5 Common Reasons Why Marriage Is Hell And (How to fix them!)

Is marriage hell? Marriage is a great institution, but it can be hell. Many people are afraid to get married because they know that there’s a high chance their marriage will end in divorce and the pain and heartache that comes with that.

But what if I told you there was an easy way to avoid all this? Not only would your marriage last forever, but you’d also enjoy every minute of it! Wouldn’t you like to live happily ever after?

The 5 Reasons Why Marriage is Hell

1. Marriage is expensive

2. You have to deal with the in-laws and their opinions

3. Marriage isn’t always happy; it’s hard work, plain and simple

4. There are no guarantees that you’ll be happily married for the rest of your life

5. Divorce rates are high, so there’s a good chance that marriage won’t last forever anyway

How to fix a broken marriage

The secret is simple – follow these five steps before saying “I do.” This guide will help you navigate the journey from dating through engagement and beyond so that your marriage lasts for life! It’s guaranteed.

Step #1: Learn to Love yourself first

The biggest problem we have in our marriage is that the “loves” don’t love themselves. If you do not love yourself, go back and fix your issue before even thinking of getting married. Therefore, fix any problems you think you may have with yourself. Seek help from a psychologist, heal your body if needed, and restore your social skills. Love others the way you love yourself first!

Step #2: Honesty is VITAL for marriage happiness. You must be able to talk about anything with each other.

You must have a great foundation of trust & honesty, and this needs to extend into every area of your relationship. Talk about what you want in life, what you don’t want, and where YOU see your marriage headed. You both must be on the same boat because it can make things tangled once children come into the picture.

And by all means, don’t ever have secrets from each other as this will only bring you down. If there are any circumstances change in your life that you think may be hard to share with your significant other – get over it and find the courage to talk about it!

Step #3: It’s not all about YOU….Listen and Protect!

This is where so many relationships go south. Talk more than you listen. Protect the love you have for each other and always choose to fix issues rather than destroy them. Have a healthy fix-it attitude instead of an angry fix-it attitude!

Step #4: Talk about your goals, dreams & values

Every couple should know their short-term goals in life together – where they want to live, where they want to go, their financial goals, etc.

You should also know your long-term goals/dreams, and you both need to have the same beliefs when it comes to raising children, religion, and finances. This is why open communication is vital. You must be able to talk about anything with each other.

Step #5: Work on creating your love story

You need to be able to fix a flat tire, fix dinner and fix your problems together. This is where most couples get off track. You must work every day at keeping the romance alive and making sure you remember why you fell in love with certain people in the first place. It’s important to laugh together and fix problems together.

When you fix your relationship, it may lead to a marriage (if you choose) or just more love for one another. Either way, you’ll be happier if you both fix YOUR problem first then fix any issues in the future that may come up. This will lead to greater happiness in your life!

Is marriage worth it?

Yes, marriage IS worth it. If you’re married, fix your marriage and make sure you’re both happy! If you’re not in a relationship but thinking of getting into one – set yourself first and improve your future spouse second. This is how to have a successful long-term relationship!

What destroyed marriage?

Modern society is what destroyed marriage. Not people, not men or women – just modern society with its divorce

The love and passion shared by spouses in long-lasting marriages can be explained through a neurochemical process.

When couples share exciting moments, the brain releases rewarding hormones such as dopamine that promote feelings of pleasure and trust. These chemicals also stimulate sensations of arousal, which keep partners interested for more excitement together even after years since they first met!

According to a recent study, more sex partners have lower levels of these chemical reactions in their brains. The same applies to men who sleep with prostitutes – they don’t feel as much pleasure from sexual activity with their wives.

For most of history, people stayed in their marriage because they had to. Nowadays, many happily married couples stay together for love and personal choice. This changes the game a bit as opposed to staying together because you had no other option.

But what is it that has brought about so many unhappy marriages? Is it divorce? No, despite our modern tendencies toward it, divorce is not new. Nor is infidelity. It’s easy to look back at the past and think that people were more faithful and committed to their marriage vows than we are today, but this wasn’t the case.

The issue isn’t how men or women have changed over time; the problem is that our society has changed. Marriage and divorce have become such complicated issues. It’s no wonder people get divorced. The divorce rate isn’t a reflection of what is wrong with our relationships or even men and women, but an examination of the system that has been created to address them.

Can a destroyed marriage be saved?

This depends on how far gone it is. If you fix the problems early enough in your relationship, you might be able to fix your marriage before it’s too late. So set yourself first and resolve your mate later!

Even if you think you’re past that stage, there’s still hope. You have to fix yourself first and fix your spouse second!

8 Signs your marriage is over

1. You and your spouse are living in different houses

2. You and your spouse are living in the same house but sleeping in different rooms

3. You haven’t slept next to each other for more than a few months at a time

4. Your spouse is staying away from the house for long periods

5. There’s no affection between you and your spouse anymore

6. You’re not sure what to do with yourself when you’re alone at home

7. The arguments have become more intense than ever before, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight

8. One or both of you has developed a drug addiction that is now affecting the relationship

What makes a marriage last?

A marriage can last a very long time. Did you know that the average age of a Japanese man is 82? Why do so many healthy Japanese men live to such old ages? It’s because they fix themselves first and fix their marriage second – in that order.

If you fix yourself first and fix your spouse second, not only will your marriage last, but you will have a long and happy life together.

It’s fixing yourself first, set your spouse second fix the problem together fix the relationship to keep it from breaking down again fix any issues in your relationship.

How do you know if your marriage is in trouble?

Marriage is not all the time a walk in the park. Sometimes there are warning signs, such as constant criticism from one partner to another or when sex between two people stops happening altogether. It would aid if you also were on the lookout for any of these other common red flags:

  • You don’t make time for another partner. You feel like you’re living separate lives
  • There’s a lot of anger in your relationship, and it’s not always directed at the same person
  • Both of you have lost interest in sleeping with the other person
  • The two of you are no longer having fun together – life seems to be all work and no play

How do you know when you’ve been fixed your marriage?

You don’t need to keep fixing yourself and the problem, as this is a vicious cycle that never ends. Once you have gone through this cycle once – without ever having to repeat phase 1 again if there is no more damage or fix your relationship or fix yourself, fix any problems fix your spouse, fix the problem, fix the relationship – you’ve been fixed.

You don’t need to fix yourself first and fix your spouse second if there is no more damage. If there is no more damage, it’s a waste of time and effort in that order! But before you even get to the fix-yourself stage, you actually fix the relationship and fix your spouse first.


Exploring the five common reasons why marriage maybe hell and how to fix them will help you to determine if your marriage is worth saving. Whether it’s a damaged, broken, or dysfunctional marriage that needs fixing, there are many ways for couples to work towards making their union last. Our team of experts has compiled some tips on what makes marriages last, and we invite you to leave us a comment sharing any insights about your own relationships that you would like to share with other readers. i hope this post has been beneficial in grasping more about our culture’s views on love and commitment – please let us know!

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