My Husband Wants a Divorce How Do I Change His Mind (Solved)

Divorce is a harsh reality in life. If you are unfortunate enough to be in this position here are some things that you can try to help remedy the situation if you are Wondering “My husband wants a divorce how do I change his mind”

And helps your husband remain committed to you and your marriage.

Watching the flames that once fueled a burning shower of infatuation, love, and passion, slowly simmer away into nondescript embers is one of the most gut-wrenching feelings known to the human being.

Sadly, this is how a lot of marriages end up. Whilst divorce is sometimes mutual, inevitable, and even pursued, the vast majority of us will do whatever it takes to save our marriage should it ever hit rocky shores.

If you are unfortunate enough to be in this position here are some things that you can try to help remedy the situation and help your husband remain committed to you and your marriage.

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3 Secret keys to change your husband’s mind when he wants A divorce

how to change your husband's mind when he wants A divorce

1. Communication Is Key

You need to get your husband to listen to you first. Without good communication, a relationship is doomed – I don’t care who it’s with, how long you’ve known each other, or what experiences you’ve shared.

Your relationship will wither and die without healthy, transparent communication.

You need to layout what your plan is for the marriage and try to speak as objectively as possible. If there’s an elephant in the room that needs to be addressed in your marriage – say it. Be honest about it.

Don’t gloss over problems and paint your relationship out to a fantastical, cosmic connection that has no issues – your husband will know that’s not the case. If it was – you wouldn’t be facing this situation together.


2. Remember Your Worth

Human beings are strange. We sometimes choose not to pursue relationships that will good for us and sometimes lust after things we know are terrible ideas for us. I’m not exactly sure why we are like this. The main takeaway here is that you should never take yourself too available for your spouse.

Don’t beg, plead, and bargain your way to convince your husband to stay with you. The way, the only way, that he’s going to listen to you is if you remain strong, level-headed, and empathetic to his problems.

Acknowledge that he is right when he is right and stand up for yourself when he says something you don’t agree with. This will rebuild a solid level of honesty, trust, and transparent communication back into the relationship.

3. Leave the Ball in His Court

Having said that, the decision for him to stay in the relationship is ultimately his choice. The sooner you understand that the greater chance you both have of staying in a marriage together.

I know this sounds counterproductive but by allowing him time, space, and autonomy – he’s going to respect you more. He’s going to remember the good times. He’s going to remember the love he felt for you at first and the love he still feels – the love he still wants to feel. If you do end up back together, take it slow.

Date like you first did when you first got back together. Have experiences. See things. The memories will come flooding back, and he’ll look back and realize what a stupid idea it was to ever consider leaving you in the first place.

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