure reveals their true selves, which they desperately try to hide.

How do covert narcissists argue?

Covert narcissists argue by using emotional manipulation, gaslighting, and passive-aggressive behavior. They may also deflect blame, play the victim, and use nonsense and fallacies in their arguments.

What kind of people do covert narcissists like?

Covert narcissists like people who admire them and make them feel important. They may also target people who are vulnerable or have low self-esteem.

How does a covert narcissist destroy you?

Covert narcissists are skilled at gaslighting, manipulation, and emotional blackmail. They may damage your self-esteem, isolate you from loved ones, and leave you drained and confused. 

How do covert narcissists manipulate you?

Covert narcissists manipulate you using subtle tactics such as gaslighting, guilt-tripping, and triangulation. They may also play the victim, deny responsibility for their actions, or make you feel crazy.


What are strange things covert narcissists do? In conclusion, understanding the complexities of human behavior is a never-ending journey. Exploring the realm of personality disorders, such as covert narcissism, sheds light on some of the peculiar actions and behaviors exhibited by individuals who possess this trait. From their subtle manipulation tactics to their constant need for admiration, covert narcissists engage in many weird things narcissists say.

By familiarizing ourselves with these patterns, we can better protect our emotional well-being and navigate relationships cautiously. So, next time you come across someone displaying odd behaviors, consider delving deeper into the world of weird things covert narcissists do.

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